Winter Dog Care

A FOND Exclusive Coat

Now that the nights are drawing in and the cold winter months are upon us, it is not only us humans that have to cope with the colder weather conditions, our dogs feel the lowering temperatures too and there are a few added hazards to watch out for as you enjoy those romps in the snow. Dogs don’t like being cold anymore than we do so why not invest in one of FOND’s unique hand tailored dog coats manufactured by Sue Henschker. Every one is different and available nowhere else.

You can order your FOND coat from Pam Hall on (01346) 532227 or by by e-mail

Pam Hall

you will need to know the length of your dog ‘s back from base of the neck to base of tail and the girth around the chest.

Once your pooch is warm and cosy remember there are other winter hazards to look our for such as ice covered ponds and lakes, salted roads, anti-freeze, signs of hypothermia and frostbite.

Below are a few helpful links that have some very useful information that will keep you and your dog safe this winter.

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