Stop Puppy Farming in Scotland

Stop Puppy Farming in Scotland

An application has been made to East Ayrshire Council for a Puppy Farm to house up to 40 bitches and their pups. The application has been made by Hazel Hamilton whose husband is married to the brother of David and Jonathan Hamilton who run the UK Dog Breeding Academy,in Fivemiletown, which recently featured in a revealing BBC documentary on puppy farming. The conditions at Fivemiletown shown in the film were described by Scotlands chief veterinary surgeon as “barbaric, it was a production line. It was using animals as a commodityā€¯.

If the Scottish Government cares about animal welfare it will not allow this puppy farm to go ahead under any circumstances.

Below is the text of a letter of objection that you can e-mail to:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing regarding the upcoming decision by East Ayrshire Licensing Panel on an application to operate a dog breeding facility in New Intax Farm, Newmilns.

While I accept that planning permission was granted last year I feel that now the matter has reached a licensing stage the Council can now legitimately block this proposed venture. I believe that authorities are aware of concerns surrounding this application and would appeal to you to base your decision on these.

It would be a sad reflection on not only the area but of the Council itself to allow what could potentially be viewed as the industrial farming of dogs. Please do not allow a precedent to be set.

Yours faithfully,

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