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It is now over two months since we waved goodbye to Shona when Holly collected her and she began her new life in Derbyshire. Barely a day has gone by without a report on Shona’s antics and how she just charms everyone she meets. Jill and Dave have been fascinated by the way Shona takes every living creature she meets under her paw and tries to mother them. Recently Jill and David took in Ronnie the Staffordshire Bullterrier who had the most grotesque mass on one paw, when it was removed it weighed over a kilo. Ronnie has been a very sickly lad, he is an old dog and was quite shell shocked by all that happened to him in such a short time. He was a bit grumpy and snappy with Shona which had poor Jill on tenterhooks worrying that their might be an accident. Shona was relentless she never gave up on Ronnie she would insist on lying beside him as if to comfort and make him better, she would try to encourage him to play but this was a ‘no no’ he was not impressed by being slapped in the face by Tang Shona’s favourite toy. Eventually the old boy thawed and now he is one of Shona’s pack and has decided that the Woodward household is his too. He has stopped pining for a life or looking an owner he once knew and Shona, Mia, Ronnie and little Molly the J.R. are a happy gang with Shona in charge, mothering and watching over them all. If you have a dog like Shona in your life every day you will wake up with a smile on your face, she is unique.

Shall I write a Blog?

Life is good

My New Life

Anyone who has followed Shona’s story since she arrived in Scotland with FOND in February 2015 will know that she is one fearless, fun-loving character. Although she was happy with her life living with and teasing Seiger either in our kennels or home, juggling Dobies so that Jodie could not vent her jealousy on Shona or Seiger was not ideal. Now Shona has that five star home with her very own family and a host of friends and other animal characters that just fill her day. Since she arrived with Jill on the 31st May she has had everyone in stitches with laughter because of her antics. Show Shona something once and she never forgets, for instance a visit to her new vet Chris, old school and not a sentimental type he was smitten by her charm and gave her a treat from the tin. On the second visit she marched in straight up to the tin and said “how about a treat now Chris” and then shoved a toy in between his legs as if to say “now play with me”. Peel a banana and those super charged ears of Shona’s will bring her running to demand a piece, she just loves a banana. She has also discovered ice cream and knows the chimes of the ice cream van this will have her in a tizz wozz of excitement and anticipation! With a toy box that most young children could only dream of Shona still has her favourite Tang who because of her constant sucking on him is washed almost daily. Hanging him on the line will have Shona barking and demanding his return so he invariably lands up in the drier for the sake of peace and quiet.

However better than all these toys is her list of real animal friends. We all wondered whether Mia, Jill and David’s resident Dobie bitch would be put out by Shona’s arrival. Maybe she was shocked and unsure of her initially, viewing her with suspicion as we know Shona has no inhibitions and it can take a while for some dogs to feel comfortable with her strange rolling gait, her jaw cocked to one side, tongue hanging out and her very vocal and bossy manner when meeting new dogs. If you heard Shona and could not see her you would think she was a mastiff or similar breed her voice is so deep! Shona is writing a blog with Charlotte, Jill and Holly which appears on the North Derbyshire Animal Support Facebook page and it may help to know whose, who in the NDAS and Woodward world. For certain Shona’s days are eventful, and full of laughter and fun. One of her favourite tasks is helping (or should it be hindering) Dave whilst he is working in his shed or cleaning out the guinea pigs. The guinea pigs always benefit from a good wash from Shona’s tongue – she just adores small furries. Edward the rabbit does not participate in these games and demands respect and is not adverse to landing a good thump to anyone who does not show due deference as he can kick like a mule. Likewise, Polly the shop cat is pretty unsocial, however, there is a mutual respect between Shona and the house cat known as Sir Baby James and he asserts his authority by lounging in her bed!!

The Family
Jill and David Woodward – the parents. Jill M.D. of NDAS
Mia – Dobie bitch (Shona’s new best friend)
Holly – friend/NDAS director – own dog Spike the Staffie
Chris – Shona’s personal vet (she thinks)
Charlotte – Assistant at NDAS shop
Poppy – Fat shop cat with bad temper, shop resident
NDAS – North Derbyshire Animal Support has a shop which sells furniture to raise money for animals in need. It is open 6 days a week. This is their website.
Liz – Lady who provides Photonic therapy for Shona. Interested then please read more about the treatment here.
The Toys – the list is endless. Tang the red monkey, Sidney the boa constrictor, Susan Snowflake the mouse, Dave the dinosaur, Percy – small snake, Sammy and the sausage family, Daisy the doll, and so it goes on. Anything that squeaks so currently this is a new pink ball.
The Living Toys – the guinea pigs Pollyanna, Anna Lou, Jeremy, Lionel, Sybil and finally Matilda who might produce more as she could be pregnant, they are mostly rescues. There is also Taz small and furry dog
Edward the Lionhead Rabbit may be admired but he is one very grumpy beast and possibly does not have too many friends!
Shona enjoys various walks nearby on the local cricket pitch which is next door to woodland and in a lovely paddock with views over looking the castle. Basically she wants for nothing!

NDAS are writing a blog for Shona which appears on their Facebook page so if you would like to follow her busy life you can do so here

Shona’s History

Be my friend

Shona has to be the most extraordinary dog I have ever met without a doubt. Anyone with an ounce of humanity is smitten by this fun loving wee character. This is her story so far.

For those of you who have not read about Shona before, she is a rescue from Romania. Her plight was brought to FOND’s attention when she was abandoned on the city streets of Arad and found near a petrol station weighing a pathetic fifteen kilos. A particularly tragic case she had a few rotten teeth, her tongue lolled out of her mouth, her near fore wrist had been broken and badly set, her hind legs were damaged with both cruciates gone and her spine is malformed. In this sad state a heartless, individual abandoned Shona in the depths of winter to what would have been a certain, slow and painful death, as she starved and shivered, her tongue would have become frost bitten. Miraculously she was discovered by Losim Claudio (a vet) and he fought tooth and nail to find someone to give her a home. Christina Elliot a very active lady when it comes to helping dogs in need, asked FOND if they would help and with an affirmative answer the process was set in motion through Snoopy Rescue and their supporters for them to transport Shona to FOND in Scotland for which she obviously needed vaccinations, a rabies jag, health checks and a passport. For nearly two months Losim cared for Shona and she lived in his surgery sleeping in a crate. Shona made a journey of thousands of miles with a number of other rescued street dogs setting off at the end of January and on Sunday 1st February she met Margaret Young of Malibray Dobermanns at Hamilton Services who had kindly volunteered to bring Shona part way to Aberdeenshire. Margaret was the first victim to fall for her charm – she could not believe that the first thing Shona wanted to do with her after days in a crate travelling from Romania was to play ball!!! She did not appear phased in the slightest by her ordeal. From Hamilton she travelled to Forfar and then on to FOND’s home near Fraserburgh.


Several thousand miles, three changes of transport and this little toughie pops out the back of our car, spots a ball and immediately thinks a game would be in order!! After a pee she went into the kitchen for a look around, then tucked into a spot of supper, met the lovely Sherry who was waiting to be re-homed. Later they both went off to share adjacent accommodation in one of our kennels. Shona had a nice clean kennel in the morning and gave a lovely welcome with her sparkly eyes, untidy ears and cheeky little face smiling up quite ready for the first day of her new life. One thing was certain – she was very smelly and a bath was needed immediately. We were shocked and unable to comprehend how Shona ended up abandoned with all her ailments, however, Shona does not let her lack of teeth deter her from tucking into her food and she obviously bears no grudge to mankind despite the inhumane treatment. Her first day was beastly cold so she had a ‘sort of wash’ in front of our range, it did not bother her that she was a bit ‘stinky’ – she was focused on a toy and just enjoyed the attention.

Fancy this bear

A few days after her arrival she was taken for a check up with FOND’s vet. It was decided after two months of being crate bound she should have a period building up strength and muscle before being subjected to an anaesthetic and x-rays so it was the 12th March before she was taken in for a thorough examination, she now weighed 20 kilos and became much stronger on her hind legs. The x-rays confirmed Shona has a variety of bone/joint issues of long standing, namely her left fore had been fractured and incorrectly set, leaving her with a deformed joint from which one of the pins has recently been removed. One was loose and offering no support but was irritating the bone and the other was embedded and moving it would have caused further trauma. Both her stifle (knee) joints are thickened, swollen, are very stiff and arthritic. Both cruciate ligaments have been damaged and her hips and pelvis also have arthritis. There is an abnormality at the area where the pelvis and spine meet (the lumbosacral region), and the bone is unusually dense indicating lower back problems are likely. Again, arthritis is expected to progress and cause ongoing challenges for Shona. Most of these problems are due to nutritional deficiency in her diet – she is like a child that has had rickets. Shona had lost many teeth and the remainder were rotten and were removed whilst she was under anaesthetic for her x-rays. This may have been caused by distemper, or again due her inadequate diet.


Shona soon made friends with Seiger, a large black and tan male who is at FOND waiting to find his new home. This odd couple shared adjacent spaces in one of FOND’s kennels and every morning before breakfast when out in the garden Shona would be trying to make Seiger play, but woe and betide him if he actually took her ball. In spite of her disabilities she would march around after Seiger, swing off his ears, jump on him if he rolled or go for a short walk with him. After fifteen to twenty minutes she was sent for a rest because she does not really have a ‘switch off’ button and after her breakfast spent a couple of hours recovering either in the kennel or in her bed in the house. Nothing can dampen her enthusiasm for life even when she returned from her last visit to the vet and the removal of the pin from her wrist, the first thing she thought she should do was go and play and was somewhat miffed when restrained!


During the four months that Shona has been at FOND and prior to her arrival, there has been extraordinary and generous support for her wellbeing which has funded her operations and x-rays. Even before her arrival, Snoopy Rescue was making people aware of her plight and financial help came from them and their supporters. Now weighing in at 24 kilos her health problems are stabilised and she has a good prognosis for the medium term. However, because of her health she will always remain a FOND dog and whilst it had seemed unlikely that she could ever leave FOND’s own kennels miracles do happen!

One of FOND’s friends, Jill Woodward whose charity North Derbyshire Animal Support contributed generously to Shona’s wellbeing and offered a Foster home for her. Jill had already adopted Tilly May, a FOND Dobe who came up for rehoming when left in kennels after her owner died on holiday a few years ago. None of Tilly May’s family wanted her – she was an old lady covered in lumps and bumps but Jill came forward and offered her a home where she had a fantastic life for four years. Jill has a tremendous record of caring for Dobermanns and other pets with ailments and giving them quality of life well into old age. Poor Jill has lost three of her golden oldies in the last six months and since Shona’s arrival in Scotland has always said she will be there to offer her a home once the time was right.


Last Sunday, the 31st May 2015, Shona left Scotland at 4.00 a.m. and set off for her new home with Jill and David. Holly, their ,right hand lass, had been up a couple of months ago for an initial introduction to Shona. Holly was great, she helped out with all the Dobes. She then returned to take Shona to Jill’s home. Again this astonishing little Dobe took events in her stride and videos and photographs have flooded in showing Shona stepping into her new life as though she had always been a member of the Woodward family. She now has a new Dobie girlfriend whose name is Mia and in the household there is a cat who she tries to play with but he commands respect and there are guinea pigs and rabbits for entertainment too. Shona is in an exceptional foster home where she is the centre of their universe and constantly has everyone in fits of laughter with her antics. She has the most enormous toy box that any dog could ever wish for, she has introduced herself to Chris at her new veterinary practice and won his admiration, she goes to the local charity shop and lords it over all the visitors or lies out in the sun toasting herself under an umbrella. Half expecting to see a photo of her soon sipping an iced drink and wearing a pair of shades!