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Ronnie now up and about

Thank you to everyone who so kindly rallied round and contributed towards Ronnie’s veterinary care at Croft Vets in Bolsover. The response was over whelming. We now have funds in the pot to pay for his operations and some for on going care. The total bill was one thousand pounds which included not only the removal of the major mass which was the size of a grapefruit measuring 15cm in length and weighing over a kilo, but another 5 lumps. The vet discovered that Ronnie had a retained testicle and consequently castrated him, plus he had problems with his teeth so all this treatment was carried out and was included in the bill. There will obviously be a histology report in due course. Ronnie is back at the vets tomorrow (16th July) to have his wounds inspected and dressed.

Thank you for giving this kindly Staffie a chance of a decent life. If all goes according to plan he will obviously be looking for a very special home in a couple of weeks time. Anyone interested should contact Jill Woodward at NDAS. Regular up-dates to follow.

Up-date: 18th July 2015

Ronnie's Healing Leg

After undergoing extensive and successful surgery on the 13th July Ronnie is currently being fostered by Jill near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. He returned to the vet last Tuesday to have the wound where the one kilo tumour was removed from his foot inspected. The bandage is now off and the blood is pumping to and from his foot via the smaller blood vessels in his leg as his main artery had to be clamped at either end to enable the vet to remove the mass. This was all able to be carried out due to the spontaneity of you the public who responded to his dreadful plight by either seeing him on this site, Facebook or the NDAS website. Ronnie has formed an attachment with James the cat but is not so keen on Shona and Mia.

If you know anyone who could give Ronnie his special home as an only dog with plenty of human company then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Jill has helped FOND on many occasions so it was our turn to return the favour. Ronnie’s next check up with the vet is on the 21st July and then a few days later he will hopefully be having his stitches out and be ready for rehoming. You can contact Jill via the NDAS website

Up-date 14th July:

Bewildered Ronnie

Ronnie, depressed and with an ulcerated mass barely able to move thankfully came officially under the wing of North Derbyshire Animal Support after he was unclaimed from Bolsover’s Council pound. Early this morning he was straight into Croft Vets when Jill learnt the full horror of this Staffie’s plight. Not only had she given sanctuary to a dog with one grotesque mass but he had 5 other small lumps that also had to be removed. If that was not enough Ronnie also had problems with teeth requiring attention and to cap it all poor Ronnie who was still entire had a retained testicle.

The vet took the decision to address all these matters in one fell swoop and once Ronnie regained consciousness after operating he personally delivered him to Jill a sad and confused sight in the back of the vet’s car. However photos show that not much later we find Ronnie lying on the floor in Jill’s sitting room with Miss Shona who has apparently taken it upon herself to mother him. RonnieRonnie will be returning to the vet on Thursday morning to have his wounds checked but tonight I can report he has eaten his scrambled egg, been up and about going out into the garden to do his business and although somewhat shell shocked by all that has gone on he is looking positive and constantly craving human contact wanting to be stroked for reassurance.

Details of the cost of this huge amount of treatment will be confirmed over the next couple of days but we do know so far the account is over one thousand pounds. His treatment could not have been financed without the absolutely tremendous support from all those people who spread the word regarding the wicked and callous abandonment of Ronnie with the massive tumour attached to his front leg. Not surprisingly it has enraged many people. An extra big thank you to Christina who spread the word and raised considerable funds enabling Ronnie the chance of a decent life. A special thank you to all those who so generously donated. In a few days we hope to report that one little Staffie is starting to show the benefit of your kindness.

13th July 2015

Appeal for Ronnie

To anyone who might be reading this post, no you are not going crazy this is a Staffie you are looking at and his name is Ronnie.

Jill Woodward, Managing Director of North Derbyshire Animal Support who has given FOND’s lovely wee Shona an absolutely brilliant home has asked for help with a fund raise for this elderly dog who was picked up last week as a stray by Bolsover’s District Council’s dog warden. NDAS are most anxious to raise funds for an operation to remove this hideous and heavy growth from Ronnie’s foot, he is virtually immobile so time is of the essence. The plan is that he will be operated as quickly as possible after the 14th July. If Jill cannot find a suitable foster home where Ronnie can convalesce after surgery she will take him into her home as he cannot stay in a council pound. If this operation does not take place Ronnie is doomed to die.

Thank you to all the Facebook users who posted the message about Ronnie’s plight as he really did need help, he has obviously had a hideous existence for some considerable time. In the long term he will be looking for a home probably as an only dog with a human he can call his own. Anyone interested in offering Ronnie a home should contact Jill Woodward at North Derbyshire Animal Support, Unit J2 Bolsover, Business Park, Woodhouse Lane, New Bolsover, Chesterfield, S44 6BJ. After completing an adoption application form all applicants will be home checked.

Ronnie needs your help please

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