Mark on Willow

Pay attention Tia

Marks says: ‘Willow “The Noot” has been the addition to our pack we didn’t even know we had space for until we fostered her. With an extremely loving nature she is eager to please at all times, and bounces like the donkey from Shrek when fussed.
She has a great personality and is one smart pup indeed. She will wake from her slumber in the evening and come to lead you to the front door gently by the sleeve as she needs to wee. Willow also had to learn a trick for socialising class, but was so happy to learn that she went in with about seven tricks which she performed perfectly and stole the show. Next step-Britain’s got talent for the Noot I think. 
She loves to run in the Glen beside her house where the ducks, pigeons, squirrels and deer frequent, but the is so well behaved that if she does see a deer that one “Leave it” command is enough to stop a chase.
She also loves to get on the sofa beside you at any time and makes little contented noises when she gets a cuddle.
Kelty Racers
And the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning with her windscreen wiper tail?……….Willow the Noot. Read more about clever Willow on the Dobie Trail page.

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