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30 November 2012

Kinti 007

Good evening. The name’s Doberman, Kinti Dobermann…..

Sorry, I just couldn’t resist. I’ve been lying here watching a James Bond film on TV with this lot when Allan tells me I’ve got access to his laptop if I want it. “If I want it” – what sort of stupid question is that? Of course I do, bring it on!

But perhaps I’d better start by giving you a better introduction. Yes, my name really is Kinti and I certainly am a Dobermann. For almost six weeks now I’ve been living temporarily with this guy Allan and his family on Merseyside. I was eight years old just a few weeks ago and I’ve had to move home a couple of times in my life.

Not long after I was born I went to live with a lovely lady and her partner. Life was going great, but after just a couple of years they split up and I had to leave. I went to the place they call a “rescue” for a bit, but it wasn’t long before this lovely older man came along and said he really loves us Dobes and wanted to take me home with him. Of course I was delighted he’d chosen me, and off we went.

At home he already had two dogs, a small Staffie cross and another Dobe, who I was really looking forward to meeting. I got the surprise of my life though when I discovered the other Dobermann was also a male!

Now I’d been castrated and so had this other lad, but that doesn’t mean two male Dobes would be able to get along together. We’re a strange breed like that, male Dobes hardly ever live happily with each other – or any other male dogs for that matter – but I really did make an effort and tried my very best. I had a wonderful time with my owner who I loved and also the Staffie bitch who was so much fun and we never had a cross word (or should that be a “cross woof”?!) Old grumble-guts just wasn’t happy about sharing his territory with another male, though.

Although we certainly weren’t the best of friends, me and the other Dobe managed to live with each other for a few years, but unfortunately we started to squabble even more than usual a little while ago. My owner and his family were a bit worried that one of us would be hurt, so the decision was made that one of us would have to go to a new home. As the other Dobe had been there longer than me, it was decided I would be the one to go somewhere new.

Thankfully, my owner and his family loved me so much that they weren’t going to let me go just anywhere. Oh no, I’m far too precious for that so they contacted these lovely FOND people who apparently are pretty good at making sure us Dobes in need are found a really good home. That’s when I first met Allan.

The story of how I ended up living with him and his family while his FOND friends find me a lovely new home follows in a few days. (Apparently I mustn’t hog his laptop!)

Come back here soon for the next bit.

Love, Kinti. xxx

4 December 2012

Handsome or What

Hello again folks. Allan’s been busy using the computer and I thought he was going to be on it all night but I’ve managed to grab it for a few minutes. After he’d been using it for a while, Allan seemed to get quite upset and tearful so switched it off and left it. Apparently he’s been paying some bills online and always gets upset when he has to part with money. What a wimp!!

So anyway, where was I up to last time with my story? Oh yes I remember, I was going to tell you how I came to be staying with this strange guy and his wonderful family.

Me and the other male Dobe in my last home hadn’t been getting along very well and it was decided that as I was the last to arrive, I should be the one to go to another home. So Allan turns up one day to meet me and my owner to find out what I’m like on behalf of FOND.

Well, I gave him a dose of the real me. I was very friendly in the house, lots of leaning against him, cuddling and that sort of thing. Then we went out for walk. Now I’ll admit I did pull a bit on the lead, but I was very excited and forgot my manners for a while. I did make up for it though when a little yappy dog who wasn’t on a lead came running over to meet me. I behaved perfectly and Allan was well impressed!

After our meeting, Allan apparently told his FOND friend, Pam, all about me and she said they would help find me my nice new home – brilliant! The problem was that I had to leave my old home pretty much right away, so it was agreed that I would move in with Allan, his wife and two sons for a while.

So I’ve now been here exactly six weeks. It’s ok and I’m well looked after, although I really do hope those FOND people are able to find me a nice new permanent home quickly so I’m able to settle down and be a permanent family member again.

Standing Proud

Well, it’s getting busy here so I’ll have to go soon. They’re all getting very excited about this Christmas thing and there’s lots of secret conversations going on in the house with people planning nice surprise presents for others. I’ve overheard a few of those conversations and it sounds good fun. But the best bit of all is – get this – they’re going to bring a real tree into the house just for me!! How good is that??!! They know that I really hate going out into the cold for my morning and evening wee, so this is obviously going to be my surprise present from them. Of course they’re trying to keep it a secret from me by saying they’ll be getting a “Christmas Tree” which they decorate with coloured lights and things, but they can’t fool me, I just know it’s going to be my present and it’ll be great not having to go out in the cold and wet for a wee. Of course I’ll have to act surprised, but I think I can manage that.

Well, that’s about all for now. I’ll be back in a few days when I’ll tell you what happened a week or two ago when I went off to meet some people who thought they may be able to give me a forever home. Just in case you’re wondering how I’m looking now, I’ve sent some photos along that Allan took. You’ll have to forgive the quality of them. He likes to think of himself as something of a photographer, but personally I’m not sure who is more surprised if he manages to take a good picture, him or me!

‘Bye for now,