Could You Sponsor A Kennel?

Dobermans For Rehoming Through FOND

Often it is not ideal to re-home dogs from one home to another. In some cases we have to remove dogs immediately from situations where they are at risk or the owner is in dire straights having been made homeless. In these cases we care for the dogs in kennels until they are ready to go to their new home.

Kennelling provides a vital refuge for some of our Dobermanns, possibly for the first time in their lives. It can mean the difference between a Dobermann in crisis and a Dobermann in care.

Dobermans in FOND's Cosy and Warm Kennels

We realise that some of our supporters are simply not able to take on a Dobermann of their own – so this is a very satisfying way for them to be involved with the breed they love ensuring that a Dobe has a future.

Rather than sponsoring an individual dog – which may only be with FOND for a short time, supporting a kennel space means help is given to all of the Dobermanns who pass through your kennel during the course of a year.

Doberman Up For Rehoming Through FOND

Sponsors can donate a regular amount each month (minimum £5.00 a month) using the Friendship Form which can be – downloaded here(note that this link is a Microsoft Word Document **) and return it by post to: Mrs Louise Greig, 7 Ashfield Road, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9NQ (address on the form), completing the standing order and selecting the Kennel Sponsorship option.

Sponsors will receive updates on how the Dobes in their kennel are progressing and when they find new homes and how they are doing in them. We welcome any questions sponsors may have. You can contact us by e-mail:

Kennel sponsorship really does make a difference for a Dobermann.

Rusty 2011-2012

Below is Rusty’s sad story. It is a pertinent example of why we so appreciate and need all of your support. Veterinary fees in a supreme effort to diagnose and treat Rusty came to £1,018.73 – but tragically, on this occasion, we were not successful (but the bills still have to be paid). This young dog was worth every penny of that input. Please help FOND to continue caring for the Dobermanns in our care.

Doberman Unable To Be Rehomed by FOND but a Lovely Dog to have known

2 March 2012. Tragically Rusty a handsome young male around 14 months old, who loved life and everyone he met had to be put to sleep on the 29 February. Rusty had been in FOND’s care for just over two months and seemed to be blossoming mentally and physically, responding well to training, putting on weight and attending socialization classes. In a short time young Rusts built himself quite a fan club. His deterioration was terrifyingly rapid and from being a striking looking fellow he suddenly began to lose weight and we became concerned as he was experiencing pain in his head and neck. After x-rays and numerous blood tests had showed nothing Rusty started to exhibit signs of more pain and began eating in a peculiar fashion. Over the following 72 hours he could not eat despite being ravenous, regurgitating his food and unable even to lap water. Rusty was referred to the nearest veterinary hospital and Myasthenia Gravis was suspected, and Megaesophagus was diagnosed. By this time Rusty’s circulation and lungs had been affected and he was terribly weak with little prospect of recovery and no hope of leading a normal life. It was a truly awful day, such a lovely young dog who deserved so much better.Since then the results of other tests have confirmed that he was also suffering from other internal problems.