Dobies in National Rescue Centres

This page occasionally features dogs that are Dobermann cross-breeds. Sadly people sometimes believe they have bought a dobermann only to find out that they have been duped, or alternatively they may have bought a cross-breed and there is nowhere specific to go for help with rehoming these dogs when they cannot keep or cope with them.



Sarge is hoping that a home will come up very soon as he is not enjoying kennels. He is a big friendly 10 month old pup who was relinquished when owners could not cope with him when he was not accepted by their male Spaniel. Sarge needs someone who understands the breed, will take him back to basics and give him the life he deserves. Lovely big friendly lad who just needs a chance. Enquiries to Theresa or Sue Animal Help Line Cambridgeshire. Mobile 07709036103 or email



Sheba is in the care of Renvyle Cat and Dog Rescue in Co. Galway. She is a very loving, companionable 4 y.o. neutered bitch whose owner sadly can no longer care for her due to personal circumstances. For more information please speak to John Douglas phone: +358(0)873372245 or email him at



Youngster looking for his new home with experienced dobermann owner who has plenty of time for him. Duke was in the care of Edinburgh Cat and Dog home and has been rehomed.



Oscar has been rehomed.

This handsome fellow is four years old and has never had the training and socialisation needed as a youngster. Despite this he has a lovely nature albeit a somewhat boisterous one. Oscar was only neutered in October and has not found that special home since arriving at the RSPCA East Lancs in December. He has proved too strong for interested parties who have not had the necessary experience of the breed or time needed for him.

Oscar is looking for a home preferably as an only dog with a fit, experienced adult, with no young children and certainly no cats. Oscar has not lived with children and has shown no aggression to humans. He is reactive on the lead to other dogs depending on who is on the end of his lead. He has been with bitches but because of his upbringing and the isolation he was kept in for nearly 4 years he has not surprisingly been somewhat full on. In his first home he spent much of the time crated and shut away. Oscar would really thrive on being someone’s special dog.

Oscar is intelligent and receptive to training and with time and patience will reward his owner. He understands basic commands, wants to please and is currently walked on a Canny Collar. If possible a country home or someone with secure ground would be good so he can have the opportunity to run, exercising freely releasing some of those years of pent up energy but he also needs to go back to basics.

If you would like to know more about Oscar please call either Jeanette Ainscough or Zoe Waite at RSPCA Lancashire East Branch on (01254) 231118.



Summer has been rehomed.

Summer is a one year old bitch with Many Tears rescue in Cheshire you can find out more about her here

Bella and Poppy

Bella with Poppy

Two four year old, spayed and docked Dobermann bitches, chipped and with up-to-date vaccinations are looking for new homes as their owners are moving and cannot take them with them. They can be rehomed separately. Bella and Poppy are friendly dogs, house trained and have been raised with children. If you feel you can help and would like full details please contact Ann Roche at the Newross SPCA tel. +353 863507882 in Co. Wexford, Ireland.



Scooby has been rehomed.

Brown and tan 5 y.o. male Dobermann currently in North Clwyd Animal Rescue who needs an experienced Dobermann owner. Scooby is strong on the lead and very high energy and kennels not best situation for him. Should be able to live with a well balanced bitch he is a friendly dog who needs to belong. More information by following this link Click TEXT here



Up-date 5th December 2016: Luna has been rehomed.

Luna is a youngster, under one year old she is not a FOND Dobie but in need of a knowledgable home being quite stressed in a kennel environment. If you think you can off Luna a new start then contact Mrs Murray’s Cat and Dog Home in Aberdeen or follow the link click here

Luna is in a rescue centre in Aberdeen that is understandably keen to find a home for this youngster. Although she is not full Dobermann she looks like a Dobermann and certainly has a lot of Dobermann in her. Although they say on their website that Luna is not good with other dogs, we have spoken with them about Luna and hear that she is improving, having struck up a friendship with a resident collie. She is also having sessions with a dog trainer to help her with her issues. A sensible, experienced home where she can continue her progress is what pretty Luna is hoping for. For further details and to contact Mrs Murray’s rehoming centre click here



Hertfordshire Blue Cross have a Doberman crossbreed dog 10 months old and looking for a home preferably with Dobermann experience

For more details follow this LINK


Have you a home for me?

Toby has been rehomed and gone to live in a very comfortable country home in Wiltshire.

No way to treat a senior citizen Toby at 11 years old found himself a stray and has fortunately been rescued and taken in by North Clwyd Animal Rescue who are hoping to find this golden oldie a loving home. He has a kind and gentle nature but obviously comes with no history.



Up-date 13 August: It appears Maverick has found his new home.

A FOND supporter has brought the plight of this rather handsome male to our attention. He is with CAARS rescue sanctuary in Wolverhampton.



13 August 2016 Good news Ruby has at last found her new home.

The Blue Cross Rescue Centre in Thirsk are looking for a home for Ruby a 10 year old bitch. to find out more visit her web page
or contact Blue Cross on 0300 777 1540


Electra in Mersyside

Electra has been rehomed

The Dogs Trust – Mersyside are looking for a home for this eight year old bitch. To find out more visit her web page” or call 0151 480 0660



Up-date 10th February Caleb has been rehomed.

The Dogs Trust in West Calder have Caleb a four year old dobermann looking for a new home with experienced owners of large dogs. For more information look HERE

Deaf Puppies

Several FOND supporters have drawn our attention to on The Deaf Dog Network Facebook page where if you trawl down you will find an entry for three dobermann puppies looking for new homes.

Many Tears

Smiler has now been adopted.

This extremely active all breed rescue based in Wales with foster homes up and down the country has come to the rescue of many puppy farm brood bitches over the years in addition to dogs generally in other tragic situations. Many Tears currently has a handsome male Dobermann seeking his forever home. Smiler An 18 month old male who is apparently a confident boy and good with other dogs. You can read more about him by following this link or typing in Dobermann into the Many Tears website search.


Bert has been rehomed.

This handsome black and tan lad has stolen the hearts of Lynn and Sandy at EMDR and are hoping there is a Dobie lover out there who can offer an older gentleman a home. It is difficult to understand how anyone can abandon their dog but Bert is such a gentle, well mannered chap so he must be totally bemused by his circumstances. If you are looking for a lovely companion and have a nice toasty fire place for this lad to curl up in front of an evening he could be the boy for you. Take a look at his description on the following link HERE as you will see Bert has a face that would melt a heart of stone. He is at the East Midlands Dog Rescue Centre in Enderby, Leicestershire and their dogs are rehomed within the county or adjacent counties as they like to keep in touch with their adopters.



Snoopy is well settled in her new home.

Seven year old bitch Snoopy is in Aberdeenshire looking for her new home. To find out more click HERE



Max has been rehomed.

Max is a nine month old black and tan dog with Binfield Rescue you can find more information HERE


Denzel has been rehomed

Black and tan male dobermann, picked up as a stray, really needs a home but must be an experienced owner with no young children. For further details visit the Scottish SPCA website by clicking HERE or call their Animal Helpline 03000 999 999.


Kane has been rehomed

Black and tan neutered male Dobermann just over 3 years old needs a home. Full details from the RSPCA, Chesterfield by clicking HERE


Ellie has been rehomed

Ellie young dobermann bitch

This young Dobermann bitch currently in North Lincolnshire is looking to be re-homed with an understanding and patient owner She would benefit from being re-homed with another dog.

You can find out more HERE or call 01652 653343



Max has been rehomed

Looking for new home

Seven year old black and tan Dobermann dog. Has lived within other dog and used to older children. Does not like cats. Currently in Rescue Centre in Somerset.

You can find more details HERE



Up-date Zola has been rehomed

Black and tan four year old entire Dobermann bitch, fully vaccinated and microchipped. Will require to be spayed, a lovely gentle girl who has been with same family since a puppy and is being rehomed through no fault of her own.

For more information and to meet Zola please contact either Michael or Karen on (01977) 552303 or 516713 based at the Dog Care Association, Ponderosa Kennels, Ninevah Lane, Allerton Bywater, Castleford WF10 2EW. To visit their website click on this link to see all their dogs


Angel Looking for a New Home

Up-date: 2 August 2014 Angel has been rehomed.

Angel a seven year old Dobermann bitch has been taken in by The Blue Cross Burford branch.

She is still an active girl and loves her lead walks and a good play session. Angel loves to be in the company of people and is happiest curled up at your feet or by your side after a long walk. Angel could live with any age of children providing they are used to bouncy dogs. She could live with a calm dog that is happy to give Angel her own space in a new home. Sadly she cannot live with cats or other small animals.

You can find out more and contact details here


Look at Me!

Up-date: 2 August 2014 Murphy has been rehomed.

Murphy was handed into an Irish pound and rescued by the Dogs Trust. He is seven years old, neutered, house trained, can can be left in the home for a short while and has lived with children. A very affectionate small male, he is full of life and loves people but is not so good with other dogs. Care was not top of the list for his owner and he has received medication from the Dogs Trust for his ears and conjunctivitis and had some teeth out so now he is in fine form, ready for his forever home and is quite a star on the agility course so an active fit owner please where he will be the only pet.

If you feel you can give this lovely lad a second chance and have experience or Dobes or large active breeds, please contact the Dogs Trust Darlington, Hill House Farm, Sadberge Co Durham, DL2 1SL. Life could be lots of fun with this boy. Alternatively visit their website for more details and to see his video.

Open: 12:00 – 16:00 hr. Closed: Tuesday. Tel: 01325 333 114



Up-date: Panther has now been rehomed.

Panther has been rehomed.

Panther is a three year old Dobermann dog whose owners could no longer care for him. Taken into care by the RSPCA he is now urgently needing a loving home . Follow the link to learn more about this shy Dobie who obviously needs to be loved and cared for and out of kennels. You can find out more here