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Rescuing one dog may not change the world, but for that one dog, the world will be changed forever.

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Rehomed 2018



Up-date 31st August: Tess went to her new home over a week ago and has since had a heart scan and ECG, sadly her heart is in poor condition and DCM was confirmed. Despite all this she has settled well and is now on Vetmedin and Sotalol for her condition hopefully there are some happy days ahead for her with her new friends.

Tess is eight year old and has the most lovely happy temperament with both people and other dogs. Sadly her owners have had to give her up and we honestly thought it would be virtually impossible to find Tess a new home due to on-going health problems which thankfully at the moment are not stopping her from enjoying her life. Whilst tests have been carried out to assess Tess’s needs a very special lady who already has one Fondie came forward offering her a home. Introductions between Tess, Zeus and Misty went well yesterday thanks to support from a ‘key’ supporter in Fife and should be confirming that Tess has gone to a superb country home in the not too distant future. Fingers and paws crossed for Tess as she is rather special.




Max is a very striking, powerful neutered male Dobermann born end of March 2016. He is not for the faint hearted as he is too clever for his own good and can be controlling. In the right hands this handsome boy could be quite brilliant in any field from obedience to tracking or agility. He just loves and needs to be worked. He cannot go as a family dog as he needs an owner where the relationship is one on one and with someone who is used to training and working with a full on young male dobermann. Max was returned to FOND last September and has not been a problem, he has formed a strong friendship with Priscilla but in the main he is best as an only dog because he can be possessive. Max is reactive to other dogs especially when on lead, however, if you have his attention with a ball he remains focused on you.

  • Overly confident, highly intelligent dog
  • Loves the car and travels well
  • Plays very well with Priscilla
  • Strong on the lead so full of energy
  • Microchipped, vaccinations up-to-date
  • Good house dog protective of his home and grounds


Looking for a rural home for Max as an only dog with someone who will give him the exercise and training he needs. Max is happy with his current regime but it would be nice to think he could find someone that can give him that special home. PLEASE do not apply for this dog unless you have the necessary knowledge and time to give he is not for the novice.



Up-date 5th August: Koa has been rehomed thank you to everyone who enquired.

Up-date 27th July:Koa meeting new owners on 2nd August

Koa is looking for his forever home, through no fault of his own as alas his family cannot keep him. Koa is 16 months old and his vaccinations etc are all up-to-date. He is living with a 3 y.o. boy and a young baby and is very well behaved with them. Travels well in the car and can be left in the home without being destructive. Good with people and other dogs but can be over enthusiastic on initial meetings.



Up-date 29 April: Great news for FOND’s little Zeus with the wonky ear he met Donna, Kieran and Misty on Friday and has been offered his forever home and will be going to live in an area with great walks. It will be a sad farewell for Priscilla as this lively pair have become such good mates. Zeus has been gaining confidence at his weekly socialisation classes but still a lot of work to do. Thank you to all those who enquired about offering Zeus a home.

Up-date: 1st March:Zeus attended his first socialistion class last week and coped far better than anticipated. He is running in a small pack of 4 dobies when out walking and doing well.

Young Zeus is just a little chap but absolutely delightful, such a loving character, he was a year old on the 10th February.

Zeus was rescued awful circumstances. His owner spent 3 months gaining Zeu’s confidence. Unfortunately the resident elderly dogs would not tolerate the lively youngster and Zeus was relinquished to FOND for rehoming.

He will make someone a fantastic companion however he craves companionship and is surprisingly affectionate considering the horrible start he has had in life. Looking for a quiet calm household where he can be someone’s special boy and have company all or most of the day.

  • Sweet natured dog desperate to please
  • Travels well
  • Needs general socialisation
  • Needs work on the lead
  • Microchipped, vaccinations up-to-date
  • Currently entire


Zeus runs and bounds like a gazelle he is only a small dog and appears to have a fantastic temperament. His recall is very good locally. He only arrived at the end of January when he was very shy but is now gaining confidence and loves going out walking frequently out in a pack of four dobies or in his case running Zeus has been out walking with visiting Ria a former Fondie and is now great pals with Priscilla. Videos available to serious applicants.



Up-date: 25 February Young Rocco went off to his new home a week ago and has settled with the resident cats. He is a very mischievous youngster and a chewer so needs a constant eye on him.

Rocco is being rehomed through absolutely no fault of his own he is just gorgeous. Typical pup, he is full of fun and energy but basically very obedient and level headed. He came in two days after Meg and they paired up and become good pals, he has helped her separation anxiety and she is teaching him manners as he can be somewhat forward for his age.

  • Confident, friendly pup who does the best dobie grins
  • Brilliant traveller
  • Plays well with Meg and Priscilla
  • Excellent on lead, good recall
  • Microchipped, vaccinations up-to-date
  • Loads of potential in the right hands

Rocco has been brought up with cats one being a Maine Coon. He is very laid back. Loves playing with his ragger. Thoroughly nice dog looking for a country home and with someone who will continue his training so he can reach his full potential. Rocco and Meg were living as FOND house dogs and settled in very easily.



Up-date 11th January: Tila has been rehomed and gone to live with Mace, they are already good friends.

Lovely young bitch sadly being rehomed as owner going into hospital for procedure with long recovery period meaning Tila cannot receive the care she needs.

  • Friendly girl who likes to play
  • Needs on going socialisation and lead training
  • Living with a cat
  • Likes playing with other dogs
  • Microchipped, vaccinations up-to-date
  • Condition of adoption to be spayed after first season

Tila meeting potential new owner on 6th January.



Up-date: 11th January Sweet Meg has met her new owners and is now living with her new companion Bruno enjoying lovely coastal walks together .

Meg was sadly relinquished when her owner became tragically ill over the Christmas period. She is a really lovely compact bitch who wants to be your constant companion. Meg will be 2 years old in February 2018.

  • Confident, friendly dobe with a lovely character
  • Travels well in the car
  • Paired up with Rocco she loves to play
  • Needs work on the lead
  • Microchipped, vaccinated and spayed
  • Good recall

Meg has some separation issues and likes company canine or human. She was living with two small dogs. Brought up with a toddler who is now 6 years old with no problems. Shows some anxiety when fireworks being let off.

Rehomed 2017


The Oz Dobe

Up-date: 19th November 2017 Handsome young Oz met up again with fellow Fondie Alice previously rehomed in January she travelled all the way up from the north west of England with her owners for a second meeting having fallen in love with Oz back in September. All went well and Oz is now happily ensconced in his new home after a 4 month stint as a foster dog at FOND’s H.Q. Oz is a FOND 2018 Calendar Boy being Mr July.

Oz with fellow Fondies

Up-date 2 November2017:: Oz has been busy since his last report in September. He has been attending socialisation classes on a Tuesday evening, he is virtually sound and his weight has gone up to 38 kilos. He had a follow up visit to our vets on the 1st November and she was pleased with him. Oz has quite a fan club and looks like he is going to a foster home with a view to adoption if he settles in. Oz can be quite a handful as he had no socialisation skills when he arrived and is a very clumsy, rather excitable boy so he can be challenging at times. He is very puppy in a big body and will easily be a 42 kilo plus dog when he is full developed. Oz went to the fund raising show in Fife and was handled by Anna Davidson and behaved impeccably.

Oz back in July

Up-date 29th September: Oz is coming along in leaps and bounds, he is gaining muscle condition and weight and is now attending socialisation classes and has begun his hydrotherapy and treadmill regime. Still not completely sound he is not out of the woods yet and may yet requjire further x-rays or even an MRI scan. It does look as though his problem may be panosteitis and this will only come good with time and patience. Anyone who attends the Fun Dog Show in aid of FOND at Caldwell Farm, Collessie, Fife, KY15 7UY will be able to meet this overgrown pup.

Up-date 1 September: Oz goes for a heat scan on Monday 3 September and for assessment to see if hydro-therapy an option for his wasted leg.

Up-date 15th August: Since he arrived Ozzie has not been 100% sound. The good news is that after extensive X-rays of his hips and elbows x-rayed at Ayrton Vet Hospital, he does not have hip dysplasia or panosteitis. Currently he is receiving anti-inflammatory medication and if this does not resolve his problems his condition will require further investigation including an MRI scan for an accurate diagnosis.

Until vets have diagnosed Oz’s condition and given a prognosis we are unable to think about placing him in a home. Once we have this we will be able to find a new home for Oz and the best way forward for him.

Up-date 1st August: Sadly the handsome young Ozzie may have a problem with his hips and will be having an x-ray of his elbows and hips on the 4th August. Obviously this puts any potential rehoming on hold until these have been thoroughly assessed.

Oz is one tall gangly, entire young male, born 29th September 2016 who has not had the best start in life. Imported from Serbia in January this year he has already been sold on by the importer and not had the chance to enjoy any puppyhood or receive appropriate training.

Oz appears to have a lovely nature, he will jump up and mouth a little when excited but basically just wants to be as close to you as possible to the point where he nearly trips you up! He likes to play with toys and is very alert. Everything he sees has to be investigated. He is receiving a few lessons in manners from Priscilla who resents his clumsy ways and is not backward in telling him to get his act together.

Looking for an experienced home with someone who has plenty of time and patience to train Oz, currently his attention span is very short, but obviously unsettled with yet another move in his short life.

Photos available to applicants that have completed an approved adoption application form. Adoption contract will require Oz to be neutered once he has matured sufficiently. Anyone taking on Oz will be going back to basics, from house training, to learning to sit, wait and walk quietly to heel. He is a willing pupil.

Xena and Zeus

Up-date 5th August: Zeus and Xena have been rehomed together.

Up-date 1st August: Zeus and Xena are being adopted by their foster carers. Xena is being spayed on the 4th August.

Up-date 26th July: Zeus and Xena are in a foster home in Lancashire. Xena is due to have a laparoscopic spay in August. It is anticipated that they will be adopted by their foster carers if the dogs continue to tolerate the resident cats Sonny and Alfie.

Recent arrivals Zeus and Xena are the most delightful pair of dobermanns you could ever wish to meet and in accordance with their owners’ wishes FOND is endeavouring to find them their forever home together. The saddest and most unexpected set of circumstances brought about a situation whereby Zeus and Xena are looking for a new home.



Pretty, petite bitch who adores her family and if going to a new home without Zeus will benefit from a good stable male to give her reassurance. Born in July 2016 she has had her first season and part of her rehoming will be a contractual agreement that she is spayed late summer, early autumn. A little more reserved than her pal Zeus she is a fun girl who loves to chase and retrieve her ball and with further socialisation and training will like Zeus make an incredible companion.

Zeus (Brown)

Handsome Zeus

Fabulous, big brown and tan boy born in September 2014, he was neutered last year. An extremely well trained, well mannered, very friendly, kind laid back Dobe who is seeking a new home preferably with younger companion Xena (featured above) alternatively in an active country home where he will continue to receive the love, attention and exercise he currently enjoys.

Vaccinations are all up-to-date for both dogs as is worming etc.

ZeusZeus and XenaXena

Zeus (Black)


Up-date 26th July: Zeus has gone to his new home where we hope he will settle in as he is not the most confident dog.

Up-date 29th June: Zeus had a successful meeting with potential new owners on Saturday 1st July and will be going to his new home on the 22nd July.

Zeus, despite his 5 years is very unsure of himself and is looking for a quiet home where he can gain his confidence and be someone’s special boy. Once he has a bond with you he is a very responsive, loving dog and just wants to be your pal. Zeus is the latest arrival at FOND’s kennels has just restarted his vaccinations and undergoing a general assessment. He has met Priscilla and likes to play, he is also interested in toys and likes to have something to carry about with him. Sadly he is quite nervy of sudden movement or strange noises so will take a little extra love and understanding.

  • Shy, but wants to be a friendly dog and receive affection
  • Will travel well once he has more confidence
  • Loves playing with a toy and Priscilla
  • Learning to walk on a head collar
  • Microchipped, and vaccinations restarted
  • Has the potential to be a great companion

Looking for a quiet home with Dobermann experienced owner/s to give this dog the life he deserves. It is anticipated he will be ready to rehome after the 7th July.



Ness has had a quite a long wait for her new home to come along but delighted to report this lovely girl met her new owners on Sunday 2nd July and has now been successfully rehomed.



Up-date 17th June: Zeus is in his new home and has a new best friend called Pepsi. He is such a happy dog.

Up-date 27th May: Fantastic news for Zeus he has the chance of a lovely country home all depends on resident Dobie bitch Pepsi agreeing to the arrangement.

Energetic young neutered male born in December 2014 who has lots of plus points he deserves an experienced and committed owner to reach his full potential. Currently exercising and playing in grounds with 3 other Dobies and thoroughly enjoying life.

Zeus is a handsome black and tan good natured Dobe, he is very intelligent, an extremely agile dog who is a fantastic mover but needs his energies channelled. A new owner must be experienced training Dobes or large active dogs possibly with an interest in obedience and/or agility training and be able to gain a headstrong dog’s respect, in return they will have a lively and willing pupil.

  • Travels well in the car
  • Well behaved in the home
  • Would benefit from a canine companion

  • Ball and food orientated
  • Friendly, bold and very happy dog
  • In his early days Zeus was left to his own devices receiving no proper socialisation or lead training and unfortunately developed some rather obsessive behaviour which includes a fixation on wheels and a passion for water. The former is greatly improved but he respects his current handler who is firm but fair with him. He still has odd ‘dizzy’ moments if he sees a furry or a vehicle making unusual noises flies past. Recently Zeus seems to have grown up and is behaving less like an ‘air head’ and wanting to engage, play and learn so he is just looking for his special owner to come along. Looking for a country home. Main problem to over come is lack of recall, Zeus cannot go off lead in unsecure areas. Attending dog training classes and is something of a star pupil in that environment.




    Up-date 16th May: Met up with Bella in Lincolnshire where she is being fostered and waiting to be spayed. A lovely home awaits Bella so she is sorted.

    Bella a 2 y.o. entire bitch who was recently relinquished into FOND’s care. She is currently in a foster home waiting to be spayed and the signs are that her carer will be adopting her. Bella is an extremely friendly, sweet natured Dobie, she travels well in the car and loves visitors. She has met Dianne’s horses and after an initial ruckus settled with and accepted them, she also has a couple of dog pals which she goes out on walks with. All in all it is looking encouraging for this little brown bitch’s future without further upheaval.


    Happy Tim

    Up-date 25th May: Sweet natured Tim has gone off to his forever home and his new family already adore him.

    Up-date 20th April: Unfortunately Tim’s rehoming has had to be put on hold through no fault of his and it will probably be late May before he can go to his forever homes.

    Young, very tall happy go lucky neutered character Tim was born 6th April 2016. Despite not having a good or fair start in life this dog has the most beautiful nature. He loves people and appears at ease and playful with people and other dogs. He so wants to be someone’s best pal.

    Kept as a yard, guard dog this is the last thing he is, he had been lonely and naturally barked and was severely muzzled resulting in the marks on his face and jaw. Living out he has quite a heavy coat.

    Tim has everything to learn but he is an intelligent and willing pupil and will make someone a fantastic companion. Currently in support kennel in Ayrshire, he is ready to go to his new home and be that special companion.



    Up-date 7th May: Roman went to his new family as planned the most delightful Dobermann ever, it was a sad farewell but a good day for him. May there be many happy ones ahead.

    Up-date 20th April:Roman has had a successful home check and is crossing the days off his calendar until the 3rd May when his new family will arrive to take him home.

    Substantial, handsome docked male believed to be 7 years old no longer wanted he was lving in a yard situation but has one time been a well loved, trained and socialised dog. Thankfully his plight brought to FOND’s attention by well wishers and owner relinquished him for rehoming.

    Only met and collected Roman on 2nd April when he accompanied Pam and Priscilla on two home checked where he behaved like a perfect gent and stole the hearts of the would be adopters!

    • Very friendly, relaxed well mannered dog
    • Travels like a dream
    • Good on lead
    • Does not like cats
    • Has recall

    Roman is in for a period of assessment and health check he has an irritating skin tag on one eye lid. More in due course.

    Thor and Loki

    LokiLoki and ThorLoki



    Up-date 19 January: Sweet Alice recently found her special home.

    Up-date 3 December:Alice is a super little dog, she only weighs 25 kilos and is very bright. She has been running in the stubble fields, garden or dunes with Jodie, Priscilla, Zeus and Dillinger. We like her a lot, she needs her forever home. Alice just loves going out in the van and her recall is pretty good.

    Alice is a delightful Dobie bitch with the cutest ears. She is believed to be around 4 years old and came to FOND after her last owner relinquished her having initially rescued Alice from a stray pound. Alice is full of energy and fun but was too much for the other elderly dog in their home, and with other commitments her owner just did not have the time that Alice needs.

    Alice needs some work on the lead especially when meeting with other dogs, off lead she is fine, best on a headcollar.

    Before arriving at the pound Alice had a very bad start in life shut away in a shed and allegedly bred from. This has left her scared of the dark,and she is frightened by thunderstorms and fireworks; Alice likes a night light at bedtime.

    • Extremely affectionate nature
    • Loves people, tail never stops wagging
    • Enthusiastic traveller
    • Neutered with up-to-date vaccinations
    • Eager to please, a quick learner
    • Recall fair but distracted by birds and furries
    • Alice suffers from a degree of separation anxiety so needs an owner who will be at home she is doing fine in our kennels but has Priscilla for a companion. Told she was friends with previous neighbour’s young child. House manners pretty good but bit of a counter surfer if left unsupervised in the kitchen!

      Will make someone a fabulous, fun companion.



      Up-date 6th January 2017: Bonnie has gone to her new home and is settling in well.

      Up-date 3 December: Rather a long haul for Bonnie in kennels but she has been socialising with different people and playing with Sid (bullmastiff) and Lily (French Bulldog) and is generally happy. Recently met potential new owner who will be returning in January with his wife for a second meeting and if all goes well Bonnie should have something to celebrate come 2017. Hopefully a bright and happy future for them all.

      Beautiful, big, black and tan young Dobie bitch, born in September 2015 and neutered in 2016.

      Bonnie needs a very experienced and committed owner as unfortunately due to lack of socialisation and spending many hours alone albeit with a sibling she is not well socialised with either people or other dogs but does like other dogs once introduced. She was living in an isolated situation.

      Bonnie was showing serious fear aggression to strangers, cyclists, joggers or any strange object she might meet on a walk with her owner. She was severely traumatised when collected for rehoming and the change in her circumstances really shook this young Dobie to the core. Bonnie has come to terms with her new environment and the staff at the kennels but obviously until properly socialised she will continue to react when her situation is altered in any way. Slowly introduced Bonnie will do anything for a treat, she is very food orientated.


      Bonnie would benefit from being with a bomb proof canine companion as she loves other dogs and currently plays with a male bullmastiff and a young Frenchie bitch. Her new owner needs to be someone willing to take on all her problems, and be extremely patient, understanding but firm and this could take months.

      When Bonnie is in her comfort zone she is a happy affectionate Dobie. Only applicants with a proven record of training a dog or dogs with similar issues should apply because she will be a challenge. Bonnie deserves a chance to become a well adjusted companion as she is a loyal and intelligent dog. Bonnie has not lived with children and is not suitable to rehome into a busy family environment. Currently near Ayr, Scotland.


      Maya out for a walk

      Up-date 19th December: Maya is in short term foster and will be going off to her new home on the 29th December. She has recovered well from her laparoscopic spay and is full of fun. Very happy Dobie.

      Young Dobie, black and tan with docked tail aged unknown but vet believes around 3 years coming up for rehoming.

      Lovely natured lass who has just been neutered and after a period of assessment will be ready for rehoming and can be seen in Aberdeenshire. On initially meeting in the home she was with three other dogs and there were no signs of aggression or problems. Mia travelled well in the car to go for a walk in the woods. She was happy and contented and well balanced with good recall. Being rehomed through no fault of her own. More information and photographs in due course.



      Up-date 19th December: Dougal is now happily ensconced in his new home, he had a farewell walk on the dunes this morning with Priscilla who thought his manners needed to be improved.

      Up-date: 14th December Dougal meeting potential adopters this weekend. He has settled well at the kennels with Maya and they are enjoying running on the dunes together.

      Brown and tan neutered male born in August 2015 sadly coming up for rehoming due to radical change in owner’s work shifts and a move. Been a much loved pet since an 8 week old pup, Dougal is a happy dog who knows all his basic commands and is well behaved off lead in the woods with good recall, ignoring other walkers and their dogs. Travels well in the car, enjoys playing with toys but inclined to hang on to them and is not aggressive meeting strangers in the home or out on a walk. Can be excitable but soon calms down and may pull on lead at beginning of walk and then settles. Will make someone a very special dog. Can be seen in Aberdeenshire after the 9th December when more information will be available.



      Up-date 29th December: Freya is no longer looking for a home and will be staying with her family which is a happy out come for all concerned.

      Very good looking, nice sized young bitch, somewhat overly friendly needs to temper her meet and greet approach! This bouncy brown and tan lass will be just a year old on Christmas Eve. Clever Freya needs more stimulation and exercise than she is currently receiving and is being rehomed through no fault of her own, alas her exuberance for life makes her quite over powering for the younger members of the family.

      • Attended Puppy Socialisation Classes
      • Wants to meet and greet all people and other dogs
      • Goes off lead in local woods
      • Just coming out of season will need to be neutered
      • Rings bell on a rope at back door when she wants out in the garden
      • Does not like cats
      • Walked on head collar
      • Freya just loves her family however she is quite highly strung and has learnt to be vocal when she wants attention. She is exceedingly intelligent and rings a bell when she wants letting out in the garden to do her business! Works well for treats and has had some clicker training. Could have huge potential in many spheres from obedience to agility or Cani-X to tracking. Her energy need channelling.

        Will not be rehomed either without first being neutered at appropriate time or with enforceable contract for this to be done.

        As with all applications interest should be registered by filling in an adoption application form and providing photographs of your home, secure grounds and comprehensive details of the facilities and time you have to offer a FOND dobermann.

        If you can offer Freya her special home then please complete an adoption application form and return to Pam.

        Please read FOND’s adoption ethos first, you can download an adoption form (click here)
        (please note that this link is a Microsoft Word Document). Please complete the form and return it by post or email to



        Up-date 4th November 2016:Snoop now has a home and will be meeting his new owners on the 11th November when he will start his new life. Snoop has been rehomed.

        Up-date 16th October 2016: Homechecks have been carried out for Snoop.

        Brown and tan 18 month old male dobermann yet another import who has been a victim of the demodectic mange, he is in foster care and recovering well.

        Up-date 1st October 2016: Snoop has now been neutered and his demodex is improving but he will need a couple of clear skin scrapes before being rehomed. He has put on weight and is up to 34 kilos from 28 kilos but does not hold his weight easily. Debbie says ‘He is a stressy dog and gets upset if he thinks he’s missing out on things. Life must have been so hard for him whilst kennelled. He’s desperately trying to get everything right to please me. He really is an awesome dog’. There are some lovely photographs of Snoop on the Kelty Dog Walks Facebook page and probably some of the best and most fun dog pictures you will find anywhere. The picture below shows Snoop and his girlfriends Tia, Crystal and Willow all looking good in their yellow macs!
        Snoop and the Girls

        Snoop’s owner relinquished him as a change in his circumstances meant the dog could not be cared for adequately. He was in a kennel situation leaving him with severe separation anxiety which of course exacerbated his condition and was on an inappropriate raw diet.

        It will be mid to late Autumn before Snoop can be re-homed as the mange needs to be under control, he will be neutered and once he is in good sorts his needs thoroughly assessed. Already it has become apparent that Snoop requires more than a ‘pet’ home but no more kennels for Snoop, someone active to give him the companionship he needs with experience in training dogs for obedience or agility is the owner we are looking for. This is a dog who needs to have a purpose, he loves learning new commands and after just a week is going to his bed on command, sitting and waiting for his food and going outside and peeing on request. Very encouraging for a dog that has never been house trained or lived in a home.

        Snoop is exercising with Dobie bitches and treating them with respect.

        If you can offer Snoop his special home then please complete an adoption application form and return to Pam.

        Please read FOND’s adoption ethos first, you can download an adoption form (click here)
        (please note that this link is a Microsoft Word Document). Please complete the form and return it by post or email to



        5th November 2016 up-date: Mace has been rehomed.

        Outgoing, friendly black and tan neutered male born in 2013 who recently came up for rehoming. Mace lived with a family with small children and four cats. He was extremely well behaved and loving to them all. Needless to say he quickly found his new home with an experienced Dobie couple who were home checked and waiting for their special companion to come along. They are truly delighted with him and he has already settled in with his new cat friend Sparticus and is enjoying long walks in the Teesdale countryside.

        Ginni and Luna

        Ginni and Luna

        Thank you to everyone who has enquired about giving Ginni and Luna a new home, they are now spoken for.

        Ginni and Luna have gone to their new homes.

        Delightful pair of Dobie bitches who will be coming in for rehoming shortly, they are siblings and will be six at the end of the year. Looking for new homes due to family illness.



        Up-date 15th October 2016Ginni is now in her new home.

        Up-date 9th October 2016: Successful home check and Ginni meeting potential new owners today.

        Black and tan, 5 years old, neutered, microchipped and with up-to-date vaccinations. Sweet, friendly nature she has been in the same ownership since a young pup and currently living with three other dogs including her sibling Luna. Well socialised with people and other dogs. Travels well in the car. Well behaved on the lead. Would chase cats and not been around livestock.



        Up-date 15th October 2016:Luna is now in her new home.

        Up-date 9th October 2016: Successful home check and Luna meeting potential new owners today.

        Blue and tan 5 years old, neutered, microchipped and with up-to-date vaccinations. Little shy but friendly bitch who attached herself to Justine when she went and made an initial assessment. Like Ginni she has been in the same ownership and lived with her sibling since a young pup and been living with three other dogs. Well socialised with people, bit barky on lead towards strange dogs and pulls on lead. Needs a head collar or similar for more control as she is strong. Would chase cats and not been around livestock.

        Ginni and Luna are a lovely pair of Dobies who immediately took to Justine when she went to meet them becoming very excited when the leads came out and went off for a walk with without a backward glance. Justine found a secure area where the dogs could run off lead and although Ginni was more independent both showed they know their names and have good recall. Ginni and Luna could go together for rehoming or separately. More information in due course. Videos and more photographs available to interested applicants. Currently in Cambridgeshire.


        Troy says the bigger the stick the better

        Up-date 31 August 2016:Troy has had a wonderful bank holiday weekend bonding with his new owners and their happy-go-lucky Dobie bitch Olga who he is besotted with. On Tuesday he left for his new home and is settling into his new routine.

        Troy is an extremely handsome, fit, friendly and out-going, large brown and tan male born in November 2010 looking for an active home where he will have plenty of company.

        He passed his initial assessment with flying colours when our volunteers were greeted by a friendly, happy dog who showed no signs of aggression he is now in a foster home in Aberdeenshire and has settled well, he is just a delightful dog bursting with character.

        • Was living with a Westie dog
        • Good traveller, loves his walks and his ball.
        • Well socialised with relatives children
        • Not good with cats, chases
        • Generally well mannered and good on lead

        Troy with his Westie pal

        Troy loves to play, he is a boisterous but well mannered dog who obeys commands and has been well trained he is only looking for his forever home due to a change in present owners’ circumstances meaning he has been left alone all day. He was bought by them as a puppy and has never been in kennels. Troy plays well with dogs that he has been introduced to. He is obviously microchipped with up-to-date vaccinations. Although he has been socialised with children he has not lived with them and is too big and boisterous to be placed with small children. He is a real people dog.



        Up-date 28th July: Super couple made a long journey to meet Tasha one of the sweetest and funniest Dobies you could wish to meet last Monday. Tasha has now been rehomed.

        Delightful black and tan bitch who is a much loved family pet being good with children and other dogs, her owner sadly and genuinely only rehoming due to change in circumstances.

        • Vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.
        • Friendly, well socialised and affectionate.
        • Good on lead and travels well in car.
        • Excellent recall and loves to chase her ball.

        Tasha is looking for a home where she will have plenty of companionship and exercise, she interacted very well on her initial assessment when she was introduced to our assessor’s Dobie. Tasha was born in October 2009, she is docked being imported as a pup from Ireland and has just had her annual health check. As a pup she broke 2 metacarpals and this meant being in plaster for 8 weeks, this does not affect Tasha’s day to day running however there are signs of arthritis in these toes so some pain relief like metacam may be required in the future.Like many dogs she does not like fireworks or loud bangs. Interested applicants can see videos of Tasha having fun in her local park and more photographs will be available in due course once she is in her foster home awaiting that special person to come into her life.




        Up-date 13th July 2016 Storm is now settled in his new home.

        Up-date 3rd July 2016 Storm who can be a bit of monkey meeting potential new owners this weekend. Too clever for his own good he has already mastered the agility course, loves going to the beach in the van, running in the sea and tormenting Priscilla who is well able for him.

        Up-date 21st June: Storm has more bounce than Zebedee, he is definitely an extrovert with high energy levels. Loves people and is a bold, very friendly dog but lacking in manners however the big plus is he wants to learn and engage. With plenty of exercise and training he will make a good dog. Definitely has the ability to compete in agility or Cani-X as he is a supreme athlete!

        Black and tan neutered male born August 2014 looking for experienced forever home. Came into kennels over a month ago for initial assessment Storm is microchipped and vaccinated. Clever boy who needs some direction otherwise he will get into mischief.

        Storm needs an owner who has plenty of time to work with him as either an only dog or with a grounded bitch who will teach him the ropes.

        • Needs firm but fair handling establishing boundaries
        • Looks like he is a bit of a thief in the kitchen
        • Walked on a headcollar
        • Travels well in the car
        • Likes to play but easily over-excited
        • Responsive to voice and food orientated




        Up-date: 3 July 2016 No more kennels for Thai who is truly delighted as he has now been rehomed.

        Up-date: 21st June 2016 Kennel life is not for the gorgeous Thai and fortunately there was a place for him as a foster Dobe with Dod and Karolyn who have now cared for several FOND dobes and he is thriving with them. Nothing bothers Thai he has been to their holiday home, attended a Traction Engine Rally, been to a Barbecue and taken it all in his stride, as long as he has company or the comfort of a sofa he is one happy lad. Thai meets possible adopters on the 26th June.

        Up-date:12 June 2016

        What a delightful dog, big handsome Thai is. He has now been at FOND H.Q. for 6 days and is one of the kindest, softest dogs you could wish to meet. Unfortunately he is not suited to being kennelled at night and now he has lost his mate Gaia will be even more lost. He has been for walks in the woods and runs on the beach and shown pretty good recall. He just loves to play and interact with his handler and is most affectionate. Hopefully someone wanting a well socialised male with someone home the majority of the day will come along for him soon.

        Thai is being rehomed because his owners are emigrating to the States and he would not be suited by the journey. Thai is looking for his special home through absolutely no fault of his own.

        • Friendly dog who loves people and other dogs
        • Travels well in car but gets excited
        • Has lived with children another dog and a cat
        • Been walked on a harness and flat collar
        • Good recall, likes to play ball
        • Nervous of fireworks and thunderstorms

        Thai will make someone a superb companion he was seven years old on the 20th May but looks younger and is extremely fit having been well exercised on a twice daily basis.



        Up-date: 12th June

        Gaia has spent three days being introduced to her new owners and has gone to live in Cumbria.

        Gaia is a sweet character and is looking forward to meeting potential owners in early June.

        Brown and tan neutered bitch born in December 2013. Vaccinations up-to-date and microchipped. Litter sister to Loki.

        • Sweet natured, friendly bitch
        • Travels very well in the car
        • Has not lived with children
        • Walks fine on a head collar
        • House trained
        • Fair recall

        GaiaGaia and LokiLoki

        Gaia and Loki are a nice pair of Dobies but need to go to separate homes so they learn to engage with their owner and not mess about together. (Loki is now in his new home.) Due to owner’s circumstances Gaia has been left to her own devices so some work needed on basic manners, bit of a counter surfer. She is being rehomed through absolutely no fault of her own and will make a lovely companion and will thrive with some one to one attention. Friendly bitch who is inclined to jump up in her enthusiasm to greet you, but generally has an easy, relaxed nature around the home and out walking. Quite a strong prey drive and would chase anything furry. Ready for rehoming now, Gaia has not lived with small children but there is no reason to believe that she would not be fine with an older family as she has such a kind nature.



        Up-date: 12th June

        Morti has spent many weeks in foster care and recently gone to couple who are giving it their best shot to provide a loving stable home. Unfortunately over the weeks Morti has shown that she has a very protective and sharp nature and not only is she reactive to other dogs when meeting them on lead in a busy environment but also pretty full on with some people that she regards with suspicion. Silly girl she is not making life easy for herself or for those who care for her. Again like Dillinger she is a product of a less than satisfactory former life. Alas her behaviour is preconditioned and requires confident, firm and responsible handling. In the home she is a wee angel!

        Up-date 19th April: Morti was neutered yesterday and all went well, she is obviously on the ‘easy’ list for the next 10 days when the stitches will be removed and she will have her second vaccination after which she will be ready for her special home. Dod and Karolyn her foster carers are delighted with Morti and last weekend introduced her to Molly the Yorkie. The pair had fun and games together we have videos available to applicants who have completed a successful adoption form. Morti appears to be more comfortable with small dogs than large ones.

        Up-date 11th April:Morti is now happily settled in her foster home and has just had a great weekend free running in the field and woods, no worries, she went to the seaside which was very busy with other dogs and was no problem being well behaved on lead.

        Black and tan bitch born in September 2011 she was brought up with Dillinger, three children various pets and another dog.

        Morti behaved very well whilst in support kennel in Ayrshire and is a very loving individual. She became best friends with Sid a young bullmastiff and a bit of a favourite with the staff as she is so loving.

        • Confident, friendly and affectionate bitch
        • Travels well in the car
        • Would live with a male
        • Responding encouragingly to lead training
        • Microchipped, neutered and vaccinated
        • Very protective nature
        • Craves human company and loves a cuddle




        Up-date 26th May: Loki is now in his lovely new home in East Lothian close to the sea with dedicated owners and has little Molly a J.R. for company..

        Brown and tan neutered male. Litter brother to Gaia. Born in December 2013 with up-to-date vaccinations and microchip.

        • Friendly dog but initially a little reserved
        • Travels very well in the car
        • Has not lived with children or other animals
        • Walked on a headcollar
        • House trained
        • Needs owner with time to work on recall and lead training



        18th March up-date:Zeus met a lovely family who drove up from Cheshire to spend the weekend getting to know him. He has now gone to his new home where we hope he will settle in quickly.

        7th March up-date:Zeus has been neutered and is doing well. He will be a bit fed up for the next 10 days as he and Priscilla have become great mates playing and running together on walks however these outings will be on hold until his stitches are out.

        Extremely striking looking, high energy young male born in December 2014 needing a home where his training will be progressed. Zeus has had to go back to basics but is a quick learner and from being a nightmare on the lead has progressed to walking well on a head collar like a Gencon or Gentle Leader, he is an excitable dog and does not need his senses flooded by introducing too many changes too fast.

        • Confident, friendly dog who likes to play
        • Initially very noisy in the car but soon settles
        • Plays very well with Priscilla
        • Responding encouragingly to lead training
        • Microchipped, vaccinations up-to-date
        • Will be a lovely dog in the right hands

        Zeus will be neutered in early March and ready to go to appropriate home from the 19th of the month.Zeus

        Suit experienced Dobermann owner or experienced dog owner who has worked with and trained high energy dogs. He suffers from an element of separation anxiety and would thrive in a spacious home, having someone at home all day where he has plenty of exercise and freedom. Zeus does need to learn to relax, he has had two homes and unfortunately received no basic training or appropriate exercise in either but he wants to learn and will make someone a lovely dog.



        Up-date: 28th February: Bruno has had a successful home check and is looking forward to meeting his new family in early March.

        Handsome, brown and tan male, three and a half to four year old male who is looking for a new home. Bruno was entire and not getting on with another male dog in the home. He has lived with children.

        • Very friendly people orientated dog
        • Walks well on the lead
        • Lovely natured, happy boy who likes to play
        • Possibly best as an only dog
        • Vaccinations up-to-date, microchipped, and neutered

        Bruno is a lovely friendly dog who loves meeting people, being petted and then leaning on them! He travels well in the car, can be left in the home and is not at all nervous being inquisitive and out going.

        On walks he is good off lead and we are told runs around playing with other dogs however like most male Dobes he should not have been living with another male dog. Bruno has only just come into foster home so his assessment is on-going but first thoughts are he is a straight forward, delightful dog.


        Ria proud and beautiful

        Up-date 28th February:After much interest and a number of home checks for Ria she has found a wonderful country home and her new family are delighted with her.

        Up-date 18th January:Ria is coming along really well, she has settled and is just a gorgeous Dobe. Running in the dunes with Priscilla, meeting other dogs and people, recalling well, delighted with her. Ria attended her first dog training class last Tuesday and behaved well. Just wanting that right country home with plenty of space and time for her. Rather a special girl.

        Up-date 8th January: Ria spent a period in our support kennel and is no fair weather Dobe, whatever the elements are chucking at you she is happy to be out and about in it having fun. She is now at FOND H.Q. and is already a smart performer on the treadmill, very useful in this weather and loving playing ball in the wall garden when she retrieves pretty well. Out and about in the nearby stubble fields she is recalling well as long as there is no scent of deer. A very driven girl she would excel at tracking or any other task as she wants to learn.

        Ria is ready for a home, she is doing OK here because she has Priscilla as a kennel companion and comes into the house twice daily for set periods. We would not want her to go to a home that kennels their dogs whilst away on holiday as this would stress her, she needs someone who will take her with them or have a house sitter in as once that forever home comes up it must be forever. Ria likes other dogs and would definitely benefit from having a steady male companion, not necessarily a Dobe, just a well adjusted male that has seen and done it all to give Ria stability. This girl will be worth the effort for the right person or couple.

        Ria is a stunning, very athletic and high energy young bitch born May 2013 she is now seeking a home with an experienced Dobermann owner or someone used to training high energy large dogs who will give Ria the time and understanding she needs.

        Ria is alleged to have had many homes but her only problems appear to be counter surfing and suffering from separation anxiety due to previous circumstances.

        • Travels well in the car and happy to sit and wait for you
        • Slightly unsure when meeting strangers but a treat soon rectifies that
        • Lovely natured, happy girl who likes to play
        • Walked on a Gentle Leader
        • No cats or other small furries
        • Loves to play with all other dogs
        • Ria would benefit from the company of a well socialised male
        • Vaccinations up-to-date, microchipped, and spayed


        We do not know whether Ria has lived with children and although she seems quite relaxed when we have met them she will not be re-homed with small children. There is no doubt that an experienced owner will have a wonderful companion and a Dobe who will be a willing pupil ranging from obedience classes to agility, Cani-X or tracking. She is one smart girl and just needs to find an understanding owner.

        Typical Dobe she loves to bring you a present when you arrive and will dash about with anything from a dish cloth to your shoes when there are not enough of her own toys handy to grab. Very food orientated and a bit of a tea-leaf, a nosey girl who surfs the counters and currently jumps up with enthusiasm. Nothing that cannot be put right with training.


        Ned has been rehomed to a family where he will be kept in order by Zara a gorgeous Dobie bitch and have acres of ground to exercise in. Lucky boy.

        Dandy Ned

        Ned looks quite a dandy, he is a 15 months old and neutered and has been living with children and another dog. His family feel that Ned is not receiving the exercise and attention that he needs so he is going to a FOND foster home until the right forever home can be found for him.

        Ned is affectionate, friendly and full of energy.


        I'm Marley

        Marley has been rehomed.

        Handsome youngster surrendered for rehoming prior to Christmas he has since been in a foster home waiting for the excitements of the festive season to be over before being rehomed.

        Family who recently lost their Dobie and have made a successful adoption application and home checked will be going to meet Marley this weekend. From being inappropriately placed by his breeder this wee lad already suffers from separation anxiety not even six months old.



        Young brown and tan male, Nero has recently found his new home as one of our adopters was patiently waiting for the right boy to come along who needed that special home and Nero fitted their criteria. Friendly, affectionate dog, brought up with and well behaved around children plus he has socialised with other dogs, being rehomed due to personal circumstances and through no fault of his own. Nero went to his new home today (18th December) and is being quietly introduced to the resident Dobie bitches, family and new surroundings including horses, he has had an exciting day so he should sleep well tonight.



        Up-date 5th January: Nelson met Jasmine between Christmas and New Year, they spent 3 days together exploring the beaches and going out in her car. Nelson thinks her owners are great and would like Jazz to be more playful. He happily jumped into their car to leave for his new home on the 30th December and has settled well, however, it does appear that Jasmine may not be quite herself so we are hoping she soon recovers her energy levels, feels comfortable with Nelson in her home and that they will have a happy life together. Time will tell.

        Nelson has now been at FOND for nearly a month as he arrived on the 21st November for rehoming. Nelson arrived weighing just over 27 kilos being several kilos underweight and with a high red blood cell count which has now gone down and was probably due to a combination of infected tonsils, stress and dehydration. This all cleared up after a course of antibiotics and he has gained over 2 kilos. He is now ready for rehoming having recovered from being neutered, is over his infection and is gaining weight and maintaining weight gain.

        Nelson is a lovely companion for Priscilla as he is so friendly and easy going, there does not appear to be a bad bone in his body, he is affectionate and playful and an easy dog but does need company. He has attended a couple of socialisation classes and even took the K.C. Good Citizens Bronze last Tuesday (14th December), sadly he broke the down and stay before the minute was up but every other task he achieved easily. He is also a dab paw on the treadmill and is building up lots of muscle.

        • Loves the car and travels well
        • Social, friendly dog with happy nature
        • Good house manners
        • Very friendly with people and good with the bitches here
        • Clean and well behaved in kennels but has to have company
        • Good recall does not like you out of his sight
        • Favourite toy an orange squeaky ball
        • Lived with a family of four children

        Nelson has been out for walks on the dunes with both Priscilla and Jodie and is basically a well mannered dog, travels well in the car and is not destructive. Good recall, sweet natured, lead manners are pretty good. Quite a boisterous chap but then he is only 2 years and 8 months old and as he gains in weight and confidence will definitely be high energy. General impression is he will make the right person or family a lovely, very loyal and affectionate companion. Attended Dog School for general socialisation and obedience, well behaved with other dogs and extremely responsive to commands.

        Rocky and Elsa


        2nd December Rocky and Elsa have gone to their new home and settled in well. Their new owners said “it is like they have been here for years!

        up-date: 22nd Nopvember Successful home check carried out for this dream pair who will be meeting their new family before the month is out.

        Up-date 18th November:Home check being carried out for Rocky and Elsa this coming weekend.

        Up-date 11th October:Recently Rocky and Elsa spent ten days in a foster home and received glowing reports from their foster carers. These dogs amaze everyone they meet being the most gregarious couple of fun loving Dobes we have ever had in our care, their tails never stop wagging, their eyes are always smiling and they positively grin with pleasure. Elsa is now well over her spay and she and Rocky are hoping their special home will come along soon, they really should not be in kennels.

        Up-date 13th September: They arrived yesterday evening after a nine hour journey, full of fun and full of energy and have settled in extremely well. Rocky and Elsa will have a period of assessment, health checks, be microchipped and Elsa will be spayed at the Ayrton Veterinary Hospital after seeing the huge benefits of a laparoscopic spay on a number of bitches that have come through FOND.

        Rocky is a brown and tan neutered male born in January 2011, he is a large good natured lad and has spent his life with Elsa, they play well together.

        Elsa is a medium sized black and tan bitch born in November 2010 and like Rocky is relaxed and friendly around people.

        Here is the chance to adopt two particularly good looking, level headed dogs who are looking for a home where owners are home the majority of the day, have a large garden or grounds and access to varied country walking.


        • Both dogs travel well in the car
        • Excellent house manners
        • Very friendly with people lovely happy natured dogs
        • Quiet and well behaved in kennels
        • Walk well on a Gentle Leader, good recall and well socialised
        • Rocky likes to play with toys, Elsa likes to pinch them
        • No other pets as Elsa and Rocky not good with small furries

        These dogs have not lived with children so will not be rehomed with very young children simply because they are so boisterous, however, we are told they were good with small visiting relatives. Rocky and Elsa are wonderful companions, well mannered in the home and always happy. They are being rehomed through absolutely no fault of their own and were only given up by loving owners because it was deemed to be in their best interests. Please take time to download and complete an adoption form if you feel you can offer Rocky and Elsa their forever home.