Fondly Remembered

Until One has loved an animal, part of the soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

As a lasting memory to their Dobermanns some owners have generously become FOND Kennel sponsors.


Jake of many names

Jake came into our care aged 18 months in late 2011 after his owner relinquished him through ill health. Jake had lived in the centre of Glasgow and did not know much about anything at all. He had only ever been walked on lead on busy city pavements. Jake was a sweet boy with a soft heart and a funny frown on his face even when he was happy. His name when he arrived was Anubis but because he did not respond to this, and because he had a very curly tail, he became known affectionately to us as Noodle! His kind new family were quick to change this to Jake! Jake went off to his new home early 2012 where his idiosyncrasies were accommodated gently such as his need for familiarity and his love of his home and his routines. Sadly, Jake developed a neurological condition recently and his vet confirmed that his quality of life would not be improved by medication so on the vet’s advice Jake was allowed to go peacefully with dignity. Thank you to Jake’s family for the understanding shown to Jake both during his life and at the end.


Roxy going aboard

Louise went to meet Roxy in the summer of 2011 after her owner decided she had no time for her. Roxy was 15 months old at the time and whilst an affectionate, mischievous and playful young bitch, there had been absolutely no input or discipline in her life. Consequently, Roxy had absolutely no manners and knew nothing about rules or boundaries. She was all paws up on worktops, lunging at biscuits, leaping over sofas and ‘all over the place’ on the lead. She was also an escape artist and would jump up on the door handles and escape from the house if left alone. But it was clear that there was a very engaging and intelligent bitch in there somewhere and Tom and Avis felt up to the challenge when they offered her a home with their big, elderly lurcher, Butch. Roxy certainly tried their patience in the early days and at times had them tearing their hair out but they loved her dearly and were completely committed to her rehabilitation. And my goodness it paid off. It took time but with their understanding and patience Roxy eventually blossomed into a ‘perfect’ Dobermann. She was also an expert ‘yacht-dobie’ and featured on our calendar being hoisted up on to her boat. Roxy was Avis’s shadow and was with her always. Her sudden and unexpected passing in her sleep recently left Tom and Avis heartbroken. Thank you for the unstinting commitment to Roxy and the truly wonderful life you gave her.



It is with heavy hearts indeed that we write of the untimely loss of Chica to a tragic accident. Chica was one of our first Fond Dobermanns arriving as a youngster aged 18 months in March 2011. She absolutely blossomed in her new home in Cumbria with Jane and the gentle elderly Dalmation/English bull terrier Jessie, and went on to enjoy a blissful and remarkable life.

Chica travelled everywhere with Jane enjoying warm winters caravanning in Portugal, trips to the Edinburgh Festival and Badminton Horse Trials – you name it and Chica has probably been there. Chica’s beauty and endearing character meant that she attracted attention wherever she went and she did a fantastic job as a sweet and wonderful ambassador for Dobermanns. When not travelling Chica lived the Dobermann dream roaming the Cumbrian countryside with Jane or curled up in her charming cottage. Chica was cherished by Jane and her loss of her ‘beautiful and joyous dobie’ is incalculable.


Maddie and Jodie

Jodie was a character, she could be very trying but oh so loving and loyal, she thoroughly enjoyed her life at Lonmay and had very definite ideas about who were her friends! She was extremely protective of what she regarded as her property and a complete mare at times with other dogs, there were not many FOND residents that didn’t get a nip from her should the opportunity arise. Jodie came in with her friend Maddie (yes and she used to get a telling sometimes too) in June 2014 after her owner became terminally ill. Jodie was great company and fun to take for walks with good recall, she just liked it to be you and her, however, there were a number of dogs in addition to Maddie that she accepted on the dunes but never in the home or the garden and sometimes we spent months trying to integrate a second dog into the home after Maddie died aged 13 in 2015 without success.

Jodie was up and about with her usual enthusiasm to go on ‘her’ van and take pesky Priscilla to the beach for their morning run on the 8th May and it was coats for both dogs as the wind was cold and it was a grey Aberdeenshire day, not Spring like in the least. All seemed well until the poor lass suddenly lost her co-ordination behind and it was obvious that she had suffered a stroke. Fortunately the van was not far away and it was a dash to our vet but alas she deteriorated on the way unable to rise and her heart beat had become very irregular and her whole system was closing down. There was nothing we could do but say a quiet and dignified farewell to this beautiful, if sometimes cantankerous Dobie who wormed her way into the hearts of those she considered her friends. She knew she was beautiful and was my constant shadow about the home. Dear Joders, who will lick out the yoghurt pots for me now?

The photograph shows Maddie on the left with Jodie in happier times amongst the bluebells at Lonmay. They were calendar girls in 2016.


Handsome Stan

We have been saddened to hear of the loss of beautiful Stan who was one of Fond’s “first year” Dobies adopted in May 2011 aged four and a half years. How the years fly and suddenly four and a half becomes ten and a half.

A very lovely natured fawn Dobie, Stan attracted a lot of attention for his unusual colouring and loveable ways. He loved playing fetch, tug of war and searching for things and was proud to hold his lead in his mouth as he walked to heel (in safe places).
Stan went to live with John and his family in Sunderland where he has been described as the most loving Dobermann they have ever known. A hugely affectionate dog, Stan was rarely left alone as there was nearly always someone in the home to cuddle him and he went to work with John who owns his own company. A far cry from those long days home alone. A wonderful dog with a wonderful home who will be greatly missed by his family.


Ash happy days

In 2012 when Judith and John lost their magnificent sea Dobermann Harry Good Boy who had lived with them on their boat along with lurcher Princess Tara, it was going to be almost impossible to replace their wonderful boy. Fate does often seem to intervene and this time it did but not entirely in the way Judith and John might have expected. It arrived in the shape of six year old stray Dobermann, Ashley who had found himself homeless in kennels in East Yorkshire. Ashley was everything Harry was not – a barker, a lunger (albeit with absolutely no aggression), a puller of leads (pulling John off his feet on occasion), and one might have thought quite unsuited to living on a boat! But having committed to getting this Dobermann out of kennels and offering him temporary refuge, nothing could then persuade John and Judith to part with him. We offered to take Ashley and give them a calmer more suitable Dobie for their lifestyle but the answer was a resounding NO! Ashley was going nowhere. A Dobie with a tremendous heart, a great love of humans (and eventually boats!) and his two canine companions Tara, and latterly Pixie, Ashley went on to become hugely important to Judith and John and enjoyed a life of fun, companionship, wonderful care and happiness. Ashley has left an enormous gap. The same gap he had filled so unceremoniously and unexpectedly when Harry left in 2012. Ashley was an unforgettable boy with his heart in the right place who would have thanked John and Judith for their unwavering commitment and love for him.



Came to FOND no more than a big under socialised pup, he had been confined in a crate and unable to stand properly resulting in deformed elbows. He was then moved on to a family where he did not get on with the resident dogs. After a spell with FOND he found a wonderful country one with devoted owners and grew into a fine, big strong dog. Alas he became ill at the end of 2016 and over several months deteriorated and had to be put to sleep in early January not even 6 years old. He was in his special home for 4 years and 7 months where he went jogging with Graeme, had endless games with his beloved ball, and helped to look after the horses. Although he lived with the lovely Madea he never became social with other dogs outside the home. A Dobie who was good to know.


Roma taking a shower

Poor Roma, known to us as Roman, another beloved Dobie lost to DCM a short time after diagnosis his owners understanding that the medication would keep their boy going for some time, alas it was not to be.

Rehomed in November 2014 Roman spent just over two amazing years with his new family in Ayrshire enjoying some fabulous walking along the nearby coast. He had a great companion in Kara and when I last saw them you could not have wished to meet a fitter, happier pair of Dobermanns loving life together.

Roma loved to play with the hose pipe in the garden, he was a real water babe. There was not a door in the house he could not open! He was an obedient, friendly well mannered dog who died too young.


Handsome gentle Kaiser

A more treasured Dobermann you could not have wished to meet, adopted in August 2012 aged 5 years old Kaiser quickly became the light of Margaret and Graeme’s lives. Everywhere they went Kaiser went too, they would not stay in an hotel or self catering holiday home if he could not accompany them. Kaiser explored and played on many Scottish beaches and even lived it up in five star hotels. He also enjoyed sailing holidays and was fully equipped with his own life jacket. He was always safe walking in the hills or forests because his collar was equipped with a GPS tracker and like many dogs he wore a high viz jacket! Alas in 2014 he was diagnosed with Glomerular disease with 75% of his kidney function lost. A radical change of diet and all the treatment that was required had Kaiser enjoying his life for a further two years until sadly he lost this battle on the 12th November. A handsome, but reserved character Kaiser initially spent some time at FOND’s H.Q.where his kennel companion was the extrovert, Lulu. He was a pleasure to know and a great ambassador for his breed.


Sweet Zee

Zee was a senior Dobie when she came to FOND’s notice after her owner was hospitalised . Fortunately in 2011 she quickly found caring owners who were able to cope with her needs, they were her third and thankfully final home. Due to circumstances at the time she had not been exercised and needed some veterinary care which included having dental work done. Although Zee was living with other dogs she preferred to be an only dog in the home and she hated cats but she was a great family dog. Zee lived a happy life for the next five years but sadly had to be put to sleep on the 6th November when she could no longer cope with Wobblers Syndrome. At fourteen plus years of age she did well but naturally is sadly missed by her loving family. Oh for more people that will give a golden oldie a chance of a family home and not ignore them so they finish their days unwanted in kennels.


Handsome Louis

Everyone has their favourite dobies and right at the top of our list is Louis. He came to FOND as a handsome two year old whose owners found they did not have time for him, and said he was too boisterous for their aged Dalmatian. Arriving with FOND in March 2012 Louis at once settled in and within two months was re-homed with new devoted owners Karyn and John.

Many of us were able to keep up with Louis through his very entertaining blog Louis My New Life started as soon as he arrived in his new home and it quickly made him a world wide celebrity with some three thousand readers. For the next four years we learnt how Louis had to cope with looking after his family; oversee John’s work as a builder; the arrival of Olga the rather dizzy female, and just as he had everything organised the tragic diagnosis of Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia. Over the last eight months we followed his courageous battle with AIHA which made for sad reading but still portrayed Louis’s humour, love of life and people and the outstanding commitment by Karyn and John in their quest to restore him to good health.

Louis would come and see us in Aberdeenshire at least once every year, and on one trip he arrived with Olga who of course could never quite compete with his style and superior knowledge of the way the world worked for dogs. Louis had kindly fostered Olga on behalf of FOND, taught her to chase frisbees, clear the beach of pesky seagulls and to go swimming in the sea chasing sticks which John would throw in for them to retrieve. He was a little miffed when he discovered that Olga was something of an Olympian swimmer. Whenever Louis walked in our kitchen door it was just like he had never been away, he made himself completely at home and this easy manner of his passed on to Olga on her second visit which was lovely to see as she was quite sharp and nervy on the first occasion. On one visit Louis took Priscilla and Jodie to the beach, leaving Olga behind with Karyn to have a read and a snooze. Priscilla was impressed by Louis’s stature and air of authority and behaved like an angel. Alas when Louis brought his family up on this occasion, the 5th March, for what sadly turned out to be his last visit nothing could have been further from our minds as he walked in with his usual confidence and that presence he exuded. After greeting everyone he made himself at home, showed an interest in all that was going on and was as ever a happy dog. Louis enjoyed coming to see his old friends and made some new ones too – on this occasion it was Dod and Karolyn who kindly foster FOND dobies and the Graham family who were visiting to meet and adopt Bruno. All looked positive and hopeful at that time.

Louis and his boomeThis is my stickYoung Louis

Louis always liked close physical contact and when living with us would stand between Pam and the sink whilst washing up. He always liked to be touching you. Outside besides retrieving a ball he was an ace player with a boomer ball. Once re-homed John was never allowed to lie in long and Louis would go and stand by his side of the bed and just stand and stare until he awoke to find himself being watched by a pair of large brown eyes hopeful that the day was about to start. Louis did have separation anxiety and from the time he joined John and Karyn he was John’s constant companion going to work with him, going ‘monstering’, and watching the football on T.V. together. Holidays were always planned around the Dobes. Louis did not just have a good life with John and Karyn, he had a great one, but it was far too short. Once met Louis could not be forgotten. He made so many friends and an impression on everyone wherever he went. A large, kind and loving dog, it was good to know you Louis. Our heartfelt sympathies to the family you have left behind.


Lizzie in nightwear

Little Lizzie with the big personality came into our care in November 2011 at 6 years of age. Lizzie was one of those Dobies it is impossible not to love and equally impossible to forget. She had the most expressive face, loved her food and was full of fun. Best of all Lizzie loved chasing rabbits on the dunes – in winter, when it gets dark so early in Aberdeenshire, she wore a little flashing light on her collar so that we could keep track of her. Lizzie loved her comforts and her Tuffie nest when she was with us and was a great little kennel companion to our old friend, Bailey. She loved marching around in all the smartest coats handmade by our director Sue, and especially loved her cosy pink pyjamas. She soon found her forever home with Frances and Leon who adored her and was another lucky Dobie to have a second home in Spain where she was due to go and live permanently. Lizzie had a great life with Frances and Leon, chasing squirrels on the local heath.

Lizzie in her mac

It is a heartbreaking loss of a very special girl. Sadly, Lizzie had arthritic problems and later Wobblers Disease which eventually all became too much for her to endure. We will always remember this wonderful bitch and thank Frances and Leon for the loving care they gave her.


Kind Daisha

Bill Graham’s kind and gentle Daisha tragically passed away in his arms last Sunday morning 10th January. In the short time that he had her they became inseparable companions. Daisha had lovely manners and enjoyed being with other dogs as long as they knew their manners, she was good with children and well behaved on and off lead. A real little lady.

Bill and Daisha had something of celebrity status in their huge local park where the spent hours on a daily basis catching up with all their friends, they were perfect and happy companions.

Sweet Daisha was another victim of DCM and would only have been seven years old in May 2016. Our hearts go out to Bill for his sad loss and we thank him for making Daisha’s life such a happy one with him.



We knew a few months ago that our wonderful little Maddie’s time was drawing near but time and again this brave, fearless, charismatic and independent character bounced back to defy ours and the vet’s expectations. In the end dear Maddie’s body could no longer cope with her Wobbler’s syndrome in spite of her valiant efforts to stay with us. Maddie came into our care in June 2014 along with Jodie after their owner Evelyn, a very good friend of Pam’s and great supporter of FOND and Dobermann welfare, very sadly became terminally ill.

Maddie had been rescued by Evelyn weighing a pitiful 18 kilos and suffering from considerable neglect and confinement to a cage. In spite of Maddie’s appalling start she displayed throughout her entire life a most exuberant, determined and infectiously friendly personality which stood her in good stead both for the huge adjustment to her life when Evelyn could no longer care for her and Jodie, and for her health problems, neither of which diminished one iota her incredible spirit. Maddie was one of the best, one of the sweetest and one of the bravest.

She latterly found a new role in her life when she became nanny to Priscilla and Belle and was making a great job of keeping the cheeky monkeys in check. Maddie was wonderful with all the other dogs and was the first to hop up on the sofa for a cuddle with anyone and everyone. What a unique and special friend. It was a privilege to know and care for her.


Lovely Lex

Poor Lex a lovely handsome, friendly fun loving boy sadly had to be put to sleep in the early hours of Sunday morning 2nd August much to the shock and dismay of his loving owners Kieran and Lucy. On the Saturday morning Lex had been his usual cheerful self and enjoyed a walk and was in good form however by the evening he was off colour and visited the vet with a further appointment made for the Monday as a suspected tumour on his spleen was to be investigated. Tragically Lex deteriorated swiftly and was rushed to his vet in the early hours of Sunday morning but alas nothing could be done for him as the tumour had burst leaving his owners quite devastated. Lex had been in their permanent foster care for 15 months after his owners emigrated, he had Addisons Disease and FOND was sponsoring his veterinary care.

Kieran and Lucy are very supportive of FOND and Lex was living with another FOND Dobie Donna who sadly passed away 4 months ago after she developed lymphoma. They are always there for our dogs who need that little bit extra and not daunted by tackling medical problems ready to give something back to the breed of dog they love so much. The irony was they had enquired prior to this loss about Ruby to be a suitable companion for their Lex which sadly never happened, however, knowing that a Dobie is always better in a home than a kennel they put aside their grief and came to meet Ruby and she quickly turned the charm on with Kieran and is much loved by Lucy.


Proud and confident

If ever there was a dog more suited to becoming an ambassador for the Dobermann breed it was Raffa. It was quite devasting to learn the shocking news that the Talbot family’s giant of a Dobe had fallen victim to the callous disease cancer. Their beloved Raffa had become unwell and unable to breathe properly, on being x-rayed it was discovered that his lungs were riddled with tumours and there was no alternative but to let this loving, giant of a Dobie go into a permanent sleep. His poor owners are absolutely bereft they only had him for nine months, their home feels empty, the sofa they bought especially for Raffa is empty; he loved to lie upside down on it with his legs pointing up into the air.

You seldom meet any dog with the wonderful trusting and friendly nature that Raffa had, even the postman was considered a best friend. Raffa smiled at everyone, he was good with other dogs, something of a star at the vets, a comedian. Like many Dobes he suffered with hypothyroidism which had to be medicated and monitored. He charmed everyone he met from his first owner and her dog walker who adored him, to Allan who fostered Raffa until FOND re-homed him to the Talbot family, where he quickly charmed them and their circle of friends.

The kindest face

John and I met Raffa when we transported him from Cumbria to Inverness-shire, he was completely unfazed by spending a night in a hotel with two total strangers, treating us like his best pals, he was not an ounce of bother and fun company; he was a dog with a great sense of humour who thoroughly enjoyed every moment of his day. Dear Raffa, just six years old, wish there were more like you, your temperament was par excellence, alas you will be sorely missed by all those who were fortunate to meet you and and came under your spell.



Alas sad news another FOND Dobie much loved by her owners was put to sleep last week as she was suffering from lymphoma and her quality of life had seriously deteriorated leaving this as the only humane decision as an option for poor Donna. Donna enjoyed a great life with her adopters, firstly living with Odin a brown and tan male Dobe and then more recently after the loss of Odin she formed a great bond with Lex who will surely be missing their wild games together. Sadly Donna did not even celebrate her eighth birthday which was due in June and had only been in her home for barely eighteen months when this cruel disease took her about four months ago. Our condolences to Kieran, Lucy and Lex and huge thanks for all the support they give us with our Dobermanns generally.

If you would like to read and learn about Lymphoma please click here


Baxter remembered

Truly a black Monday, Baxter a larger than life character who would have been just three years old in June sadly passed away whilst undergoing exploratory surgery to establish the reason for his recent ill health. The vet discovered that Baxter’s liver was full of cancer and it had spread to his spleen and bowel, he was shocked by the severity of the disease in such a young dog, obviously the kindest and only decision was to let Baxter go into a permanent sleep.

The much loved Baxter could be a monkey an inveterate but inept food thief he had a huge capacity to enjoy his days and loved nothing more than trips to the Welsh coast, running on the beach, playing ball and having fun. He made a huge impression on everyone who met him with his lovely nature. The home will be very quiet for Stephen, Gillian and Elliot upon the untimely loss of their special friend Baxter. We are very sorry for all the heartache and distress they have endured since Baxter became ill, our thoughts are with his loving owners. Baxter will be remembered in the FOND 2015 calendar as he is Mr November. Tragic he did not get to enjoy a summer of weekends away.


Seb's tenth birthday

Handsome Seb a beautiful brown and tan lad who was rehomed to Jacky and Jason over three years ago sadly said farewell to his loving owners this morning. He had been suffering from the dreaded Wobblers for some time and alas his condition deteriorated rapidly over the past week and within the last 48 hours he could not rise without assistance. He will be missed by his black and tan Dobie friend Ze Ze. Seb had just celebrated his 10th birthday on the 14th of April. He had a great life living in a quiet Oxfordshire village with seven acres of paddocks to enjoy where Jacky keeps her horses plus lovely downland walks. Another Dobie whose gentle, affectionate loyal nature will be much missed. Seb another of our FOND Calendar stars, so handsome and sleek.



Our beacon of joy. How is it possible that we have lost our darling little Lucy? Pint- sized Lucy arrived at Fond in February this year. Imported from Slovakia by an unscrupulous individual who was dealing in several breeds of dog with no concern for their welfare, Lucy had already been through two homes and rough treatment before coming into our care.

What Lucy lacked in size, she more than made up for in personality and from day one everyone who came into contact with her immediately fell under her spell. We had countless applications for Lucy but it quickly became clear that she was at Lonmay for keeps. She became our little Fond mascot, lived in the house with Pam and John, went on holiday with Pam in July and was everyone’s darling. Lucy was like a little light bulb lighting up every room she trotted into – usually with a ball in her mouth. Comical, mischievous, loveable, absolutely fearless, friendly, joyful, bright as a button she was truly unique. Lucy adored all her Dobie playmates and had a special bond with the late Ellie who doted on her.

Leaping Lucy

On Sunday the 24th August Lucy set off for her usual wild bunny hunting in the beach dunes but almost immediately returned to Pam in considerable distress. Almost as soon as Pam had phoned the vet to say she was on her way to the surgery, Lucy collapsed and passed away. An autopsy showed that she had suffered a blood clot in her lungs and there was nothing that could have been done.

Her sudden and tragic loss at the age of just one year and three weeks has left us deeply shocked and saddened. Her magical presence at Lonmay will be forever missed.

Remembered always with great affection.

Wash your ears


Ellie with Merlin

Our loyal and dependable Ellie, affectionately known to her friends as “Big Ellie” so sadly passed away on the 10th August. After enjoying a last peaceful walk in the glorious sunshine it was as if Ellie decided that that was a perfect way to bow out of the world. She went into a completely unexpected decline the next day and was found to have a suspected intestinal tumour. Ellie became so poorly and weak over a twelve hour period that she had almost passed away before she was peacefully released from her trauma by the vet.

It is difficult to express what this remarkable Dobermann came to mean to us all over the months. She arrived in our care at Lonmay in February 2013 weighing a horrifying 62 kgs having been found all alone in the world and in her home after her owner had died. Sadly her owner had not asked for help nor would he allow neighbours to help with Ellie’s exercise so she had just lounged on a sofa and eaten her way to obesity when he had become terminally ill.

Ellie on arrival

Dear Ellie overcame such hurdles – three homes we knew of, losing a kidney, having an under active thyroid and then the battle with her weight. When she first arrived she could barely walk more than a few steps without tumbling over and getting her on her feet again was a real struggle. Month by month, however, a gentle and pretty Dobermann face began to emerge and a character to match her size!

Ellie a year later had trimmed down to around 40 kilos and managed to lead a fairly active life. She could run and liked to play with her toys and her kennel companions although her hips were not great after carrying all that weight. Ellie’s off hind also had a lot of fatty tissue and was weak so in her enthusiasm to join in games or walks she could collapse if making a swift turn or when running over rough ground. Needless to say she sometimes went down like a nine pin when the young males were careering about – however, they were told in no uncertain terms to mind their manners!

Good times

Ellie was to find her role in life as kennel “nanny dog” to the numerous Dobermanns who passed through the kennels, setting the ground rules and showing them the ropes. Her steady, gentle but strong character helped so many new dogs to settle quickly and enjoy her calm company and influence. She will be a huge miss in the kennel yard.

More recently Ellie was devoted to little Lucy – she absolutely adored her and would go out of her way to entertain her which was visibly touching to watch.


But most of all Ellie loved the sunshine and loved nothing more than to find the best sun spot in the garden and watch the world go by. In spite of our efforts to try and secure a foster home for Ellie nothing suitable ever materialised. That was sad for such a loving dog who adored company but it was to be our gain for we were privileged to have had the love and friendship of a truly extraordinary Dobermann with an indomitable spirit. Very sadly missed.


Round Rosie

Tragically the medication administered to Rosie was not controlling her urinary incontinence after exploratory examination vets discovered that Rosie was suffering from an Ectopic ureter and her condition was incurable as it would not respond to surgery leaving FOND with that sad decision to let this gentle and loving Dobe go permanently to sleep.

Currently rather a roly poly girl but on a diet that is working this is one of the kindest natured Dobies you could wish to meet. Recently taken in due to personal reasons Rosie has not had an easy life. In her early days she was subjected to cruelty and her docking is an example of nothing short of mutilation, she is neutered but we do not know whether this was done whilst in a city pound, believed to be around 7 years old with no shades of grey and lots of smiles Rosie is in foster care whilst her health problems are assessed. These are severe urinary incontinence which vets are hopeful will be controlled by weight loss and daily administration of drugs plus sorting her slightly under active thyroid out. Rosie is living with a family of five, two other dogs, three cats and two rather tasty looking guinea pigs! Rosie is looking for her forever home where owners can afford her monthly medication fees and will strictly adhere to her dietary and exercise needs. Microchipped, with up-to-date vaccinations, she travels well, can be left in the home, walks well on and off lead with good recall, a gem but possibly does need owner who has solid flooring and no fancy carpets because conditions like this rarely disappear they are controlled. For more information on Rosie please call (01346) 532227. Rosie is in the north east of England.



Phoenix has been a dog whose condition has fluctuated tremendously, with episodes of considerable weight loss. Whilst we were never able to get to the bottom of this, sadly, and additionally Phoenix’s temperament recently changed dramatically resulting in her displaying very worrying behaviour around strangers. Very sadly, after consultation with our vets, the decision was made to put Phoenix peacefully to sleep.

Phoenix has been in foster care with a local highly experienced handler for the last year and she was devoted to him. He worked tirelessly with Phoenix and gave her a very happy and active life. These decisions are tragic and difficult but we simply could not put anyone at risk by the unpredictability of one of our dogs. We remember the many good traits of Phoenix some of her outlandish behaviour and she will be sorely missed particularly by Frankie and little Lucy. Phoenix was Lucy’s heroine and they loved nothing more than to dive into the estuary together and swim and swim.


Kass hoping for a new home soon

Sadly we have to advise dear Kass was put to sleep on Monday 23 March after his health issues became too much to manage and his quality of life had become seriously affected.

Kass arrived at FOND in December 2012. Born in April 2010 he is a magnificent , big strong dog who is loyal and friendly and generally loves most people. Surrendered because owners work pattern and young baby did not allow time for him to be exercised properly

  • Lovely companion but mischievous
  • Good with people unsure of rowdy individuals or children
  • Good with most other dogs after sensible introduction
  • Does not like cats cycles or motorbikes
  • Used to and happily accepts a crate when left alone in house
  • Big, tall dog with good bone, weighs 48-50 kilos
  • Needs strong, active owner who understands the Dobermann breed

Kass on the Beach

When he arrived he was actually quite traumatized on leaving his family and wary of strangers but over the past 14 months his confidence has developed he likes meeting people, cannot wait to go out in the van for his walks on the beach and is good pals with Ellie and Phoenix. His over enthusiasm and lack of social graces at times is checked by Ellie with her crocodile jaws when she gives him a very vocal reminder to mind his manners.

Sadly for Kass, although he is not unhappy with his current life, he still has not found that forever home a combination of being very strong on the lead, somewhat unpredictable with some passing traffic especially cycles and motor bikes, his loutish behaviour in the car and the fact that he does require life time medication for firstly an under active thyroid and secondly a serious arthritic lump on the inside of his off hind stifle. Kass is not sound behind and we know the long term prognosis is poor and a wrong quick movement could leave him in serious trouble. Despite all this he walks happily on the beach and in the dunes for anything up to an hour a half almost daily and fortunately most of the time is sensible and does not put too much strain on his injury or weak cruciate ligaments. Finally you do need eyes in the back of your head as he has to be the nosiest, naughtiest dog in the house and over a year of telling Kass to get his paws and nose off the work tops, not to empty waste bins, not to steal anything fluffy from hats to cuddly toys is all wasted energy.

Kass and Friends

Kass needs a home with minimalist living, no ornaments, no coffee tables with wine glasses no windows that he can climb into, no draining boards he can stand on! Country living is for Kass with an outdoor person he can potter around with. He does need to be travelled in a blacked out crate or in a van because otherwise he will bark at every passing car or cyclist or whatever he fancies throwing himself about like a wild hippo, and he has to wear a muzzle to stop him eating any soft bedding or car interior in his excitement. Having read this far you may not wonder anymore why the dog is still not rehomed but despite all these obstacles he is a devoted companion, a big solid dog worth patting and he makes you laugh, although he can make you cry. His high speed recall can make you wonder at times whether you are not going to be flattened.

Jenna our house Dobe has accepted him as a walking companion and even mooching about in the kitchen and utility room but he is still not allowed anywhere near her when she is on the sofa. There must be a home out there that Kass would fit into but alas it has not come up yet, such a shame.



Beautiful, gentle Maddie was a great favourite with everyone at Fond with her soft, shiny coat and willingness to please. It was hard to believe that she had endured at least three bewildering changes of ownership through no fault of her own before arriving at Fond. Maddie tried hard to cope with kennel life but did find it difficult so she was overjoyed when David and Ellie came forward to adopt her. A perfect first Dobermann for them, Maddie settled immediately in her lovely home a stone’s throw (or rather a tennis ball’s throw for Maddie who loved her tennis balls) from the beach.
Maddie had a wonderful life with lots of trips to her second home in Portugal and always had the company of David and Ellie at home.

Very sadly and unexpectedly Maddie passed away recently leaving David and Ellie heartbroken. We can only say a most sincere thank you to you both for giving Maddie stability and a most wonderful and loving home where all the anxieties of her past stopped at your front door. Thank you.

Tilly May

Tilly May and Her Family

Tilly May was thought to be between ten and twelve years old when her owner sadly passed away on holiday leaving Tilly pining in boarding kennels. Her plight reached us and all we could do was highlight her situation on our website in the hope that someone might come forward to help her. We were touched and delighted when Jill and David with many years’ Dobermann experience came forward having just lost their own Dobie. They drove straight to Tilly’s boarding kennel and felt she was meant for them. Tilly May felt exactly the same and came home to live with Mossop the Dobie and Harry the lurcher and to rule the roost.

Jill and David felt as if Tilly had lived with them forever and Tilly herself was given a new lease of life enjoying all home comforts and loads of loving attention. Sadly, after two years with Jill and David, old age caught up with Tilly and they had to say goodbye to their funny and sweet girl. Tilly May will always be remembered for her big personality and her funny ways – and her love of tinned rice pudding!

Huge thanks to Jill and David for opening their home to an old Dobie and giving her the time of her life when her final years had looked so bleak.



Jake with the comical ears and cheeky personality came into Fond’s care in October 2011 after spending long hours alone whilst his owner worked. He soon caught the attention of Karen who came to see him at Lonmay. Karen and Jake got on like a house on fire and should have gone off to live happily ever after.

Jake was not without his problems but could not have had a more committed owner than Karen who devoted herself to him and worked tirelessly to get him fit and give him the life he deserved. Louise went to see Jake in his new home a few months after his adoption and found him gleaming with health and happiness.

Tragically, out of the blue, Jake was diagnosed with Wobblers in the summer of 2013. Karen could not have done more for her beloved boy throughout his illness but was forced to part with him in January this year. It is always tragic to lose a Dobermann to Wobblers at a young age but especially so for Karen whose world revolved around her big friend Jake. Thank you Karen for everything you did for him.



The brightest light went out today at Lonmay as we said goodbye to Nelson. Nelson had the heart of a lion. He came into our care in March 2011 after many years of appalling treatment. We rescued him from a dog pound in central Scotland and he immediately rewarded us with love, affection and unstinting loyalty. His first year at Lonmay was spent exploring the vast, windswept sand dunes on the northern Aberdeenshire coast and latterly, following his diagnosis with Wobblers Syndrome, living in the house as one of the family with Pam, John and Jenna. Your donations, and an extraordinarily generous donation from one of our sponsor families, ensured that we were able to offer him the chance of the extended quality of life that he so richly deserved. Of the scores of special dogs that have passed through our hands he stood out as one of the very best. Some would say the best. He was loyal, obedient, brave and full of fun. A privilege to have known him and to call him our friend.


Kai's Flying Ear

Unbelievably, Kai passed away of a sudden heart attack on the 5th September the very day after Allan, our FOND representative had been to visit him as part of our Dobie Trail 2013. On his family’s instructions we have proceeded to include Kai as part of our Dobie Trail and you can read more about Allan’s visit and face wash from this very special and happy Dobe just hours before Kai tragically collapsed and died.

Kai arrived at FOND in the autumn of 2012 stressed and lonely after spending long days alone following his owners’ marriage break up. With two ruptured Achilles tendons he was going to need very careful management leaving us extremely concerned that we were not going to find a home for him. Kai was the most affectionate and companionable Dobie and the prospect of him being in kennels long term was worrying for us when out of the blue the Bullen family came forward to take him on as a permanent foster for the rest of his days. Nothing could deter this exceptional family from wanting to care for Kai going so far as to work their shifts around his needs and forgoing holidays to stay at home with him and their other elderly bitch Cass. We have been truly overwhelmed by this family’s commitment to Kai who went on to enjoy an extraordinary relationship with them. Thank you for everything you did for him.

Remembering Jessie

Jessie a shining example

Sometimes we meet extra special people and dogs when finding homes for FOND’s Dobies. Jessie the English Bull Terrier was one of the special ones, she took the shy and under socialised little Chica under her wing and mentored her into her fantastic new life, which included trips to Spain and Portugal, closer to home, the Edinburgh Festival and even three day events like Badminton. Alas old age caught up with this kind, gentle and loving dog in July who had left such an impression on us. We would like to pay tribute to Jessie and thank Jane and Jessie for giving Chica the wonderful life she has.

Poppy 2007 to 2012

Smiling Poppy

Poppy was a lovely bitch, a little shy until she came to know you but a real sweetie. She had a litter of pups just aged two years and came in for rehoming with one of her daughters. Neither had been properly socialised or lead trained, nevertheless they found wonderful homes. It was a real shock to hear that this athletic girl collapsed and died suddenly in July 2012 another victim to DCM. She will be remembered for her smiley face and ever wagging tail.



An absolute gentleman Rebel lived to a good age and was treasured by the family who took him on after he was rescued. Rebel’s days nearly ended by being pts after his owner died as the family did not want him. He was very unfit because his elderly and poorly owner was unable to exercise him but Rebel found a new lease of life in his new home and this senior had two excellent and happy years with human and canine companionship. He has left a big gap in their lives but a very positive attitude with regards to the rewards of rehoming an older dog.



Jerry was only 7 years old when he sadly died. Originally he lived with a bitch called Bow however they were rehomed separately. In his final home he had another female friend in Ellie another Dobie. Jerry always had a good life, he was only rehomed due to personal circumstances and was a lovely family dog but hated cats with a passion. Another handsome Dobe who did not have a long life. Very sad.


Guinness was a star

He was a gorgeous, strong handsome dobermann who sadly died in 2012 aged 8 years old. Abandoned by a heartless youth who had obtained him under false pretenses he found himself in a pound and then in FOND’s kennels. Guinness had a huge personality and this shone through so it was not long before he found a super home which provided a life time of fun and affection in the all to short time he had to enjoy it.



Handsome, easy going JJ was suddenly taken from his owners without warning last Monday 10th June. the big lad passed away in his bed just six years old leaving his family distraught. Deepest sympathies to them from all at FOND. You gave this Dobermann such loving care with lovely walks in the fens every day.


Pippin so smart

Gentle 9 year old Pippin came to Fond’s attention in need of urgent life–saving veterinary care in the winter of 2011. Appallingly she was living in a house full of people where no one had the time or inclination to attend to her welfare and take her to the vet. They could not even take her to the local PDSA claiming there was no money for a taxi. A FOND representative made a 700 mile round trip to collect Pippin and bring her into our care where, with immediate veterinary attention, she began to recover. Pippin was dear to all at Fond and we were delighted when she found a peaceful, special home with Jenny who attended to her every need. Very sadly this dearly loved Dobermann developed heart problems and passed away in April 2013.


Keira waits for her present

A very tall and striking Dobie with an outstanding temperament, Keira came to Fond in the winter of 2011 aged 5. In spite of her amazing nature, Keira hated anything with wheels after being tormented in her past. This, along with a conformation problem causing lameness gave us concerns about where we would be able to place her. Keira and ourselves were overwhelmed when an experienced, local family with a quiet country home and constant companionship came to visit our kennels and fell in love with her. Keira was absolutely cherished by the Strathdee family who were left heartbroken by her loss in February 2013 to the sudden and fatal onset of canine autoimmune haemolytic anaemia. The Strathdee family now have Keira’s ashes in a beautiful planter in their garden with a plaque in her memory “Like the sun through the trees you came to love me, like a leaf on a breeze you blew away”.


Of course I'll win

Dear Rusty, another Dobermann with a beautiful temperament, sadly did not go on to enjoy the family life he deserved. A neglect case with the SSPCA, fourteen month old Rusty came to Fond in November 2011 where he spent a few months gaining weight and sleeping next door to our Nelson who was happy to show him the ropes.

Just when we thought he was ready to be re-homed, in February 2012 our lovely Rusty went into a shocking and rapid decline. Canine myasthenia gravis and megaesophagus was diagnosed in its most severe form leaving us no option but to say goodbye.

Rusty enjoyed lots of cuddles and walks on the beach and loved his boomer ball. Always remembered by his friends at Fond.