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New Arrival


Zeus with bessie mate Priscilla

Zeus is one of many imported Dobermanns coming up for rehoming through the rescue network. There are a number of indifferent breeders and importers who are selling these dogs over the internet to less than suitable homes. FOND has had numerous calls over the past two years from owners who find themselves with a sickly dog having paid up to two thousand pounds being attracted to a docked and cropped dog. Little brown and tan Zeus is another casualty of this trend, thankfully rescued from his plight where he was living in an open crate at the bottom of a garden exposed to the elements and covered in filth. Not surprisingly he was a terrified wreck.

Looking for a home



Max hoping to find his forever home. More details see dogs needing homes page please.



This handsome fellow is four years old and has never had the training and socialisation needed as a youngster. Despite this he has a lovely nature albeit a somewhat boisterous one. Oscar was only neutered in October and has not found that special home since arriving at the RSPCA East Lancs in December. He has proved too strong for interested parties who have not had the necessary experience of the breed or time needed for him.

Oscar is looking for a home preferably as an only dog with a fit, experienced adult, with no young children and certainly no cats. Oscar has not lived with children and has shown no aggression to humans. He is reactive on the lead to other dogs depending on who is on the end of his lead. He has been with bitches but because of his upbringing and the isolation he was kept in for nearly 4 years he has not surprisingly been somewhat full on. In his first home he spent much of the time crated and shut away. Oscar would really thrive on being someone’s special dog.

Oscar is intelligent and receptive to training and with time and patience will reward his owner. He understands basic commands, wants to please and is currently walked on a Canny Collar. If possible a country home or someone with secure ground would be good so he can have the opportunity to run, exercising freely releasing some of those years of pent up energy but he also needs to go back to basics.

If you would like to know more about Oscar please call either Jeanette Ainscough or Zoe Waite at RSPCA Lancashire East Branch on (01254) 231118.

The Dobermann Gang

Dobermanns everywhere

Group shot above taken of various Dobes that were staying with FOND long term but have now been rehomed or sadly are no longer with us.

The pictures shows what was at one time a typical early Sunday morning on our local driving range.

Featured from left to right are Max, Ellie, Phoenix behind Eva and Harry with Ruby Ray wandering about in the background.

Max, Harry, Eva and Ruby Ray have been rehomed. Alas Ellie who was a permanent FOND resident and Phoenix are no longer with us.