Frequently Asked Questions

Why has a certain dog been removed from the website?

A number of people are asking to rehome their dobermanns and then make another arrangement not connected to the website. In these circumstances we remove the dogs as we do not know where they have gone.

Why not to advertise your dog FOC?

FOND cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that if you have a dog to rehome it is done through a reputable organisation.

Poor Kenya was rehomed by her unsuspecting owners due to their illness without assistance from a rehoming organisation. You can find out more about the wicked, barbaric treatment
she suffered here

Update March 2011: A Happy Ending for Kenya
‘Hello, We just wanted to let you know we have adopted Kenya. We expected her to be a little nervous, considering what she has been through, but she has settled right in and is the best behaved animal we have ever been around right from the second she came through the door. She will be loved, cherished and protected from harm. We only wish we could find who did such a terrible thing to her …’

Dobermans - Kenya happily rehomed

‘… We have renamed her Freya, after the norse goddess of beauty, she already answers to her new name wonderfully. At the time of writing, she has been with us for one day. Thank you so much for your kindness, and we will continue to do all we can to stop cruelty to animals. Here’s a little message from Freya that we posted in the comments section for the local newspaper story.’ From The H Family, in Yorkshire.

‘I have spent 3 months with the RSPCA who gave me emergency medical attention and made me well again. Now I’m with a family who call me ‘Freya’ they give me all the love I could wish for. I am well behaved, happy and content and I will never experience anger or hurt again. I have completely recovered, not even a scar. Thank you all for thinking about me. Now I only wish we could all work together to stop cruelty to animals. All animals. I have a new name, and a new start in life. Here’s a little snapshot of me, on my first day at my new home.’

What is Von Willebrand’s Disease, or VWD ?

The dog’s version of the human condition haemophilia is called Von Willebrand’s Disease. It is very important not to buy dogs from breeders who have not tested their dobies for this disease. Useful information about the DNA test for Von Willebrand’s Disease can be found at:

Which environment is best for keeping a Dobermann – Town or Country?

The dobermann is happy with either a town or country home, provided he or she has enough exercise and human company. Please see our – breed profile – page for more information.

Would a Dobermann live happily in a flat or apartment?

Depends on the dog and the owner’s circumstances and the flat/apartment in question. Remember though that young puppies and dogs should not be taken up and down stairs as it can damage their soft bones, and as a dog is for life it is important to ask – how would you cope, even if there is a lift, when an old dog becomes arthritic or incontinent when needing ‘out’ urgently?

Do Dobermanns suffer from cold / wet / hot conditions?

Dobies love their home comforts and do not like the cold and they often don’t like to get wet and will refuse to go out when it is raining. Most dogs, especially as they get older, feel the heat, and dark coated dogs in particular are susceptible to heat stroke – no dog should be exposed to direct sun light for any length of time. Your dog should always be able to access a shady spot and have plenty of clean, fresh water available.