Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you.

Please note that when applying to adopt most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

Dobermanns Needing Homes

Dogs waiting assessment

FOND currently has three Dobies waiting to be assessed, one neutered, brown and tan bitch has passed her initial assessment with flying colours and a pair of black and tan Dobes, a bitch and a dog are looking for new homes. These Dobies are being rehomed through no fault of their own but due to a change in their owners personal circumstances. More details in due course.


Loving life

Up-date 2 April: Seiger is not the bravest of dogs when it comes to a trip to the vet so imagine his horror when recently he had a face like a bull terrier and needed antibiotics to reduce an abscess before the offending tooth could be remove. Fortunately that is all behind him now and he is hoping someone has a nice quiet country home to offer him. Shortly there should be a little video of this chap demonstrating his talent on the treadmill which is a handy piece of equipment when it is lashing rain and blowing a gale here in the north east!

Up-date 16th March: Seiger arrived at our kennels mid February and spent several hours meeting and walking with our resident Dobie bitches, he behaved extremely well and now has little Shona as a companion and goes running on the dunes with Maddie and Jodie, he is a gentleman with all three bitches. Seiger has become a great favourite, we just need to find him the right environment for his forever home.

Seiger is an extremely handsome, loving neutered black and tan male born on 25th March 2008. He was living with a family consisting of a young baby and his life long companion an American bulldog bitch, he is being rehomed through no fault of his own. An athletic dog who will appreciate owner who can give him the time and exercise he requires in a peaceful environment he loves to go jogging. Seiger lacks general confidence in a busy environment and his anxiety is not likely to change as it is not due to lack of socialisation, however, he is a kind, generally obedient, well mannered dog in the home and about the grounds at FOND.

Everyone who meets Seiger is struck by his good looks and think him a wonderful dog but he just cannot cope with a noisy or busy town life, he is definitely a country lad. Seiger gets on really well with little Shona who is his constant companion and an extremely bossy one to boot!

  • Loving, loyal, kind dog
  • Likes the quiet life, must have a country home
  • Loves rolling in the grass and playing ball. Expert at opening lever handle doors!
  • Just wants to be someone’s special pal

On top of the dunes If you think you can offer Seiger a home and would like to be considered please call (01346) 532227. Initial feelings are that he will make someone a very special companion, a thoroughly likeable dog who once he is secure in his environment can be left in the home alone for a sensible period, he will curl up on his bed and is not destructive.



Up-date 13 April: Xan has had two days of introductions to her new owner from walking around busy town markets to running off lead with other dogs and showing her good recall in the local park. She has now been rehomed.

Up-date 2 April: Xan has had a successful home check and is meeting her potential new owner on the 11 and 12 April. Thank you to the many people who have applied for this handsome girl.

Up-date 15th February: Xan’s rehoming has been put on hold as she has come into season.

Sweet, black and tan 2 year old bitch being rehomed due to personal circumstances. Xan will be ready for her new home at the end of February once she has been spayed and her vaccinations are brought up-to-date.

  • Currently living with 2 other dogs, 4 cats and a rabbit!
  • Travels well in the car
  • Loves to play with all toys
  • Walks on a halti would benefit from further training

On initial meeting Xan can be nervous as she is quite shy as her original owner, who passed away, was not in good enough health to socialise her properly. She is really lovely natured and enthusiastic about life and everything she does, can be a bit of a clown and will amuse herself with toys tossing them in the air to catch them.

Looking for a home

Xan will definitely reward someone who is willing to put in the work completing her general socialisation and make a lovely, loyal companion she is basically very obedient in the home and knows all the basic commands.

Xan can be seen in Lincolnshire.


Be my friend

Shona’s plight was brought to FOND’s attention just before Christmas 2014 when she was picked up near a fuel station in Arad a Romanian city by Losim Claudiu a kindly vet and saved from certain death having been abandoned he found her emaciated, lame, and apparently toothless with tongue lolling out. Losim intended to spay Shona however not only did he discover that this had been done but traced her original owner. The owner had given Shona to friends (!) being unable to keep her and she advised that Shona had suffered from distemper, had a a pyometra, hence she had was spayed and had broken a front leg.

Here is a Youtube link showing Shona in the safety of Losim’s (the vet) surgery.

The vet now had a dilemma as normally street dogs after being neutered are returned to their environment however it was obvious with temperatures plummeting to below -17oC and 15 kilo tiny Shona with her tongue would die of cold, starvation and frost bite on the streets. Snoopy Rescue, and Tony Wilson sponsoring transport with Europet came to her rescue if a place could be found for Shona and so she came to Scotland and FOND arriving on the 2nd February. Shona completed this mammoth trip completely unfazed by the chain of events, straight away she engaged with Margaret Young stealing her admiration when she collected her from Hamilton and drove her to meet FOND’s transport at Forfar. Several thousand miles three changes of transport and this little toughie pops out the back of our car, spots a ball and immediately thinks a game would be in order!! After a wee she went into the kitchen for a look around and then tucked into a spot of supper. After meeting the lovely Sherry she went off to share adjacent accommodation in one of our kennels. Shona had a nice clean kennel in the morning and gave a lovely welcome with her sparkly eyes, untidy ears and cheeky little face smiling up quite ready for the first day of her new life. One thing was certain she was very smelly and a bath was needed. It came as a great shock trying to comprehend how Shona ended up abandoned with all her ailments, however, Shona does not let her lack of teeth deter her from tucking into her food and she obviously bears no grudge to mankind despite the inhumanity shown. Her first day was beastly cold so she had a ‘sort of wash’ in front of the Redfyre, it did not bother she she was a bit ‘stinky’ she was focussed on a toy and enjoyed the attention.

Fancy this bear

A few days after Shona’s arrival she was taken for a check up with FOND’s vet and it was decided after 2 months of being crated she should have several weeks before being subjected to x-rays therefore it was the 12th March before she was taken in for a thorough examination now weighing 20 kilos and being much stronger on her hind legs. The x-rays revealed that Shona has a variety of bone/joint issues which seem to be of long standing. Left fore, she has had a fracture of the distal radius pinned. Unfortunately, the reduction was not straight, so, she has a deformity of the leg, meaning the carpus joint (wrist) is at an incorrect angle, and, she is developing osteoarthritis in this joint. This will progress. The pins may need removed. Both stifle (knee) joints – are thickened, swollen, have arthritis and are very stiff. It feels as though there has been cruciate ligament damage in both, but, there is so much production of scar tissue by the body around the knees that corrective surgery would not be very helpful. Her hips and pelvis – there is arthritis in the left hip, and between the hip and knee changes, this leg cannot extend properly. There is abnormality at the area where the pelvis and spine meet (the lumbosacral area), and the bone is of unusual density in these bones – this means she will be prone to lower back problems, and, again, arthritis is expected to progress and cause ongoing challenges to Shona. The latter problem could be due to nutritional problems.

Shona will either stay at FOND or go into an exceptional foster home with our support despite the foregoing she really will make someone an excellent, fun companion and we are grateful to the people who have already contributed towards her welfare and continue to show an interest in her progress. If you are able to lend your support please follow this link to our donations page and type in the reference Shona. Your support would be much appreciated.

Shona loves her walks

There is no reason why with correct exercise management, sensible feeding and pain relief that Shona could not have a happy life for the next 2-4 years. After all she has endured please help her if you can. Very generously North Derbyshire Animal Support have sponsored her x-rays and at the time this also involved the removal of fifteen loose or rotten teeth which Shona is well pleased to be rid of. If you would see more about NDAS follow this