Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you.

All the dogs below on this rehoming page are kennelled in Scotland, if you would like to know more about any of them please call Pam on (01346) 532227.


Substantial Raffa

Substantial, handsome 4 y.o. castrated black and tan male looking for a home through no fault of his own.

All vaccinations are up-to-date and Raffa is microchipped. He has been in present ownership since a pup and is well socialised and a very friendly dog.

  • Excellent with other dogs.
  • Travels well in the car.
  • Likes to play with toys and good at retrieving
  • Comes thoroughly recommended by his dog walker

Handsome Boy Raffa

Raffa is a large, bouncy lad and will not be rehomed with young children as he could knock them over. Unfortunately he is not good with cats or any small furry. He is currently in the north west of England and will be ready for rehoming at the end of July. Interested parties please call Pam on (01346) 532227 looking for a home with companionship and lots of exercise.

Details of black and tan 4 y.o. neutered male and 3 y.o. black and tan bitch coming shortly.


FOND's Lucy

Up-date 29th June:No further enquiries being accepted for Lucy as she is spoken for, thank you to all those who have expressed an interest.

Up-date 16th June:All being well Lucy is being spayed on the 28th July. Today she has been mooching around the garden with Jodie and Maddie our new girls with a short run in the Dunes as it has been very hot here.

Lucy was absolutely tiny when she was taken into FOND’s care last February, she has filled out but is still very petite. An attractive and comic character her fun nature more than makes up for her lack of stature. Photographs of Lucy can be deceiving as they make her look quite large, which she definitely is not. However they say the best things come in small packages and that’s Lucy who will be nine months old at the end of May. She has now had her first season and is waiting to be spayed and should be ready for rehoming some time in July if that very special home comes along. Although Lucy attends basic obedience/socialisation classes she is not a very good pupil and would much prefer to be at home playing catch the ball. She is an ace catcher and retrieves well.

  • Extrovert character always up to mischief
  • Social with people and attends weekly dog training classes.
  • Loves playing ball and going out in the car

Lead training on going as is recall, responds best to a whistle if no rabbits about.

Got a football?

Lucy was imported by an unscrupulous individual who over the years has dealt with and sold several breeds of dogs and obviously sees them purely as a commodity with little thought as to where they end up. Lucy has already had two homes and been roughly treated in the past, thankfully she is over that and is gaining in confidence daily. Lucy has been chaperoned by the late Kass, Big Ellie and sometimes Phoenix who is her favourite role model as she is crazy and Lucy thinks that is great fun. She is currently companion to Maximilian. Lucy will not be rehomed where family are out all day and is looking for a country home with active owners. Would probably not be good with cats and small furries as she has a high prey drive. Looking for an experienced Dobermann home with someone around all day. Please complete adoption application before calling about Lucy.