Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you.

Please note that when applying to adopt one of our dobermanns, most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

There are currently several Dobermanns in FOND’s care. We have four in permanent foster homes these are Shona, Rossi, Flo, and Missy. Priscilla is a permanent FOND resident and lives with Pam at H.Q. Priscilla enjoys keeping the males in for rehoming company, her current friend is Young Ozzie a new arrival who has come across from our support kennel in Ayrshire now that there is space for him in Aberdeenshire.

Dobermanns Needing Homes


Up-date 1 Setpember: Oz goes for a heat scan on Monday 3 September and for assessment to see if hydro-therapy an option for his wasted leg.

Up-date 15th August: Since he arrived Ozzie has not been 100% sound. The good news is that after extensive X-rays of his hips and elbows x-rayed at Ayrton Vet Hospital, he does not have hip dysplasia or panosteitis. Currently he is receiving anti-inflammatory medication and if this does not resolve his problems his condition will require further investigation including an MRI scan for an accurate diagnosis.

Until vets have diagnosed Oz’s condition and given a prognosis we are unable to think about placing him in a home. Once we have this we will be able to find a new home for Oz and the best way forward for him.

Up-date 1st August: Sadly the handsome young Ozzie may have a problem with his hips and will be having an x-ray of his elbows and hips on the 4th August. Obviously this puts any potential rehoming on hold until these have been thoroughly assessed.

Oz is one tall gangly, entire young male, born 29th September 2016 who has not had the best start in life. Imported from Serbia in January this year he has already been sold on by the importer and not had the chance to enjoy any puppyhood or receive appropriate training.

Oz appears to have a lovely nature, he will jump up and mouth a little when excited but basically just wants to be as close to you as possible to the point where he nearly trips you up! He likes to play with toys and is very alert. Everything he sees has to be investigated. He is receiving a few lessons in manners from Priscilla who resents his clumsy ways and is not backward in telling him to get his act together.

Looking for an experienced home with someone who has plenty of time and patience to train Oz, currently his attention span is very short, but obviously unsettled with yet another move in his short life.

Photos available to applicants that have completed an approved adoption application form. Adoption contract will require Oz to be neutered once he has matured sufficiently. Anyone taking on Oz will be going back to basics, from house training, to learning to sit, wait and walk quietly to heel. He is a willing pupil.