Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT US TO CALL MOBILES THIS COST IS ESCALATING AND EACH QUARTER IT CAN BE EQUIVALENT TO KEEPING A DOG IN KENNELS FOR A WEEK.Call back we do not have a good mobile reception therefore use a land line.

Please note that when applying to adopt one of our dobermanns, most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

There are currently several Dobermanns in FOND’s care. We have three in permanent foster homes these are Rossi, Flo, and Missy. Alice arrived recently and is settling in well. Kennelled in Ayrshire we have Bonnie who we hope has met her someone special. She just loves other dogs and is gaining in confidence. Jodie and Priscilla are permanent FOND residents and live with Pam at H.Q. There is also Ruby in Northamptonshire along with Zeus kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Dougal and Mia who will be in Aberdeenshire soon and young Freya who is also in the north east of Scotland.

Dobermanns Needing Homes



Very good looking, nice sized young bitch, somewhat overly friendly needs to temper her meet and greet approach! This bouncy brown and tan lass will be just a year old on Christmas Eve. Clever Freya needs more stimulation and exercise than she is currently receiving and is being rehomed through no fault of her own, alas her exuberance for life makes her quite over powering for the younger members of the family.

  • Attended Puppy Socialisation Classes
  • Wants to meet and greet all people and other dogs
  • Goes off lead in local woods
  • Just coming out of season will need to be neutered
  • Rings bell on a rope at back door when she wants out in the garden
  • Does not like cats
  • Walked on head collar
  • Freya just loves her family however she is quite highly strung and has learnt to be vocal when she wants attention. She is exceedingly intelligent and rings a bell when she wants letting out in the garden to do her business! Works well for treats and has had some clicker training. Could have huge potential in many spheres from obedience to agility or Cani-X to tracking. Her energy need channelling.

    Will not be rehomed either without first being neutered at appropriate time or with enforceable contract for this to be done.

    As with all applications interest should be registered by filling in an adoption application form and providing photographs of your home, secure grounds and comprehensive details of the facilities and time you have to offer a FOND dobermann.

    If you can offer Freya her special home then please complete an adoption application form and return to Pam.

    Please read FOND’s adoption ethos first, you can download an adoption form (click here)
    (please note that this link is a Microsoft Word Document). Please complete the form and return it by post or email to



    Black and tan stunning looking neutered Dobie bitch born in March 2014 she is docked and came over with her current owners from South Africa. Due to change in family circumstances Ruby is not receiving the exercise she needs. She is well socialised with other dogs and goes to a Doggy Day Care Centre however she is being tormented by other family dogs which she now has to stay with and they are having to be kept apart in the home because they bully Ruby.

    • Friendly and affectionate welcomes visitors
    • Travels well in the car and can be left alone in the home
    • Passed Puppy Obedience Classes and the Bronze Canine Good Citizen
    • Fair recall but squirrel mad and does not like cats
    • Favourite toys are Kongs
    • Not seen farm livestock being a city girl
    • Ruby

      Not lived with children but fine when she has met them. Generally calm but can be reactive to other dogs on the lead since she has been attacked by dogs at home. Fireworks make Ruby nervous however she is OK with thunderstorms.

      Does not appear to have issues with cars, joggers, cyclists or riders. Ruby is walked on a Canny Collar as she can pull.

      Will make someone a lovely companion.



      Up-date 3 December:Alice is a super little dog, only weighs 25 kilos, she is bright and wants to please. She has been running in the stubble fields, garden or dunes with Jodie, Priscilla, Zeus and Dillinger. We like her a lot, she needs her forever home. She just loves going out in the van and her recall is pretty good.

      Alice is a delightful Dobie bitch with the cutest ears. She is believed to be around 4 years old and came to FOND after her last owner relinquished her having initially rescued Alice from a stray pound. Alice is full of energy and fun but was too much for the other elderly dog in their home, and with other commitments her owner just does not have the time that Alice needs.

      Before arriving at the pound Alice had a very bad start in life shut away in a shed and allegedly used for breeding. This has left her scared of the dark,and she is frightened by thunderstorms and fireworks; Alice needs a night light at bedtime.

      • Extremely affectionate nature
      • Loves people tail never stops wagging
      • Enthusiastic traveller
      • Neutered with up-to-date vaccinations
      • Eager to please
      • Recall fair but distracted by birds and furries
      • Alice suffers from a degree of separation anxiety so needs an owner who will be at home. Apparently she was friends with her neighbours young child.

        Will make someone a fabulous, fun companion.



        Brown and tan neutered male born in August 2015 sadly coming up for rehoming due to radical change in owner’s work shifts and a move. Been a much loved pet since an 8 week old pup, Dougal is a happy dog who knows all his basic commands and is well behaved off lead in the woods with good recall, ignoring other walkers and their dogs. Travels well in the car, enjoys playing with toys but inclined to hang on to them and is not aggressive meeting strangers in the home or out on a walk. Can be excitable but soon calms down and may pull on lead at beginning of walk and then settles. Will make someone a very special dog. Can be seen in Aberdeenshire after the 9th December when more information will be available.


        Young Dobie, black and tan with docked tail aged unknown but vet believes around 2-3 years coming up for rehoming.

        Lovely natured lass who is being neutered next week and after a period of assessment will be ready for rehoming and can be seen in Aberdeenshire. On initially meeting in the home she was with three other dogs and there were no signs of aggression or problems. Mia travelled well in the car to go for a walk in the woods. She was happy and contented and well balanced with good recall. Being rehomed through no fault of her own. More information and photographs in due course.



        Up-date 3 December: Rather a long haul for Bonnie in kennels but she has been socialising with different people and playing with Sid (bullmastiff) and Lily (French Bulldog) and is generally happy. Recently met potential new owner who will be returning in January with his wife for a second meeting and if all goes well Bonnie should have something to celebrate come 2017. Hopefully a bright and happy future for them all.

        Beautiful, big, black and tan young Dobie bitch, born in September 2015 and neutered in 2016.

        Bonnie needs a very experienced and committed owner as unfortunately due to lack of socialisation and spending many hours alone albeit with a sibling she is not well socialised with either people or other dogs but does like other dogs once introduced. She was living in an isolated situation.

        Bonnie was showing serious fear aggression to strangers, cyclists, joggers or any strange object she might meet on a walk with her owner. She was severely traumatised when collected for rehoming and the change in her circumstances really shook this young Dobie to the core. Bonnie has come to terms with her new environment and the staff at the kennels but obviously until properly socialised she will continue to react when her situation is altered in any way. Slowly introduced Bonnie will do anything for a treat, she is very food orientated.


        Bonnie would benefit from being with a bomb proof canine companion as she loves other dogs and currently plays with a male bullmastiff and a young Frenchie bitch. Her new owner needs to be someone willing to take on all her problems, and be extremely patient, understanding but firm and this could take months.

        When Bonnie is in her comfort zone she is a happy affectionate Dobie. Only applicants with a proven record of training a dog or dogs with similar issues should apply because she will be a challenge. Bonnie deserves a chance to become a well adjusted companion as she is a loyal and intelligent dog. Bonnie has not lived with children and is not suitable to rehome into a busy family environment. Currently near Ayr, Scotland.