Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you.

Please note that when applying to adopt most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

Dobermanns Needing Homes



Nelson is the new boy on the block. He arrived last night (21st November) and will be up for rehoming after a period of assessment and once he has been neutered.

Initial impressions are of a big, lanky very friendly young male who craves human company and has some separation anxiety. He has already been out for walks on the dunes with both Priscilla and Jodie and is basically a well mannered boy, travels well in the car. Good recall, sweet natured, lead manners need work. Quite a boisterous chap but then he is only 2 years and 8 months old. Needs to put some weight on. Will be given a vet check this coming week. General impression is he will make the right person or family a lovely companion. More in due course.

Rocky and Elsa


up-date: 22nd Nopvember Successful home check carried out for this dream pair who will be meeting their new family before the month is out.

Up-date 18th November:Home check being carried out for Rocky and Elsa this coming weekend.

Up-date 11th October:Recently Rocky and Elsa spent ten days in a foster home and received glowing reports from their foster carers. These dogs amaze everyone they meet being the most gregarious couple of fun loving Dobes we have ever had in our care, their tails never stop wagging, their eyes are always smiling and they positively grin with pleasure. Elsa is now well over her spay and she and Rocky are hoping their special home will come along soon, they really should not be in kennels.

Up-date 13th September: They arrived yesterday evening after a nine hour journey, full of fun and full of energy and have settled in extremely well. Rocky and Elsa will have a period of assessment, health checks, be microchipped and Elsa will be spayed at the Ayrton Veterinary Hospital after seeing the huge benefits of a laparoscopic spay on a number of bitches that have come through FOND.

Rocky is a brown and tan neutered male born in January 2011, he is a large good natured lad and has spent his life with Elsa, they play well together.

Elsa is a medium sized black and tan bitch born in November 2010 and like Rocky is relaxed and friendly around people.

Here is the chance to adopt two particularly good looking, level headed dogs who are looking for a home where owners are home the majority of the day, have a large garden or grounds and access to varied country walking.


  • Both dogs travel well in the car
  • Excellent house manners
  • Very friendly with people lovely happy natured dogs
  • Quiet and well behaved in kennels
  • Walk well on a Gentle Leader, good recall and well socialised
  • Rocky likes to play with toys, Elsa likes to pinch them
  • No other pets as Elsa and Rocky not good with small furries

These dogs have not lived with children so will not be rehomed with very young children simply because they are so boisterous, however, we are told they were good with small visiting relatives. Rocky and Elsa are wonderful companions, well mannered in the home and always happy. They are being rehomed through absolutely no fault of their own and were only given up by loving owners because it was deemed to be in their best interests. Please take time to download and complete an adoption form if you feel you can offer Rocky and Elsa their forever home.



Up-date 22nd November: Belle has gone to live with Vadar and Paco in Cambridgeshire. Thank you to all those who offered her a home.

Up-date 18th November: Big day for Belle tomorrow when she meets her potential new owner.

Up-date 1st November:Belle is hoping that she might have a home to go meantime she is showing great aptitude for agility and responding well to socialisation classes. A visitor yesterday who competes in agility and gundog trials thought her eminently trainable and very intelligent. Belle thought she was great!

Belle only arrived from Ireland on the 22 August and it was a bit like being hit by a whirlwind as she takes life at one hundred miles an hour plus! In this very short space of time she has adapted really well to her new circumstances and is in an adjacent kennel to Priscilla and being over seen by our bossy matriarch Maddie. I thought it would be days before we had any recall but Belle has quickly accepted recalling to a whistle with high value treats as a reward. We are delighted with her progress in such a short time and her manners in the house are good except for occasional counter surfing.


  • Excellent in the car
  • Very friendly with people and other dogs
  • Quiet and well behaved in kennels
  • Very athletic bitch, ideal for agility or Cani-X
  • Looking for a home would benefit from a well behaved dog as a companion
  • Needs owners experienced in training active dogs

Belle with Dodo

Belle has not had an easy start in life, she is only 11 months old and her first owner gave up on at her aged just 5 months. She was thankfully saved from an uncertain fate by a lady called Christine who runs a bull-breed rescue. Given serious commitment she will make a lovely family pet and be a really fun companion as she is highly intelligent. At the moment she is inclined to fixate on birds but this is improving and she has shown aptitude for retrieving a ball and having fun over the agility equipment. Loves her food, has to be watched in the house as she will nick food.

If you are interested in giving Belle a new home you can download an adoption form here