Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you. Please do not expect us to call mobiles, this cost is escalating and each quarter it can be equivalent to keeping a dog in kennels for a week. We do not have a good mobile reception here and therefore use a land line for our calls.

Please note that when applying to adopt one of our dobermanns, most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

There are currently several Dobermanns in FOND’s care. We have four in permanent foster homes these are Shona, Rossi, Flo, and Missy. Jodie and Priscilla are permanent FOND residents and live with Pam at H.Q. and Priscilla keeps a young male called Zeus company who is still seeking that special home. Ness is in temporary foster care and is ready, waiting and hoping for her new home.

Dobermanns Needing Homes



Bella a 2 y.o. entire bitch who was recently relinquished into FOND’s care. She is currently in a foster home waiting to be spayed and the signs are that her carer will be adopting her. Bella is an extremely friendly, sweet natured Dobie, she travels well in the car and loves visitors. She has met Dianne’s horses and after an initial ruckus settled with and accepted them, she also has a couple of dog pals which she goes out on walks with. All in all it is looking encouraging for this little brown bitch’s future without further upheaval.



Rollo will be moved to FOND H.Q. late May.

Up-date 20th April: Rollo’s rehoming has been put on hold. He will be neutered at some point in May and after this he will be rehomed.

Brown and tan, entire male who will be coming into FOND H.Q. in May for assessment and rehoming. Currently in a supporting kennel. Has been living as a family pet with young child and has good nature but lively. Anyone who would like to know more about Rollo is advised to register their interest early.


Sweet Ness

Ness is ready for rehoming and looking to be someone’s special companion. Lovely, lovely girl.

Up-date: 20th April Ness went to Dr Tony Page at the Ayrton Veterinary Hospital to have a laparosopic spay and a hanging rear dew claw removed yesterday. The procedures all went well and she is now back in her foster home soaking up the attention. As ever she was a hit with everyone who met her. Her injured pad is now totally healed and she is loving her walks.

Ness is absolutely charming, everyone who meets this Dobie x bitch falls under her spell. She has the most lovely nature and life has brought lots of changes for her. She started life in the south of England where she was used for breeding and then brought up to Scotland to her second home where she may have been bred from again, certainly Ness has had more than one litter of pups. Ness was in her third home when relinquished to FOND through absolutely no fault of her own, entirely due to change in owner’s circumstances she was sadly given up.

We are looking for very special adopters that will give Ness her final home where she will have lots of companionship and lovely walks. Unfortunately Ness has taken a small slice out of her off side fore pad so she is having to take life very quietly as this is extremely painful however she is soaking up the special attention she is receiving!!!

Whilst in FOND’s care Ness will be spayed and this will happen shortly so she should be ready to rehome before the month of April is out.

  • Extremely affectionate nature
  • Walks well on lead
  • Best as only dog, good recall
  • Good traveller
  • Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated
  • Would play with you and her toys all day

Ness is currently doing very well in her foster home settling quickly into the routine. She is not suited by kennel life.



Happy Tim

Up-date 20th April: Unfortunately Tim’s rehoming like Rollo’s has had to be put on hold through no fault of these dogs and it will probably be late May before they can go to their forever homes.

Young, very tall happy go lucky neutered character Tim was born 6th April 2016. Despite not having a good or fair start in life this dog has the most beautiful nature. He loves people and appears at ease and playful with people and other dogs. He so wants to be someone’s best pal.

Kept as a yard, guard dog this is the last thing he is, he had been lonely and naturally barked and was severely muzzled resulting in the marks on his face and jaw. Living out he has quite a heavy coat.

Tim has everything to learn but he is an intelligent and willing pupil and will make someone a fantastic companion. Currently in support kennel in Ayrshire, he is ready to go to his new home and be that special companion.



Energetic young neutered male born in December 2014 who has lots of plus points he deserves an experienced and committed owner to reach his full potential. Currently exercising and playing in grounds with 3 other Dobies and thoroughly enjoying life.

Zeus is a handsome black and tan good natured Dobe, he is very intelligent, an extremely agile dog who is a fantastic mover but needs his energies channelled. A new owner must be experienced training Dobes or large active dogs possibly with an interest in obedience and/or agility training and be able to gain a headstrong dog’s respect, in return they will have a lively and willing pupil.

  • Travels well in the car
  • Well behaved in the home
  • Would benefit from a canine companion

  • Ball and food orientated
  • Friendly, bold and very happy dog
  • In his early days Zeus was left to his own devices receiving no proper socialisation or lead training and unfortunately developed some rather obsessive behaviour which includes a fixation on wheels and a passion for water. The former is greatly improved but he respects his current handler who is firm but fair with him. He still has odd ‘dizzy’ moments if he sees a furry or a vehicle making unusual noises flies past. Recently Zeus seems to have grown up and is behaving less like an ‘air head’ and wanting to engage, play and learn so he is just looking for his special owner to come along. Looking for a country home. Main problem to over come is lack of recall, Zeus cannot go off lead in unsecure areas. Attending dog training classes and is something of a star pupil in that environment.