Dogs Needing Homes

Please note if interested in one of our Dobermanns you will be required to complete our Adoption Application form and subject to a home check and veterinary references. Please see Adoption Page on this website and remember to help keep our costs down make sure you give a land line number if leaving a telephone message. Alternatively please call back later. Thank you.

Please note that when applying to adopt most of our dogs are kennelled in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. If you would like know more about a certain dog please call Pam on (01346) 532227.

FOND currently has 10 Dobermanns in their care, three in permanent foster homes being Rossi, Flo, and Missy, Morti is long term foster care in the hope that her behaviour will improve and she can be adopted permanently.Then we have Jodie, Priscilla, Dillinger and Storm with Pam at H.Q. Thai is the newest arrival and is in a short-term foster home. Storm arrived on 21st June at H.Q. after being in a support kennel. Dillinger, Storm, and Thai are all looking for their permanent homes. Jodie and Priscilla are permanent FOND residents.

Dobermanns Needing Homes



Up-date: 21st June 2016 Kennel life is not for the gorgeous Thai and fortunately there was a place for him as a foster Dobe with Dod and Karolyn who have now cared for several FOND dobes and he is thriving with them. Nothing bothers Thai he has been to their holiday home, attended a Traction Engine Rally, been to a Barbecue and taken it all in his stride, as long as he has company or the comfort of a sofa he is one happy lad. Thai meets possible adopters on the 26th June.

Up-date:12 June 2016

What a delightful dog, big handsome Thai is. He has now been at FOND H.Q. for 6 days and is one of the kindest, softest dogs you could wish to meet. Unfortunately he is not suited to being kennelled at night and now he has lost his mate Gaia will be even more lost. He has been for walks in the woods and runs on the beach and shown pretty good recall. He just loves to play and interact with his handler and is most affectionate. Hopefully someone wanting a well socialised male with someone home the majority of the day will come along for him soon.

Thai is being rehomed because his owners are emigrating to the States and he would not be suited by the journey. Thai is looking for his special home through absolutely no fault of his own.

  • Friendly dog who loves people and other dogs
  • Travels well in car but gets excited
  • Has lived with children another dog and a cat
  • Been walked on a harness and flat collar
  • Good recall, likes to play ball
  • Nervous of fireworks and thunderstorms

Thai will make someone a superb companion he was seven years old on the 20th May but looks younger and is extremely fit having been well exercised on a twice daily basis.



Up-date 21st June:Storm has more bounce than Zebedee, he is definitely an extrovert with high energy levels. Loves people and is a bold, very friendly dog but lacking in manners however the big plus is he wants to learn and engage. With plenty of exercise and training he will make a good dog. Definitely has the ability to compete in agility or Cani-X as he is a supreme athlete!

Black and tan neutered male born August 2014 looking for experienced forever home. Came into kennels over a month ago for initial assessment Storm is microchipped and vaccinated. Clever boy who needs some direction otherwise he will get into mischief.

Storm needs an owner who has plenty of time to work with him as either an only dog or with a grounded bitch who will teach him the ropes.

  • Needs firm but fair handling establishing boundaries
  • Looks like he is a bit of a thief in the kitchen
  • Walked on a headcollar
  • Travels well in the car
  • Likes to play but easily over-excited
  • Responsive to voice and food orientated



Dilly looking for his forever home

Up-date: 12th June

Dilly has caught the interest of several would be adopters but alas he is still waiting because of the special, quiet environment he needs, this is a dog who has been very traumatised in his previous life and requires sympathetic and knowledgeable handling. Meantime whilst he hopes for that special home he mooches about with Priscilla who is horribly bossy with him nevertheless they are good pals.

Meet Dillinger, he is a tall, handsome, entire 4 year old male with a somewhat doleful expression.

Life has been very tough for him in the past and he is looking for that special person to turn his life around. Dilly would like a country home with large garden and access to quiet walks where he can gain confidence and restore his faith in mankind.

  • Shy, nervous but very kindly dog
  • Travels well and loves the car
  • Has lived with children and other animals
  • Walks well on the lead
  • Microchipped and with up-to-date vaccinations
  • Loves to play with a ball, great sense of fun
  • Needs owner/s with patience, time and understanding

Dilly is certainly enjoying exploring the grounds at FOND, going for his walks and is quite playful. Loves his food and is now putting on condition. He has also learned to exercise on the treadmill which is helping build up muscle on his back end.

Dilly is very handsome

Dilly will need an owner who is home most of the day and can initially be home 24/7 to settle him in. He does not mean to be a difficult dog but his anxieties mean he needs thoughtful handling, he is loving and wants to please. Separation anxiety is an issue. He will make a very special and loyal companion so hopefully there is someone out there who is able to turn this dog’s life around.

Please complete an adoption application form and send photographs of your secure garden if you would like to be considered for Dilly. Please remember we are looking for a quiet, country home so please do not apply for Dilly unless you fit the critera, you will need knowledge of large active breeds and time for this gorgeous boy. He would benefit from being with a steady ‘bomb proof’ bitch not necessarily a dobe, just a companion whose example he will gain confidence from and be a playmate for Dilly.