Dogs in Long Term Care

Our long Term Residents need your support. These are Dobermanns who because of age, health or behavioural problems have little or no chance of finding their ‘for ever home’. The dogs on this page are in long term care or fostering with FOND supporting their costs of kennelling, food and veterinary care which without our monthly kennel sponsors we could not do. If you would like to Kennel Sponsors help us to meet these costs please click on the link Any support much appreciated.


Anna and Missy

Nine year old Missy came into FOND’s care on the 18th February and has kindly been given a lovely foster home by Anna one of our supporters who is already devoted to this sweet natured bitch. Missy is currently underweight but her condition is already improving, she is well into a season and may have some medical issues which cannot be assessed until her season is over therefore it will be the 21st March before she revisits our vet for any accurate diagnosis to be undertaken. There is no doubt that Missy is a bitch that suffers with phantom pregnancies.

Before Missy arrived at FOND she was living with an elderly border collie bitch and a cat. When she was a puppy there was a nine year old child in the home and she was apparently very good with him and other children. She is certainly a most gentle Dobe and loves affection and is a real people dog.

An up-date on Missy should be available towards the end of March. She has certainly landed on her paws finding refuge with Anna and her husband Nick.



Flo is a large black and tan, 6 y.o. neutered Dobie bitch who sadly found herself looking for a new home due to her owner’s circumstances she had not been receiving the exercise she needed and was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism which is now being treated. At the moment Flo is overweight due to a combination of previous lack of exercise, diet and her under active thyroid but thankfully we have found her an experienced and loving foster home where Flo has settled in really well and is enjoying several walks a day around a large and nearby park.

Flo is enjoying being an only dog, as she has been bullied by another Dobie bitch in the past and is quite shy, consequently she can be a little nervy so hopefully in her new and quiet environment her confidence will be restored.

Flo is a good traveller in the car, she can be left alone in the home, and she loves to play ball and tug. As a youngster she attended training classes and passed her bronze, silver and gold K.C. Good Citizen exams. Good recall unless there is a small furry about. Not good with cats.

Hopefully Flo will have found her permanent foster home.


Rossi has hypothyroidism

Dear Rossi is one big lovely lad currently being fostered with the likely prospect of this becoming his forever home.

Rossi was born in November 2011 and has been neutered he is also docked but this was due to an injury to his tail as a youngster. He is well socialised and good with people and other dogs. Unfortunately he is another Dobie with hypothyrodism for which he obviously receives medication. Rossi has now been with us for several weeks so up-dates and photos will follow from time to time.


My life is good

Our friend and supporter Anna, who fosters Missy, certainly summed Priscilla up perfectly as our little “Pocket Dobe”! Priscilla is a tiny little docked and cropped imported bitch who could almost fit in a pocket were she not fully preoccupied with the business of catching up on being a dog for the first time in her life. At three years old, Priscilla was being used as a breeding machine and nothing else. She had absolutely no clue what the world was outside of her confinement and has had to learn from scratch and from the other rescues what playing, walking and being a happy Dobie means. Gentle Maddie was still here when Priscilla came into Fond and it was so touching to see Maddie take Priscilla under her wing and teach her how to play. Priscilla gained so much confidence from Maddie in those early weeks.

Meet my friends Ria and Bruno

Priscilla is a dear and adorable little thing and it has been a joy to see her flourish over the months. She has put on condition, her coat is shining and her life has completely turned around. Priscilla absolutely loves her kennel companions and has been a great friend to Nelson, Belle and more recently to Ria enjoying wild games in the gardens and long walks on the beaches. She makes us laugh, most recently when she tried to see off two west highland terriers on the beach then did an about turn and ran off yelping when they tried to chase her! She can also do a flying backwards leap into her Tuffie nest in her kennel for her biscuit after her walk!

Priscilla may never fully erase the memories of her appalling past and will probably always find new situations very stressful which is why she will be staying at Lonmay and will not be re-homed.

Most people who visit Lonmay do want to take her home but even if she might fit in their pocket, our Priscilla is staying right where she is!

No more puppies for me

Our most recent long termer is Priscilla who is a tiny imported cropped and docked bitch just three years old and imported purely to breed from. Two litters later and with no socialisation skills she came with some inhibitions. Maddie was here when Priscilla arrived and helped give her some confidence teaching her how to play with toys, go for lead walks and greet people.Alas her influence was only short term as Mads passed away at the end of September. Now Priscilla is being led astray by Belle who is something of a comedian.

Priscilla’s progress will be reported in our Kennel Sponsor’s newsletter, she is not going to be rehomed as she has endured enough without further changes to stress and confuse her. She is a happy girl now.

Two little girls


Up-date February 2016:

Jodie one happy dobe

It will be two years this June since a bewildered and anxious 8 year old Jodie arrived at Lonmay with her companion Maddie.

It has been an interesting two years for Jodie who moved very quickly from the kennels into the house to make herself at home with Maddie as one of the family. Sadly, Maddie passed away in the autumn but thankfully Jodie has not just coped, but actually thrives on being the only family dog. Jodie has her own special bed beside the radiator in the office so that she can keep an eye on all the office admin and, when not in the office or out and about being a busy Dobermann, she is camped out by the woodburner – and Jodie knows very well how to ask for the woodburner to be lit!

Jodie is an extremely loyal friend to those she trusts but takes a long time to make friends. She is worth the effort though as she is a wonderful, all knowing, very intelligent bitch who knows exactly what is going on – and could probably run Fond all by herself. It is hard to believe Jodie will be 10 years old in April – apart from a few fatty lumps she is in robust health and can still leap around the beach dunes like a youngster.

Up-date August 2015:

Super model Jodie

It’s pouring with rain today and Jodie is lying at my feet snoring she doesn’t ‘do’ bad weather, to hear the rain pouring down the down-pipe into the drain puts her into a rapid reverse. Now 9 years and 4 months she looks fantastic with very little grey on her muzzle just a few fatty lumps which are not presenting a problem. Jodie is a one man dog and except for Maddie does not develop relationships with other dogs and is suspicious of strangers. Since her arrival she has had several boyfriends to run on the dunes and beach with however relationships never develop past that stage, she is an odd fish sharing sniffs and chasing after her current companion on the beach and then going stiff, anxious and snappy if you ask her to even accept their proximity in ‘her’ garden on returning home. You would have thought that she and Seiger were the very best of pals when out on a walk but at home she would not accept him at any price. Maddie is no longer allowed to do crazy running so Jodie goes out with the current boy and then comes home to curl up in her bed or on the sofa with Maddie.

Not just a pretty face

Recently we invested in some agility equipment and a treadmill for diversification, stimulation and that one on one contact with our charges. Whoever said you cannot teach an old dog new tricks? Jodie happily paces out on the treadmill and on the agility course the tunnels and jumps and A frame are no bother at all but all accomplished at a sedate pace. Somehow I feel she does the latter more to please me as she can have rather a resigned expression on her face as she gives me an ‘if I must look’ as we go through the process. Super agility star Diesel has gone to his new home so Jodie is now looking for a new companion on walks.

Jodie just loves the van and knows her place in one of the front crates behind the driver and will wait patiently for you to open the door so she can hop in. She is good on the lead in public places ignoring other dogs just so long as they do not run into her face. Little dogs have Jodie up on her tippy toes looking hopeful, rather the same way she looks out for rabbits on the dunes.Mads makes a great pillow

Jodie is a wonderful companion and a great guard dog she loves her home and prefers not to share it and can be very vocal if anyone even draws up to the front gates with her super sonic hearing. At times a pair of ear defenders would not go amiss!

Up-dates: Maddie and Jodie as at May 2015

Mads needs a break

Our two long term foster girls Maddie and Jodie have now been in our care for almost a year after they arrived at Lonmay in June 2014 so we feel it is time for an update. Our kennel sponsors, who receive our March and September newsletters with news from the kennels, receive regular updates on Maddie and Jodie and they also make an appearance in our main newsletters each June and December.

Maddie, will be twelve in August and Jodie, who has just celebrated her ninth Birthday, arrived in June 2014 to spend the rest of their days with Pam and John at their manse in Aberdeenshire under the care of FOND after their owner tragically became terminally ill.

Maddie and Jodie have entirely different characters and we have had our ups and downs with both of them over the months but they are now very much the centre of life at Lonmay and have settled into a happy routine. Both Maddie and Jodie have received a fair bit of veterinary treatment for various reasons over the last year so we are very grateful to our kennel sponsors, fundraisers and for all donations which help to pay the bills.

Maddie is the most affectionate, open, cheeky and delightful little Dobie who settled into life at the manse easily. She loves the beach, enjoys tormenting and chasing after Jodie, playing with her toys and most of all she loves cuddling! Maddie is an absolute sweetie but sadly she was diagnosed with Wobblers Syndrome not long after she came into our care and her mobility can be very variable. She is a slip of a thing at only 24.5 kilos but has, our vet told us recently, a very strong and steady heart! That, we can believe! Maddie loves life and is a brave and endearing soul. Maddie also had to have a six teeth out when she arrived. She is now on steroids and pain management for Wobblers and sees the vet regularly. Maddie is very good with the other dogs but we do have to watch her as she does not know (or refuses to acknowledge!) her physical weaknesses. In quiet moments she likes to lie in the office so she can keep an eye on you.

Mads in pensive mood

Jodie is entirely different in character to Maddie and found the change in her circumstances absolutely bewildering and stressful. Jodie finds it difficult to trust and needs time to build up any relationships, however, once she has marked you as a friend she is a loving and quite wonderful companion. Jodie is not good with the other FOND dogs in and around the manse or grounds which does make life rather difficult. She will, however, happily run on the beach with them where she has space to do her own thing. Jodie loves her beach runs and adores the van she is forever standing hopefully by it hoping for an outing!

Jodes ready to run

Jodie was spayed last November which has made a considerable difference to her behaviour. She is much more relaxed in general now since she cannot suffer all the hormonal problems that go with phantom pregnancies. She was in the ‘wars’ in December when she ran into a wire fence whilst chasing a rabbit and ripped the top of a front leg open which required surgery and she has caused us a scare on two occasions when running a high temperature, going off her food and becoming listless. Despite blood tests and scans nothing obvious has come to the fore so we are beginning to wonder whether it is something to do with the revolting carrion she will scavenge and consume if you are not quick enough to spot her. Fortunately when caught she will usually swop and drop her trophy for a tasty liver treat!

After many months it is clear that Jodie truly loves her new home and adores Pam and John. She is a loyal and very pretty Dobie who loves to nap by the woodburner after a long walk in winter and will ask you to light it if she thinks it is cold. Jodie is Miss July on our 2015 FOND calendar. Maddie says she hopes to feature in the 2016 calendar however there is hot competition with top posers Seiger and young Shona vying for a place.

We’ve come to stay

Long term foster residents

Does the sun always shine here?

Two gorgeous senior girls have joined us at the FOND. Surrendered as owner tragically terminally ill and has been a long standing friend and supporter of FOND. We are privileged to care for such a lovely pair of Dobermanns.


The new girls having settled in well so it is time to attend to some veterinary care. Little Maddie who is eleven and a half years old needed some dental treatment and a small growth removed from her off-side eye lid. Maddie came through surgery as if nothing had happened and despite having 6 teeth removed she is undaunted, happy with her scale and polish pleased to be rid of those rotten old teeth and playing as hard as ever and eating well. Affectionate and naughty describes this Dobie bitch.

Meanwhile Jodie who is eight years old has been having a bit of a phantom and will be spayed in early August. Jodie is a one person dog and has the most beautiful face and eyes, when she greets you her whole body shakes with delight. Unlike Maddie she has good recall and is a pleasure to take for walks.