Alice’s Diary

Hello everybody. My name is Alice the Doberman (no sniggering please) and I am one of the fortunate dobies out there who was rescued by Auntie Pam and FOND.
I lived at the Manse for several months and although my great friend and kennel mate Priscilla was an ace companion I did long for a mummy and daddy of my own.

Me in my new home

In January 2017 my wish came true and I now live in Cheshire with my new folks and big brother Marc which is BRILLIANT as between the 3 of them I am never left alone
Apparently I am a really clever girl and have now mastered the skill of typing and decided to keep a diary of my new life, loves and adventures. Here is an extract so you can all tell me what you think….

Re-united with PCills in my field

Monday May 22

Ready and Waiting

Ohh I am sooo excited!! I am off to The LLeyn Peninsula in Wales for my holidays! I have been here once already and had a FAB time. This is where Dinx lives and he belongs to grandma and grandad and he is my BOYFRIEND. Tbh my eye was starting to wander as long distance holiday romances are very hard to sustain and Harry the long haired lover…umm I mean Vizsla (who is not from Liverpool) who plays in my field has been trying his hardest to woo me with his ball chasing skills.

My case is packed and I am in the car ready and waiting but mummy and daddy are taking AGES-I have no idea what they are doing as I am sure all my stuff is here….bed, lead, food bowls, biscuits food, food and more food..which reminds me-is it snack time yet?

Lets GoOff at last

Finally, we are off-I think I may have a little siesta to make the journey go faster……..

Yes yes yes….we have arrived.! We are staying in this strange thing called a caravan where I have to negotiate 3 very tricky steps to the door (good job I am also a very agile girl)….Hey-what’s that sound-Is somebody on the roof!? Sounds like elephants !! What mummy-SEAGULLS you say? Blooming big ones to make all that noise! Must be the sea air……

Tuesday May 23

Had the best walk EVER. I think M and D must have hired this beach for the day just for me as there is nobody else on it….oh the smells….not too sure about this water though… keeps moving and just when I think it’s safe to explore the shore line it creeps back in and wets my paws…ahhhhh its cold! Not discovered why it’s called Black Rock Beach either…..
Wet PawsNew Smells

Wednesday May 24

Another private beach all to ourselves with another silly name-Hell’s Mouth or to give it its proper Welsh name Porth Neigwl (try saying that with a mouthful of Burgess salmon mixed with carrots and chicken thighs!) There are hundreds of washed up monsters out here…What mummy?! Oh crabs….

Surfing?Me and Dinx

Hooray! Finally reunited with Dinx…..although I am now larger than him which is a little embarrassing. Dinx is supposed to be a whippet but I think he has some other mix somewhere in his genes…..He can certainly run though and I have great fun chasing him. What’s that mum? Oh the boy is meant to chase the girl….what’s the fun in that?!

Thursday 25 May

My pal Dinx

I have discovered that I DO NOT LIKE the sea. It is far too cold and when M and D finally coaxed me in with them it practically took my breath away. I miss judged a little flap of my paws and nearly sank like a stone….good job mummy was there to grab me (in a very ungainly manner may I add) by the collar and daddy carried me safely to shore.Rescue on the way

Friday May 26

Oh no…time to go home! I was having so much fun (apart from the near drowning experience yesterday). I have told Dinx that I will try and be faithful to him but as I am such a beautiful girl and have so many admirers back home it may be difficult….That sea air must have some hidden sedative blowing in it as no sooner did I step into the car than I was home. Oh well….Is that Harry I see in the distance playing in my field?