Dog Microchipping

At FOND we encourage and actively promote responsible Dobermann ownership and recommend that microchipping your newly adopted dog as the preferred method of permanent pet identification.

Microchipping your dog is a quick and safe procedure . The microchip, the size of a grain of rice, takes a few minutes to implant by either a vet or specially trained microchip implanter, and will last for the rest of your dogs life. Once implanted the unique details of yourself and your dog are stored in a microchip database


Should your dog should ever go missing and be subsequently picked up as a stray, a vet or other animal professional such as a dog warden will scan the chip and and can then contact the microchip database that your pet is registered with.

After verifying some details and performing security checks your pet will be reunited

Everything you need to know about what, how and where you can get your Dobe microchipped can be found on the following links.

Kennel Club
The Dogs Trust

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