Dog Law and what you need to know

We’d hope that as a responsible dog owner that you know about the dog laws that apply in the UK, that you know your rights and responsibilities in order not only to protect yourself, but also your dog and those of other owners. However we have learnt that there are many people that are unaware of or choose to ignore the laws that would affect them in this country.


Did you know that there are currently 24 Acts of Parliament relating solely to dogs, 11 relating to animals in general and a further 15 statutory orders and regulations, everyone of these are currently in force across the whole of the UK.

At FOND we hope that now you have become a responsible Dobe owner that you will take the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the current legislations that might affect you in the UK. Below are links to various Government departments and other Organisations that will give you an overview of the law and how it would affect you, helpful advice and information in keeping yourself and your dog safe and secure.

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