Dobie Trail 2016

Since FOND began re-homing in February 2011 we have always tried to keep in touch with our dogs and their new owners. Every year Pam tries to meet a few in their new homes and write a progress report for the website. Now FOND has Dobermanns adopted to homes throughout the UK making it physically and financially impossible for one person to follow up on each and every one of them. Consequently some of our ‘agents’ as they are affectionately known are now making a contribution towards our Dobie Trail. We start the 2016 Dobie trail with Marley who lives in Cumbria. Unfortunately the 2016 trail was restricted due to transport issues..


Love my new home

Up-date 7 August: Had the opportunity to meet Marley 8 months on who had been on his holidays with the Hayhurst family in the Orkneys and found himself in Aberdeenshire en route home to Cumbria.

Marley will be just one year old on the 21st August and what an energetic splendid fellow he is. A wild windy day I took Jodie along and we all went for a walk along side the golf course at Cullen and back along the beach until the swirling sand had us climbing back onto the edge of the course. Marley started life in dubious circumstances and was rescued in December 2015, just a pup he went into foster care and from there was adopted by his family. He spends his days with Andy and goes everywhere with him. He has now certainly travelled from one end of the British Isles to the other. Taking a photograph was a challenge with distractions in the holiday let garden from chickens to a cat, never mind it blowing a gale with Marley’s ears going everywhere! At the moment recall is an ongoing challenge and he might well benefit from a nice steady well mannered bitch that can teach him a few boundaries and be a playmate. This is very unlikely to be one of our rehome Dobes, maybe a labrador from their local rescue. Marley has a lovely temperament and is very friendly but he is a high energy Dobermann.

Now where are those chickens

We went one weekend in February to visit Marley, a very young Dobie rehomed in his forever home a couple of months ago when he was only 4 months old having had a quite traumatic start to life. We had been to meet his new family to carry out a home check before Marley was adopted but were keen to do a follow up visit so we could meet Marley and see how well he had settled. Absolutely no problem there, we were greeted by a few barks to announce our arrival and there was Marley waiting by his Dad, Andy’s side as the door opened. Marely is one of the most handsome pups we had ever seen, a real beauty and we have been around Dobies for over forty years!

Marley was friendly and interested in us, especially in the treats in my pocket, before he took himself off to his place on the settee. He lives in a very large bungalow with an extended family including two small children, he has his own section of garden fenced off outside the kitchen so he can wander in and out and a large garden and farmland beyond. His new family are delighted with him and his training is on going all the time. The youngest family member Thomas is 4 years old so he and Marley are going to grow up together and Andy says they are inseparable, whoever is out of bed first goes searching for the other one.

He goes with Dad to take the children to school and to collect them in the afternoon and is a firm favourite at school with parents and children.

He has his paws well and truly under the table, typical Dobie and so good to see a young dog well settled and happy. Marley and his new family are made for one another. Visit by John and Judith Jacques.

Maddie (aka Leto)

Watching my crisp

A lovely day in early June to go visiting Maddie who was adopted last summer. What a change – so much confidence now, looking wonderful no longer a gangly puppy. She has company all day long now in the form of Bulmer a 10 year old black and tan Dobe, who does not look his years, and is devoted to Maddie, and also a sweet staffy called Fern, rehomed through the Dog’s Trust. All three living very happily together, they have the most amazing walks literally outside their back gate.

Maddie does a trick that her owner showed me – a crisp was placed on a front paw and she had to wait for the command to eat it – amazing! Not a chance my own dogs would have waited a nano second, but Fern snuck in and whizzed one away before Maddie had been given the command to eat it. There was absolutely no animosity between the dogs, and Maddie just waited patiently for another crisp and then performed her trick.

A delight to see Maddie looking so fit, grown up and very happy with her new family. Well done Rosie, lovely to see you again and oh I forgot, there is a parrot called Peter – the dogs don’t blink an eye even when he is let out of his cage. Visit by Sue Hird.

Jake (aka Templar)

Jake runs for fun

Every year we try to catch up with previously rehomed dogs, sometimes it is a little more difficult than others.When in the unprecedented case of Jake his owners decided to up-sticks and emigrate they failed to adhere to clause one of their agreement “If for any reason you are unable to keep the dog you guarantee to surrender it back into the care of FOND Ltd”. Instead they chose to rehome the dog through their solicitor who had a colleague who knew a friend who would like a Dobermann! This only came to light after a few months when suddenly the ‘waxing lyrical’ communications ceased regarding Jake and FOND was about to send in their local representative to check on him when an email floated through the ether from S.A. informing us that the adopters had relocated, taken their other Dobermann but left Jake excusing themselves saying they were told he would not be suited by the climate and different smells and instead of adhering to their agreement rehomed him via their solicitor. Nightmare. No contact address, no full name of the new carer, alarm bells rang.

Finally we managed to make contact with the new owner who not surprisingly on receipt of an email saying that we would like to meet him and see Jake panicked and thought the dog was going to be taken away possibly thinking he may not have matched our rehoming criteria. Fortunately through correspondence and a kindly FOND supporter we eventually made an appointment to meet up with Jake and his new family his carer having moved from Essex to Kent. Jake is now living on the south east coast of Kent and is a friendly, happy dog, for company he has two neutered Staffie bitches and a cat, he interacts well with all of them. Jake has been taught some tricks and likes showing off, especially when it comes to rolling over and playing dead! Originally Jake was bought as a puppy from Ireland but his first owner could not keep him due to work commitments.

A tortuous story but fortunately one with a happy ending and thankfully a one off. We now look forward to keeping in touch with Jake’s new family and have already seen a photograph of Jake and his cat friend curled up in bed together!


Handsome or what?

After nearly five years caught up with Dante who came into FOND for rehoming along with Chelsea in 2011. Dante went to live in Yorkshire and is doing really well with the Carny family and is obviously now more than a well established member of the family. He is now eight years old and looks in fine condition. In his first home he had been a problem with picking up and eating toys and had been rushed to the vets on a couple of occasions, he was difficult to put weight on. His new family have turned him around.

Dante gave me a lovely welcome with furiously wagging tail and his house manners were excellent. He has a special window seat in the living room bay window where he can watch the world go by.

Dante has taken Petra a young Dobie bitch that came into a local rescue under his wing and has matured into a fine looking fellow. You could not mistake Dante as he has the cutest high set pair of ears you ever saw which give him a comical air. The dogs are well exercised with lots of free running available in a local field that dog owners are able to hire by the hour at an allocated time. This wonderful facility is totally secure. S.H.


Turning on the charm

Truly delightful brown and tan lad who is just showing his nine years with a touch of grey around the chops. Cooper had endured many unwanted stays in kennels due to his owners peripatetic life style until he fell on his paws with owners who adopted him in March 2013 through FOND. He has had at least three homes which means that Cooper really appreciates the good life he has now and loves bodily contact (as most Dobes do) but more so and cuddles on the sofa are a must in his book. He loves to have his tummy tickled and as you can see from the photograph knows how to look winsome for a treat. His owners have always had Dobies and he now rarely left except when Xueyan goes shopping otherwise her days are dedicated to his welfare with long daily walks and a nice garden to sun himself in weather permitting.

Cooper not a large Dobe, is looking very fit for his age and still full of energy, he is a social and loyal dog who is thriving now he has a stable environment and is not being moved around from pillar to post which is exactly what the owner who relinquished wanted for him.