Dobie Trail 2015

Catching up with Harry, Willow, Ruby Rae, Snoop, Tia, Elvis Roberts, Ruby, Xan, Nikki, Roxy, Missy, Pepsi, Sherry, Daisha, Mojo,Owen, Grace and finally Angus. We also saw Eva, Rosie, Luke and Sally, sweet Chica and other supporters with their Dobies at Ladybank Fun Dog Show on the 19th July. Fleur and Ollie Ronan also came to the Fife show and then on to stay at FOND H.Q.


Happy Harry

Harry is an absolutely delightful character, when we first met him he had come in from a pound and had been surrendered in a dreadfully skinny state. In fact he was so thin, combined with his separation anxiety he had caused some hilarity when having been sent for a walk to the local field with volunteers he abandoned them, leapt out of the field over the gate and then gained access back into FOND’s garden slipping through the gate bars and well pleased with himself when he found Pam! You have to be mega skinny to do that, however, there is absolutely no chance Harry could perform such feats now, but that is how he earned the nickname of Harry Houdini. Harry is now on a diet having gone from one extreme to another!

A very happy content Dobermann but he still does not like to be left alone. Harry’s favourite toy is a small orange space hopper. He has had many of these as he is a bit of a destroyer. Although he is good with all people and goes to Doggy Day Care if his owners are out for any length of time he is not keen on small dogs. He sleeps on his own raised bed in a ‘toasty’ home and is a fantastic companion to Charlotte. He even has his own van for their trips away and enjoys walks on the beach adjacent to their home with Matt. Holidays are spent in dog friendly places and his two best pals are Oscar a Boxer and a Rottie bitch.


It was lovely to see Harry again and I appreciated the great welcome he gave me. P.H.


Beautiful Willow

Willow was bought as a pup from a breeder in the north of England who did not even answer the owner’s request for help when she could not keep her aged nine months old. Alas this is a typical scenario and FOND can only advise that if you buy a puppy choose an accredited K.C. registered breeder who will not only show you the pup with her mother but has a home and facilities to offer back up should you need it.

Willow is a very fortunate girl as she ended up permanently in the loving care of Mark and Debbie whose thoughts you can read here having been adopted by them in August 2012 when they already had given a home to FOND’s Crystal. Willow grew up with a young family and was great with the children but her owner was not able to cope with Willow after her marriage broke down and wanted better for her. Willow could not have better now!

Willow is extremely alert and regal looking and is the one in the Kelty pack who raises the alarm if someone comes to the door or if people are near the boundaries of their walking ground. She is extremely good natured with people and the other dogs but does not suffer fools amongst the visiting canine companions and is very content in her pack comprising of Boris, Crystal and young Tia.

Willow on watch

Plenty of exercise, a lovely cosy home with a log burner for chilly evenings and lots of sofa space for cuddles after work mean that Willow has landed well and truly on her paws.


Ruby walks for miles every day

How Ruby’s life has changed! For the first 6 years of her life due to her owner’s personal circumstances she had very little exercise and was living with a hyper boxer and a cat. Consequently both dogs were bouncing off the walls.

Ruby could not have a more conscientious and loving owner than Karen and probably enjoys some of the best walking in the country. She has many dog walking pals, these include a Great Dane, a GSD a Labradoodle and a black Labrador and a crazy 10-month-old Springer called Teddy, many of their antics can be seen on Charlotte’s Pet Services, Facebook page. Karen just loves her walking but when she cannot take Ruby out she goes with Charlotte and her charges whatever the weather.

On a recent break Ruby climbed Ben Lomond with Karen and last year had a holiday in Nairn where she just loved running into the sea.

During my visit Snoop McNulty had popped over for his first visit and a walk in the woods with Ruby. After an initial bark or two to tell Snoop who was in charge and whose house he was visiting Ruby accepted him readily and you would have thought the two dogs had lived their whole lives together being totally relaxed in one another’s company.

Ruby does not have many faults.Like most Dobies she can be a bit willful and deaf if there are deer about and is very prey driven, Rainy day walksomething of a food thief and maybe not the quietest traveller but she is a kind and loving dog who is in superb condition and an absolute credit to her owner. This is one Dobe who lives a life many dogs can only dream of.


Snoop in the woods

Snoop is a character and an astute dog with a dry sense of humour; an absolutely charming large, soppy boy who positively loves his life with Lee and James. More thoughtful, caring and responsible owners he could not have wished for once he found himself up for rehoming and Lee walked into his life.

Born in 2009 he will be six years old in May and started off life living with a family and a cat which is really hard to believe as he is a monster for chasing small furries. Cats and cyclists are his bĂȘte noire and he will pursue both given the opportunity including taking on a five foot fence.

Snoop was adopted in 2013 and enjoys life with an owner who works from home and makes time for three good walks a day. Last year they spent three months in Ireland on the coast and he loved wading into the sea but hates being given a bath and will do crazy bumps and circuits around the home once he has been towelled off. The only downside for Snoop was being kennelled on the ferry crossing to Southern Ireland otherwise he had a ball. Relaxed and confident in the home with a bed that has a heated mattress for chilly winter nights, he is equally relaxed on a walk along the canal to sit outside the local pub and watch the world go by.

Snoops with daffs

There are a few tricks that Snoop has learnt and he is not a Dobe to waste time on silly games. His water and feed bowl are in the kitchen and the only time he is not allowed in is if Lee is preparing a meal, unless he needs a drink. Snoop will then sneak into the kitchen and lap at his water, but he is not drinking, just pretending to drink so he can be in the kitchen! He learnt one day to go the fridge/freezer and press the button that dispenses chilled filtered water and Lee came home to a flooded floor. On another occasion he began to wonder what Snoop was doing with his raw butcher bones and assumed that James must have thrown them away until they discovered a supply hidden under a cabinet in the hallway when one was left peeking out! Furry toys are for ripping up, but he will sit cuddling a teddy and games like treat filled kongs are for picking up, standing on the sofa and dropping from a height so that they split open and the entire contents fall out in one go! Likewise these dog activity toys that require dogs to open compartments to obtain the treat are for picking up dropping upside down and bingo you have all the treats in one go. Awhile ago prior to a dinner party Snoop was taking too much interest in the contents of the dining table and was told to leave and come away, on the third occasion he took umbrage and marched over to Lee’s prize chess set sitting on the coffee table, gave it one swipe of a big paw and sent the lot flying and then stomped out of the room after giving Lee a disdainful glare.

Snoop has a girlfriend now, he met Ruby recently and they were very comfortable in each other’s company and will be meeting up for walks in the Campsie Hills and surrounding areas on a regular basis. It was a pleasure to meet up with Snoop and his most hospitable owners.



Tia was handed into a Perthshire all breed rescue in February 2013, she was bred in the north east of England and born in July 2008. A very sweet bitch who can be pretty feisty on the lead when she sees another dog is perfectly behaved once off lead and allowed to run free. She has an extremely good recall.

Tia was signed over to FOND to look for a specifically Dobermann experienced home and because of her gentle ways and good manners she found one pretty quickly and she has now been in her forever home for over two years where she is much loved. Unfortunately Tia appears to have some quite serious arthritic problems which is a shame as she is relatively young and is currently waiting for the result of an x-ray on her hips and spine to diagnose her condition and see how her quality of life can be improved. Currently she is on an anti-inflammatory and a diet to reduce her weight as she is currently unable to exercise adequately.


Tia lives on the outskirts of Glasgow and one of her favourite places to walk and play with dog friends is Strathclyde Country Park which is a short drive from her home. Unfortunately until her condition is fully diagnosed and she shows improvement her outings are somewhat restricted.

Finding homes for pound dogs can be difficult because there is never a reliable history with them. Tia does not want for love and affection now and is the apple of her owner Catherine’s eye.



Elvis is a lovely, friendly people dog. Unfortunately he was not socialised and exercised as a youngster and lived with his somewhat neurotic mum who definitely led him into bad ways. He used to live with a big family and like so many dogs, socialisation did not continue after the puppy stage and he is a problem on the lead and displays serious anxiety and fear aggressive behaviour if other dogs approach him. He can also be exceedingly vocal and somewhat embarrassing for his owners. When he was with FOND he used to exercise with his Mum, Ellie and Jenna without a problem. Sadly these issues whilst on lead mean he is not an easy Dobe to deal with in a busy environment, however, in the home he is a super, well- mannered companion. Elvis does not like cats and is a dedicated chaser of all small furries.

His devoted and committed owners are up at the crack of dawn to take him to a secure area where he can have a good run and he enjoys playing ball both retrieving and catch in the garden which he is pretty good at. A nice dog, but not an easy one because of the restrictions he puts on his owners lives, it is such a shame as they are all missing out and the FOND team can only thank Laura and Dany for the dedication and love they give this rather headstrong individual. During my visit Elvis was being teased by the newly arrived next door dogs through the fence. He did actually show some restraint and obedience and his behaviour was more rowdy playful than aggressive, he was not obsessed in anyway by their presence. He has also had a dog trainer and behaviourist to visit him and will respond so his owners have decided a firmer line is needed and hopefully they will see some results during the coming months giving them the opportunity to enjoy some of the lovely walking that is available to them.

What shall we do now?

Not only has Elvis been featured on the FOND calendar but he was also Mr July on last year’s Henry Schein calendar. As the photos show he is not shy posing for the camera.

Most people will only tackle a straightforward dog and Elvis behaves as he does because of lack of training and socialisation as a youngster. Laura and Dany should be proud of themselves because they have given Elvis a life and a very comfortable one in their beautiful home. Thank you. PH


Ruby in her garden

On a recent trip south found myself in Bath and only a few miles from where Ruby now lives. My goodness what a difference in this bitch, relaxed, in tremendous trim form with a gleaming chestnut brown coat now living in the lap of luxury.

Ruby came into FOND from a private all breed rescue which was closing down from where she had been fostered out or rehomed on a couple of occasions having initially been surrendered by her owner who had bred three litters from her and passed Ruby and two other brood bitches on. No sagging teats anymore, Ruby is spayed and has the figure of a 3 y.o. and motors like one although she will actually be eight at the end of the year. She still needs slow introductions to strange dogs and does not tolerate small ones at all. Nor does she like small furies, she has a very high prey drive so her owner does have to be alert at all times but this is countered by her being an extremely intelligent bitch who will obey if told the rules.

Ruby’s owner is a keen gardener and has a beautiful garden which Ruby enjoys to the full along with the spacious conservatory that over looks it. She has her own chair in one of the living rooms and there is always the AGA to curl up in front of should the weather be chilly. I actually saw Ruby twice whilst away and the second visit was a meeting on the Wiltshire downs with my friend Sarah and her handsome GSP Todd. It took about 45 seconds to introduce the two dogs who were perfectly relaxed in each other’s company and they had fantastic time in the woods and fields with Ruby and Todd both showing excellent recall to the whistle and sharing sniffs and rabbit holes together like old pals. Let's run

The sun shone, the dogs had fun and it was a lovely couple of hours we all spent together. Well done Mary for persisting with Ruby because we appreciate although the perfect dog in the home Ruby does have her issues when out and about and requires firm and reassuring handling.


Xan on holiday

Xan is quite a traveller, only five weeks ago she was living in Lincolnshire before being rehomed to Faith and her partner who have given her an absolutely superb home between their properties in Manchester and Lancashire. At the moment Xan is on holiday in Scotland exploring the West Coast. When we were asked to find her a new home she was quite shy and retiring however between her temporary owner who cared for Xan after her owner had died and her present one her confidence has gained considerably and she is very settled with Faith and Mike wherever they may be. We met up on one of the beautiful unspoilt Nairn beaches where Xan had a marvellous time chasing her ball on a rope, retrieving it and demanding it be thrown for her or streaking after the many seabirds. She certainly has a stride on her and that precious command good recall! We met a lovely calm, friendly bitch who behaved impeccably especially when a rather full on male approached her hoping for a game.

Won't you go away please?

In addition to travelling extensively throughout the U.K. Xan will be getting a passport so that she can join Faith and Mike on trips to Italy where they also have a home. It is becoming quite the ‘thing’ for FOND Dobies to have a passport and visit second homes abroad!
Mike will be submitting photographs for the 2016 FOND calendar so we shall look forward to receiving these in due course.


Nikki's park

A trip to Edinburgh gave me the chance to catch up with feisty little Nikki a fun Dobie cross that came into FOND last February with Sherry, the pair having been in a pound after their respective owners had had them removed by different authorities.

Poor little Nikki had spent many months in an isolated, dark, and unheated kennels. She was a pretty pathetic sight. It was obvious from her behaviour that someone had been abusive to her. It was not an easy task to find her that ‘special someone’ prepared to work with her issues that included being reactionary to certain people as well as not having great social skills with other dogs.

Whilst in our care she put on weight and was a very entertaining resident. Nikki was completely fascinated by the T.V. and would stand watching it until you pulled her away before she went cross eyed! Totally obsessed with a ball she played for ages, but as poor Dobby Dobson learnt to his cost one day on the dunes whilst out for a walk. He wanted to join in chasing Nikki’s ball on a rope with her this she only allowed for so long. Suddenly she took a flier at the poor lad when Dobby went to pick up the ball and hung on to an ear causing him to scream blue murder. She was not easy to prise off but despite all the furore there was fortunately not a mark on Dobby!Sitting pretty

Andrew came into Nikki’s life at the beginning of January when he came to meet her and Sherry. Andrew originally adopted the handsome lad Kinti and is used to dogs that can be a bit edgy with fellow canines he agreed to return at the end of the month and spent a lot of time bonding with Nikki who was shy of strangers and was generally hard work as she might be pint sized but she is strong on the lead.

Nikki has now been living with her new family nearly five months and is very much loved she has had a laparoscopic spay carried out by Tony Page of the Ayrton Veterinary Hospital from which she made an amazing recovery. Andrew said you would never have believed she had gone through surgery and was ready to eat and play the moment she left the vet hospital showing no after effects whatsoever.

Nikki’s typical day starts at 7.00 a.m. when she goes to the park and looks out for two greyhound friends called Archie and Star, she plays well with them but no toys are allowed as she is as before quite possessive of them. After breakfast she usually makes a beeline for Andrew’s bed and rearranges the pillows to ensure the correct positioning according to Nikki! Andrew goes off to work around 1.00 a.m. and Nikki is left in charge of mother-in-law who gives her schooling in French and Russian along with snippets of new English words she has learned. At 2.00 p.m. Jenny her dog walker arrives and Nikki sets off to Regents Park carrying a toy and then returning for an afternoon snack of pilchards and another snooze.

Nikki with stick

As soon as Andrew is home from work its off into Holyrood Park for another hour, Nikki hopefully expecting that they will go up the side of Hunter’s Bog so she can chase the rabbits after which she walks quietly home on lead!

Whilst Andrew prepares her dinner she examines all the ingredients to mentor the finished product, with the obligatory taste test of course, it all has to be pretty good as Andrew is a chef and having sampled some of his food can tell you he is pretty damn good! Lucky little Nikki.

In the home she is relaxed and settled, she likes doing a spot of office work and acting as official bed warmer. All in all life is now very comfortable after enduring hard times.


Early morning dip

I have been wanting to catch up with Roxy for years, she was rehomed in 2011 and her lovely owners have kept in touch on a regular basis and been extremely supportive of FOND. Roxy lives in a spacious home on the Isle of Bute and shares this with Connor another rescue Dobe. This pair have a great life living in a huge Victorian villa with access to the whole house and a well fenced garden, the property sits next door to their local walk which is through beautiful woodland enjoying views across the Firth of Clyde.

Roxy is full litter sister to my Jenna who sadly died of bone cancer in Feb 2014 and also to our long term foster Jodie. All these girls have attitude, are not that keen on other dogs in their space, generally preferring human company. Roxy is probably the most self-assured of the three and has a superior and wise air, a good level of obedience plus an acute awareness of all that is going on. She does not consider Connor to be the brightest button in the box and bosses him about but in a kindly way. They are comfortable with one another and a favourite trip out is to the beautiful Scalpsie Bay where I went with them all (at 6.30 a.m.!) and watched these Dobies playing in the sea and running on the beach. Roxy will definitely be a calendar girl for 2016, she loved posing for the camera!

Forgotten my towel again

Welcoming owners who are terrific hosts and equally warm and friendly Dobies who are much loved. Roxy reminds me of a wise owl, she is so knowing and definitely loves all her family which extends to her house and dog sitters and knows just how life should be run for a Dobermann and sees that it does. All round an excellent time with the Selkirk family. P.H.


What's for lunch?

Missy is something of a puzzle, there is no doubt that events in her formative months coloured her attitude to strangers, she is something of a split personality, such a shame because she is extraordinarily intelligent, agile as a cat and loves her humans to bits. A little too much perhaps as she is overaily protective!

Missy was just sixteen month old when she came in for rehoming and spent two months with FOND socialising with other Dobies and attending socialisation classes at Dog School and joining in the Christmas party before she was rehomed. Missy has now been with her new owners for an equal amount of time and on my visit she entertained me with the many tricks she knows confirming she would not only make a great agility dog but also be good at tracking after a demonstration of her skills. The show was finished off with an accomplished Dobie roll!

Dobie roll

Living in a beautiful rural location is ideal for Missy however her over protective nature has emerged again which is of concern, and this does limit where her owners can take her. She does not exhibit this behaviour when visiting her local kennels and is happy to play with people and other dogs. Certainly a pretty Dobie who is loved and cared for, probably one of the best walked dogs in Ayrshire, possibly Scotland, as Glynn is something of a power walker and enviably fit, he and Caroline could not imagine life without Missy and deserve recognition for taking on one that is not the most straight forward.


Big Brother Tyler

Pepsi is a neat, compact Dobie with a curly tail, she lives in a lovely home with Tyler also a rescue Dobe, he is a big lengthy dog, totally the opposite to his girlfriend.

Born in 2011 Pepsi was rehomed in May 2013 and is very settled but who wouldn’t be in her lovely spacious home with an AGA to curl up in front of during cold winter months and a variety of cosy beds to choose from plus three acres of varied ground including woodland for the dogs to run in and explore.

I had not met Pepsi before and she lived up to her reputation of not being too keen on strangers visiting until she has had time to become acquainted, she was not too impressed with me, especially when I pointed a camera in her direction, however, despite her protestations we managed a few good shots.

Now on her third home this is her forever one, sadly Pepsi was not well socialised as a youngster, in her first home she never left the house or met another dog which obviously led to her to being an anxious, feisty character. Jenny and Phil have the perfect environment and she is so happy with them and Tyler and a lucky lass to have found them. P.H. June

My life is good

Pepsi felt she would like to have the last say and wrote this note about her new life which is obviously perfect when it’s just her, Tyler, Phil and Jenny!


After breakfast it is time to play with my big brother (Tyler) by racing round the kitchen table then running outdoors and back again. We can play this game for about 30 minutes, then when my brother gets tired i try to find something or someone else to play with. When i have nobody else to play with my job is to chase the birds, but they are are too fast for me. Another job is to sniff out any animal that has been in the garden ! I can find many animals from rabbits to squirrels, but as soon as they see me they run off! I don’t know why? This keeps me busy for ages.
Now clear off! When it is wet outside (I don’t like the rain) my brother showed me a good game inside. We run through all the rooms (when the doors are open) and get up a good speed, then jump on the rug and surf on the wooden floors, but we have to wait for the rug to be put back before we can do it again – great fun. When it is dry my brother and I race round the trees playing hide and seek, but I am too quick for him and eventually he just stops and barks at me. That turns into another game of who can open their mouth the widest and bark the loudest. He is winning that game at present but I am getting louder. After tea it is time to settle down and have a rest, giving me time to think up some more fun things to do. The only time I get in trouble is when we go out last thing at night to do what we have to do, and I get the scent of something and don’t come back when I am called. I then miss out on my bedtime treat, so I try not to do that too often. Ah well! Bedtime now, I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Love Pepsi x.


I'm ready

Only rehomed three months ago however finding myself on Sherry’s doorstep I could not miss the opportunity to catch up with this delightful, funny, confident handsome bitch who became a firm favourite having spent months in FOND’s kennels before her Mrs Right came along in the form of Carol Anne whose a real gem.

It is hard to believe that this whirlwind of a Dobie is in her ninth year, she came to us in a grim state having spent over fourteen months imprisoned in a less than desirable kennel. Sherry had been bred from and her under carriage was in a terrible state plus she had to have a tumour removed from her mammary glands which fortunately proved to be benign. A term of confinement like this would have blown most dogs’ minds, but not Sherry she is just wonderful, loving people (unless they are jogging) and pretty good with dogs even having got over her reservations about black labradors! Life is taken at a million miles an hour by this senior lady. After a good run she may take a kip but its not long before she gets a toy out and is pestering Carol Anne to ‘do something’, a favourite indoor game being hide and seek. If the doors are not locked and she wants out then Sherry just opens one and goes where she pleases, unfortunately she does not close them.

See me jump

Shortly after leaving FOND Sherry was taken to Ayrton Vet Hospital to have a laparoscopic spay. We felt considering and having already under gone major surgery for a lumpectomy and Sherry’s age that this would be the kindest option. Sherry bounced out of the hospital as though nothing had happened and three months on her figure is so so trim, her coat is gleaming and she is just a credit to her loving owner who I cannot thank enough for coming forward and giving one of our deserving mature Dobes that special home. P.H. June


Out in my park

Daisha is probably the best behaved most sociable Dobermann FOND has ever had to rehome. In May last year Daisha’s owner relinquished her with a heavy, heavy heart being in poor health she was no longer able to care for her.

Now six years old Daisha has been living with Bill for over a year and they are quite inseparable, with so many friends, both canine and two-legged they take twice daily walks in a huge wooded park spending several hours mooching about. I joined in with a couple of walks on my visit. Daisha is at ease with dogs of every breed and size imaginable, she and Bill are well known to all the local residents. Daisha’s home is five minutes from parkland and the beach, she is doted on by Bill and her visiting Auntie Jean living in a bungalow with large surrounding garden. There are plenty of spots for Daisha to make herself comfortable, a sofa and chair to choose from in both the sitting room and conservatory, which like the patio outside the french windows is a great sun spot. If the weather is bad Daisha has a selection of fine coats to wear.Good afternoon colliesNo need to worry about this lass, life is good for her and Bill. Bill says she is ‘bossy’ always telling him what to do, but then most Dobes do have a clock in their head and know exactly when it it time to get up, to walk, to be fed, to have a play, to take a rest, to have another walk and then enjoy a spot of supper. It was a lovely stay with the happy couple. P.H. June


You're getting very wet Roma

Roman never came into kennels, he was fostered on our behalf with Allan in the north east of England. Before then, one of FOND’s supporters had lost their lovely male Dobe and been reluctant to take on another one, this was Kyro a giant of a Dobe; he had left such a big hole in their hearts. Allan gave glowing reports of Roman’s behaviour and good manners but could not keep him for long so John and I set off from Aberdeenshire to collect him. I wondered whether Mary and Chris would consider taking on another rescue male and be prepared to meet Roman and introduce him to their beautiful Cara in the hope it could be a match. They agreed so we took a detour via Ayr just incase he was the boy for them. Allan kindly drove up to Cumbria and Roman enjoyed a night in an hotel with us before setting off for Ayr. We were immediately charmed by this Dobe he was not an ounce of trouble and settled immediately and was responsive to commands, what a joy, was this real?!

The introduction to Cara went well, the two dogs had a run around a local field and then back to her home where Cara was a bit standoffish but it was good enough for first time.

Now seven months later this pair are a team, two of the fittest, happiest Dobies who have a blast every day whether it is in Belleisle Park with its two 18 hole golf courses or not far away the lovely Ayr beach.
I'm all wet now They also enjoy a large garden, and Roma as he is now called, is a complete hoot when the water sprinkler comes out jumping up and snatching at the spray, he doesn’t mind how wet he gets or how long the game goes on for. I don’t think I have ever seen such a pair of extravagant movers as Roma and Cara, they are poetry to watch. Known, affectionately as “the darlings” – they certainly are a special pair. P.H. June


Pick it up and throw it please

The last Dobie I dropped in on my way home from Ayrshire in June was Mojo in Angus. Louise went to see him a couple of years ago however as he only lives a few miles off my route when travelling north and south thought it would be nice drop in and say hello.

Mojo arrived from England in May 2012 aged just ten months, he was covered in bite marks. He was already on his second home having been rescued from his first where he was kept in a very small crate his growth had been impaired and he suffered from severe separation anxiety. In his second home he was living with a family with 4 children and 2 dogs, alas it was not working out, and FOND was asked to rehome Mojo. After five weeks with FOND his special home came along and Mojo went to live with Madea a lovely brown Dobie bitch who has since sadly passed away, leaving Mojo as an only dog. He is coping well with his loving family and Tracy is home most of the day, she leads a busy life outside with her horses and Mojo keeps her company. Mojo’s energy is boundless and he goes jogging with Graeme and is still ready for more. Besides having learnt numerous fun tricks which I saw slickly performed he is ace at retrieving a ball. Mojo is not recognisable from the tiny Dobe which arrived three years ago, this is now one strapping, loving lad with a special family who cope with his rather unsocial behaviour towards small male dogs and his separation issues which can involve rearranging the contents of cupboards.How quick was that?!
There’s no doubt he won’t have been the easiest Dobe to take on however his owners’ dedication and persistence are evident by Mojo’s cheerful and friendly demeanour. It’s so rewarding to see a happy ending.



A lovely day to go visiting, sun shining and a warm welcome accompanied by the Dobermann’s traditional Woof! After greeting his owners then it was Owen’s turn, with a little treat of course. What a lovely, big, handsome boy he is and adored by his owners Denise and John, but his favourite member of the family is their granddaughter – mutual adoration society. He is still afraid of men until he gets to know them, and they have one friend whose presence causes Owen to hide behind his mum . Denise can only think that this friend reminds Owen of something in his past, which is very sad as he is a lovely gentle boy, either the friend’s shape or voice triggers an unwanted memory, which quite upsets his mum. Denise and John’s previous dogs have been PAT dogs and they had hoped that Owen would continue this trend, but his fear of men makes it impossible. However, he is perfectly happy to clear the garden of unwanted visitors, namely squirrels, cats and birds and the occasional heron which had it’s beady eyes on the fish pond.

He is affectionately called “Chunky Monkey” but his every whim is catered for, with a basket in every room and 2 in the lounge – one near the radiator for winter and a summer one further away, not to mention a sun bathing platform outdoors specially adapted next to the French doors. He has had a lump removed and at the same time the vet castrated him, which might explain why he looks a little “Chunky”.Owen His owners even changed their vet to an all female practice because of his fear of some men, that’s dedication for you. Still has his lovely walks in lots of directions, and still hates the rain, preferring to stay at home rather than get wet.
A lovely home for a lovely dog, lucky boy Owen.


Ollie bit of a poser

Lovely, gorgeous big boy Ollie, the apple of his mum’s eye had a trip up to Lonmay this summer to attend the Fun Dog Show at Fife on the way. He takes it all in his stride and went up to Perthshire for an overnight stop, following Fleur another FOND Dobie also going to the show. The day of the show was not exactly summer weather, being grey and quite chilly, but he enjoyed himself meeting all the other FOND dogs who managed to attend the Show. On to Lonmay and the hospitality of HQ, where he was introduced to the new agility equipment which arrived during his stay. After a little persuasion from Pam and his mum Bev, who showed him how the agilty equipment worked, he proved quite a willing pupil.
Ollie enjoyed some lovely walks along the beautiful coastline at Fraserburgh, and when the time came to leave he settled in his chauffeur driven car, complete with his basket in the back. Lovely, gentle boy who has a lovely home and is worshipped by his mum. His ears were covered when Pam suggested he might be just a little on the portly side, with suggestions for a change in diet!


Fleur Birthday Girl

So happy, so positive after a serious injury this little girl has been with her new family now for 18 months, and has two other rescue Dobies as companions. She delights in everything she does, and is very people and dog friendly, always going to greet whenever out for a walk. This has necessitated her mum getting a bright green collar with the words‘FRIENDLY’ in big bold black letters on, as she runs up with a smile on her face, which for non doggy people can be a bit alarming. However, the collar works wonders. She loves food and if she was capable she would definitely steal, but her injury makes this impossible, for which her mum is ever grateful! She also likes her pal Ollie’s teddies, all of which have some sort of mutilation, requiring mum to go regularly to the charity shops to replace them. However, she is not allowed Ollie’s special toy, a Christmas robin which has been with him for many years, though he has had to have some rapid repair as the naughty girl pinched it off him. Happily living with Sheba, a ten and a half year old black and tan bitch, also a rescue, and of course Ollie, a very handsome blue Dobe who was also a FOND boy, a very tolerant, laid back boy who is nine years old. He and Fleur have many long gallops together on the racecourse where they go for walks, and despite the difference in age, as Fleur is only 3, they have a lovely time together. Fleur and Ollie in Aden Park
She is a sun worshipper and loves the conservatory, only coming out when she is too hot to last any longer. She barks at the television when any type of animal programme is on, mum is still trying to break her of this habit! Also likes to hunt for rabbits, and chases the birds. Loved by all the family and a perfect traveller in the car.



It was great to see Shannon happily settled with her new owners the Ruddocks where she has been living for about fifteen months now along with Amber a brown chunky, very happy lab who adores her. She did have a handsome male Dobe companion called Kane but sadly he passed away and is very much missed by them all.

Shannon did not have a great start in life; suffering with the the demodectic mite when she was adopted, however she is now a picture of good health very pretty, though rather small, but all good things come in small packages! Still shy and cautious she adores her owners following them everywhere, unless one is upstairs and one is downstairs, when confused, she stands at the stairs unable to decide which way to go.

Food and helping Debbie with the cooking is Shannon’s favourite thing, but as she is a terrible thief everything has to be kept under lock and key unless someone is able to keep an eye on her! She loves toys and can have ten on the floor but typically for a Dobe always wants the toy Amber has. The sofa and cuddles are very important to both Shannon and Amber, they just want to be loved and spoilt all the time. When I caught up with them, they had just returned from a long weekend on the Norfolk coast where Shannon enjoyed running on a beach for the first time, and demonstrated how very well behaved she is off lead. Altogether Shannon is very happy with her new home and family, which after all is what it’s all about. J.B.


Come on let's play!

Called in on young Grace to find her very happily settled in with her new owner John and quite the apple of his eye. Not surprising because she is a beautiful, sleek intelligent young bitch. At the time of my visit she was in season and sadly I was dashing back from Wiltshire to Aberdeenshire after attending a funeral so I only caught up with her in the house and garden where she demonstrated her ball retrieving skills. Grace will be spayed in January 2016 and is having this done by laparoscopic surgery which is far less painful for the bitch and she can more or less carry on as normal after the procedure as it is minimally invasive. Shortly after my visit Grace had a small op for an ingrowing eyelash and this went successfully. No expense is spared to ensure Grace’s wellbeing, she is much loved by her new owner and adored by his visiting friends. Grace also has a holiday home in the Lakes so she is never short of exciting walks to go on.


Angus in the dunes

Angus was the last FOND Dobie that we caught up with in 2015 and his delightful owners Steve and Gill kindly brought him to visit with his sweet companion Roxy in December. They booked in locally at Mill of Nethermill who have kindly accommodated several of our adopted Dobies in particular the lovely Louis. If you want a spot of comfort and some good coastal walking this is the place to stay being dog friendly

Angus is a large, lolloping, very kind and easy going Dobe who was originally fostered after his owner could not give him the time and exercise he required. Angus spent a lot of time confined to a crate and did not go off lead consequently he is taking some time to develop the muscle and strength in his rear end. He has an ideal roll model in Roxy and is fortunate to have found such a loving and committed home. Super dog who does not appear to have a bad bone in his body, look forward to seeing him again in the future.