Dobie Trail 2014

Since FOND began re-homing early in 2011 we have always tried to keep in touch with our dogs and their new owners. Every year Pam tries to meet a few in their new homes and write a progress report for the website. Now FOND has Dobermanns adopted to homes throughout the UK making it physically and financially impossible for one person to follow up on each and every one of them. Consequently some of our ‘agents’ as they are affectionately known are now making a contribution towards our Dobie Trail.


The Happy Couple

Last Dobie that we caught up with in 2014 was the lovely Eva one November afternoon after having taken Roman to his new home in Ayr we were passing her door and popped in for a catch up and a cuppa.

Eva was a firm favourite with all at FOND whilst in kennels, such a pretty, kind, happy, loving bitch she found a wonderful home with Graham and the lugubrious Murphy who has to be the most chilled dog on four paws. Eva could be a trifle feisty with other dogs but since moving into her new home she has adjusted into a well rounded character with a list of dog pals as long as her tail. Her favourite game continues to be chase, catch and retrieve the ball becoming oblivious to all else around her.

Relaxing on Granny's bed

Graham, Murphy and Eva don’t live alone there is also Granny who is good for extra sofa cuddles and sneaking into her bedroom if she forgets to close the door for an extra comfortable kip after wild games in the park. Additionally sitting under a log keeping a beady eye on them all secured safely in her fish tank (we hope) is the scary, hairy Sally the tarantula who feasts on locusts and is like Eva and Murphy a ‘rescue’ case.

Eva has a lovely life now with a huge variety of walks, loads of admirers and we hope to see this beautiful girl as one of our 2016 calendar Dobes. PH


Life's Magic for Merlin

At last a trip to see the lovely Merlin and his mum Julie. He greeted me like a long lost friend and boy has he grown! He has really grown into himself and filled out, once tall and gangly he’s really matured and filled out into a big and very happy boy. Julie said that her Uncles who live right next door look after him if she is not able, but she suspects they are constantly giving him titbits which is obviously not good for his figure. Sorry Merlin, but your Mum’s New Year resolution is to make sure those titbits are few and far between!

I went in to chat to Julie and dear Merlin draped himself across me! What a good job I have a similar boy back home, or I could have been squashed! He has settled nicely and although his Dad would like another Dobe Julie feels he would be better as an only dog, as although he is good with other dogs outside he does have some issues with other dogs wanting to enter his home, a wise decision I thought. Merlin even tolerates the cats who now manage to roam the house, as he is not willing to take one on – another good decision Merlin. He obviously adores his Mum spending his time draped over her or me, and was very good gently taking a gravy bone ( yes, it was allowed). Merlin’s family live near a wood and have quite a lot of land which he wanders around at his leisure however he does not run off which is very commendable.

I also managed to deliver the bedspread, last year’s raffle prize as Julie had been the winner, Royal Mail claimed Julie’s home did not exist and returned the parcel to FOND. Sorry you had to wait so long Julie, make sure Merlin doesn’t take a fancy to it its for your bed! It was lovely to see how happy and settled Merlin was after being passed around on the internet and then abandoned, however, if you visit, beware of flying coffee cups from that great wafting tail of his! (S. Hird December 2014)



Imagine for a moment you’re a young dog, more specifically a young Dobermann. Now imagine you desperately need to find a new home and family. What would be on your wish list?

A permanent home? Well yes, this Dobe’s short life has been pretty chaotic and a new home will be his third in eighteen months.

A loving family? Of course. Dobermanns are particularly sociable dogs and adore being with humans who love them and will return that love tenfold or more.

A fun family? That would be great. There’s nothing Dobes love more than playing and having fun. Usually very energetically!

A considerate family? Although often though of as guard dogs – which of course they originally were, many decades ago – Dobermanns these days are often very sensitive dogs and their need for leadership, companionship, food and affection must be high on the agenda for the whole family.

Young Blade came into FOND’s care in the middle of January 2014. Born in September 2012, he was brought over to England by his breeder with four other puppies and then handed over to a new owner. Unfortunately this home proved only a temporary one but thankfully they did the right thing and asked for FOND’s help to rehome him rather than advertise on internet sites.

My ball Kit

Well, at long last there was some really good news for Blade when he met Vinny and Peter at FOND HQ in February 2014. Having been supporters of FOND for some time, this Lancashire couple and their family provide what can only be described as a dream home for dogs.

Vinny and Peter certainly provide a permanent home, absolutely nothing would persuade them to part with their beloved pets. The couple haven’t had a holiday for many years as they refuse to leave their dogs, preferring instead to remain at home and play. And play, and play and…..!!

Blade must have sensed the wonderful home that would meet all the requirements on his wish list, on the other hand Vinny saw the huge potential in this lovely dog and described to me the bond she felt while visiting him at FOND headquarters. She and Blade seemingly decided that they were going to return home to Lancashire together and that’s indeed exactly what happened!!

Visiting the home in August 2014, it was evident that Blade does indeed have “a dog’s life” in the very best sense. He’s a happy, lively dog who is completely settled in his new permanent and loving home with a considerate family who just adore having fun with him – and of course his “doggy step-sister”. Yes, Blade has everything he could have wished for in a new home. And it shows!

Sam’s Weblog


Looking so much better

Well Playmates, it’s been a while since all you fans have heard from me, as I have been enjoying good times in my forever home with a family of two legs who have made me most welcome, as has their dog [not another Dobe, but can’t have everything !

News: yesterday I paid a return visit to the foster home where I lived for a few weeks over the Winter, whilst some of my ailments from the previous uncaring two-legs were put to rights. I had to pretend hardly to know my foster two legs. Well, that’s only fair isn’t it ?. After all, my new family own my loyalty, as well as my feeding bowl, biscuit allocation and generous supply of walks and treats.

The little Dobie bitch that I had a hankering for whilst in foster was still stand-offish, and gave me the “Whoorah, whoorah !” growlie treatment when I went near her. Happily Susan [the bitch’s name] was so preoccupied with the cold shoulder routine that I was able to relieve her of her dog chew, to add to my own, phnarr, phnarr !

From being a skinny creature when FOND took me in I am, as described by my new two legs’ a little bit porky. Good job my foster two-legs didn’t join in this utterly unjustified criticism of my physique. I would have reminded him that he is still, most obviously, according to HIS waistline, overdoing the Scottish Highland happy juice.

My health, thank you for asking, is that I still suffer a bit from my nerves, and don’t like being left alone for long, but I know I am in safe hands. We have some nice blue leg wrappings for our nervous occasions these days to prevent the temptation to leg-nibble.

So there we are, friends, we stayed, drank tea, ate biscuits, munched chews, and went off home. A good time had by all.

I hope this leaves all of you Dobie pals as happy and content as I am with my new life. Bye for now. Keep sniffing. Your everloving – SAM with help from RM.

Lucy on the road

I’ve been everywhere man!
Ready and Waiting to Go

Lucy is a seasoned traveller despite being only 11 months old, she was originally imported into England from Serbia by a character who deals in dogs with no regard for their welfare just an interest in lining his pocket. Recently she has been on a little holiday visiting people who have FOND Dobies, people who would like to own one and catching up with a couple of rehomed dobies. In fact she’s been doing a little bit of match making as there are three male Dobies looking for companions so she’s been checking them out lest she fancies one of them for herself! Lucy loves a play mate.

Meeting Buzz

Day One/Two:

Buzz and Luce

A trip to Dumfries and Galloway to meet Nila and Buzz in their lovely home. Buzz is a very fortunate dog and receives the best of everything, he lives in beautiful countryside surrounded by stunning mature woodland with a river running through one of their fields opposite the house and has several acres of secure ground to run in and explore. Sadly some years ago he broke a leg and although this was set and has healed he does not need a wild child like Lucy to be his constant companion as this would put too much strain on this weaker limb. After an initial grumble at one another, they went for an on lead walk and after that played in the garden and walked in the Galloway woods. The two became firm friends, sharing a bed (very forward our Lucy), lounging on special dog sofas or rolling around on the floor in the largest sheepskin you ever saw. There is a very special home waiting here for the right bitch, winters spent snoozing on the sheepskin in front of a huge log burner or sitting beside Nila as she prepares a special dinner for dogs and humans on her Aga, she is an ace cook and a delightful lady.

Heading South

Days Three/Four/Five

Every garden should have one

Travelling down the M6 sweltering hot and warning notices of lanes ahead blocked and long delays, took a detour into Shropshire which suited because we met Harley who might be coming into FOND for rehoming in August. A tall, young neutered male who needs the guidance of an experienced owner but appears to have a friendly nature. Possibly more on Harley in due course.

Down to Wiltshire meeting up with family as this is a partially personal and part FOND trip, not a squeak from little Lucy a delight to take travelling.

Lucy loves Tod

Here Luce meets Tod a rather handsome young German Short Haired Pointer who has found his vocation gun dog training. Tod played with Lucy running on the Ridgeway and on the downs they were a good match for one another, but as usual Lucy’s recall proved somewhat selective with the distraction of rabbits and the smell of deer, which could be seen in large herds roaming the downs. Although the deer are in their hundreds and a menace to the farmers’ crops it was sad to find the sweetest tiny fawn hanging in a wire fence when a hoof had become trapped and she ended up with a broken limb. Fortunately Tod’s Mum had a 4 x 4 and we were able to get up the track and wrap the fawn up and take her to be put to sleep after extracting her from the fence rather than being left to die a slow and painful death. Sadly with all the wire around this is not an unusual fate to befall deer and other wild animals and for that matter some domestic ones. Departure from Wiltshire was delayed because of car problems but Lucy didn’t worry she was too busy following her nose across the fields, playing with Tod or practising her ball catching on Uncle’s lawn.


Days Six/Seven

Love is sharing Dex

Now in Norfolk where as well as my catching up with a long standing friend Lucy went to meet Dexter who is a handsome brown and tan male living in a quiet Lincolnshire hamlet along a peaceful country lane. Lucy and Dexter went for a riverside walk and Lucy quickly showed Dex what a little water babe she is after which they went back to Dexter’s garden to meet Vince, The Cat. Dexter was just a puppy when he moved in with Vince and they are the best of playmates. It was soon blatantly obvious that Lucy is not a cat dog so Dexter is still waiting for that someone special to share his home and his large garden, with the constant companionship of an owner who is at home all day to share countryside walks and doesn’t want to eat Vince the cat!

Run Luce run

Rosie and The Hird Dobies

Day Eight


Time to head back north to meet Rosie who was recently taken in after a relationship breakdown. We hope to find Rosie a permanent home, she is the sweetest character you could wish to meet, somewhat portly at the moment as her medical needs and diet have not been attended to despite recommendations from the vet on old medical records. Rosie through a combination of over feeding is over weight possibly worsening her incontinence problems, which might stem from an early spaying or there could be a genetic reason . Rosie deserves a break she is fantastic with people and other dogs and all despite having been taken in as a cruelty case to Manchester dogs home as a youngster. Rosie is on a combination of Enurace and Incurin for her incontinence and Soloxine for her border-line under active thyroid. We are hoping that the super family who have taken Rosie in will continue to see improvement in Rosie’s health whilst her condition is being monitored. You never saw a more smiley face than Rosie’s today when she found herself in a real family home comprising Mum and Dad, three children, three cats, two guinea pigs and two other dogs including Bertie the 9 month old Yorkie who bounces up and down like a pogo stick resembling a hairy caterpillar in full flight. Rosie positively beamed with pleasure at being part of a family.

Lucy and I stayed with Ollie, Fleur and Sheba and went off to for a walk together. The well mannered trio obviously considered the Luce to be a complete hooligan and certainly did not need her upsetting their orderly lives.

Birthday Boy Ollie

Day Nine

I'm Eight today

We should have said that Ollie Hird celebrated his eighth birthday on our visit as you can see he was very proud of his card. Lucy would all like you to know that she will be one year old on the 30th July and likes tennis balls and footballs.

Final leg setting off home but first a last run on Catterick race course for Lucy where she attempted without success to reduce the rabbit population that is infiltrating the banks around the chase course plus she was a bit fed up because the lake in the middle is a bird sanctuary and ‘off limits’ to dogs. Lucy has her first night in a motel and thought it great fun, there was a good walking area with a lake and her room had a balcony so she could spy on passers by and give them a good woofing.

Heading Home

Day ten

Hird of Dobes

A murky morning, Lucy likes the grounds at Annandale Waters, big grassy areas to run over, woods to explore and ducks and swans to eye up on the mini lake. Unfortunately she blots her copybook by first chasing an oyster catcher as it flies above her and then rolling in dead seagull, much appreciated at six o’clock in the morning! Thank you Lucy time we were home and you expended some of your energy on the Aberdeenshire beaches because young madam your turn for spaying is drawing near. Enjoy your free running whilst you can because no ball catching and flying about for ten days as from the 28th July for you! (Trip from 10th-20th July 2014)


I first met Sarah at the end of October 2013, shortly after she had applied to adopt a FOND Dobe, so I was delighted to return in July 2014, this time meeting not only Sarah but also her partner Andrew and Harley who they adopted six months ago in January 2014.

Harley On Watch

Looking extremely fit and well, I could easily see why this four year old dog is one of Pam’s (many!) favourites. After I’d been greeted by Sarah and Andrew it was Harley’s turn and he did so in a very friendly but quiet way. I was told that he does take the responsibility to look after his home and family very seriously and had barked furiously to alert them as I parked my car a few minutes earlier at the side of the house!

I’d been invited to join Sarah, Andrew and Harley on one of their evening walks and as I was rather late arriving, having spent what seemed a lifetime on just a 20 mile stretch of the M6, we immediately set off in the car for the short journey to their woodland walk. Living as they do in the shadow of the Longridge Fells in Lancashire, this threesome take advantage of the wonderful countryside surrounding them each and every day of the year come sun, rain, wind or snow.

Harley’s daily routine involves an hour or so walk in the morning, often to the local park and then a three and a half mile evening walk in the fells lasting at least an hour and a half. (with me along it took over two hours though…!)

Knowing that, I wasn’t surprised at Harley’s fit, athletic appearance. What did surprise me was just how fit and energetic this lad is – and what he does to amuse himself!

Inspector Harley

A well-trained and obedient dog, once out of the car Harley walked alongside for the first hundred metres or so until we were clear of the road, then he was sent off to do what he loves doing and is best at – looking for the scent of deer and all the other wildlife in the woods and undergrowth, and searching for sticks to carry and play with. I could then see why he’s known as “the Harley-copter” – when he’s excited, Harley doesn’t wag his tail, he rotates it!!

Although our walk is about three and a half miles, goodness knows how far Harley travels as he bobs and weaves in and out of the trees, through the ferns and bracken and up and down the path as he searches for the elusive deer, fox or whatever.

Sooner or later though, something will attract his attention and he’ll stop in his tracks to investigate. He’s found a stick!!

Something to Take Home

It has to be said that wonderful though Harley most certainly is, he’s obviously not too good at looking things up in the dictionary. Here’s what “a stick” is to me; “a thin piece of wood that has fallen or been cut off a tree” Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Well, here’s what “a stick” is to Harley – that’s what I call a branch!! This comical character will spend ages getting his “stick” out of the undergrowth – or even water if necessary – and then carry it for enormous distances before getting bored, dropping it and starting the whole process again!

Unlike many Dobermanns I’ve met that really don’t like water, Harley loves it and is more than happy to jump right in to any available pond or pool to cool off with a refreshing drink and splash about after his energetic running about.

Only after a couple of hours of serious walking did Harley finally begin to slow down a little – but only a little! Sadly for me, though, it meant we were coming close to the end of one of the most enjoyable and memorable dog walks I’ve ever had. The warm, welcoming approach of Sarah and Andrew left me feeling I was enjoying an evening’s walk with friends I’d known for years, but having the opportunity to see for myself the wonderful Harley thoroughly enjoying himself truly made my day complete.

Come On In

Even though I spent only a few hours in the company of this threesome, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that Harley is devoted to Sarah and Andrew, has a life that many dogs could only dream about and shows them his gratitude in return. In this case though, there’s a wonderful twist to the story; Sarah and Andrew feel the same about Harley. They’re also devoted to him and they believe he has changed their lives for the better. It reminded me of a quote by Roger Caras on the FOND website ‘Dogs are not our WHOLE LIFE, but they make our LIVES WHOLE.’ This is a family that proves it’s true.

Sadly I now really had to tear myself away and wearily head for home – I’d had more exercise than I’m accustomed to and faced 20 miles down the dreaded M6 again, although I’d have happily travelled the entire length of it for the experience I’d just had. Having already been fed, Lord Harley of Longridge as I now know him had the advantage of his nice comfy bed close at hand and as I waved goodbye, was already making good use of it. And yes, Harley, when I eventually got to my bed, I too slept well that night!!

My grateful thanks to Sarah, Andrew and of course his Lordship for a really wonderful evening.

AG July 2014

You can see a photo album of Harley’s walk with Allan here


It was a lovely summer’s day when I headed out into rural Cheshire to catch up with Lyndsey and Louis, the FOND Dobe she adopted some eighteen months ago. Poor Louis had apparently been something of a disappointment to his previous owner but certainly isn’t to his new one, a long-time and knowledgeable Dobermann enthusiast with more than 30 years experience of the breed. If anyone’s able to recognise a “good Dobermannn” I knew it would be Lyndsey so I was eager to find out about life with the lovely Louis and over a cup of coffee I listened while she spoke affectionately of him and his qualities.

Louis' New Home

On meeting him for the first time I was immediately struck by his physical appearance – well muscled, wonderfully proportioned, alert with a glorious sheen to his coat. His impressive appearance is matched by his equally impressive calm, quiet, easy-going temperament. He is of course like many Dobes a “people dog” and loves human company but gets along superbly with other animals too, which is just as well as he lives with one Weimaraner Kaylee, Pomeranians Isabella her son BJ and daughter Jessie and completing the pack German Shepard Connie and then there are the five horses!

On the Trail

With an entire farm at their disposal, Louis and the pack have plenty of room – and opportunity – for a good romp around in the fields. Of course the wildlife that freely roams the area provide lots of lovely distracting smells so there’s no such thing as a “quick walk”, it takes a long time to investigate each and every wonderful scent trail and make sure there are no unwanted intruders around the farm! This routine isn’t something that happens just once in the morning and again in the evening. Oh no, it’s several times a day that Louis leads the pack out on patrol….!!

King of the Road

As an enthusiastic and accomplished rider with several VERY impressive (that means seriously BIG) horses, Lyndsey often travels to events using the horsebox. Of course she needs help and the adaptable Louis is more than happy to offer his services as a travelling companion. He takes his responsibilities extremely seriously and does a very good “I’m on
guard so behave yourself” pose if he thinks it necessary, though mostly he prefers to just pose and soak up the attention that such an impressive dog is bound to attract!

My Best Friend

If all this sounds like hard work then fear not, Louis has plenty of time for relaxing. He loves playing games and taught Lyndsey to play his game of “stalk”. Yes, that’s right Louis taught her to play!! The game involves Louis crouching down on all four paws and at first he carried on just repeating that until Lyndsey copied him. Then he slowly crawled toward her and again waited until she copied. That process was repeated a couple of times until once they were close to each other, one “pounced” on the other and lots of Dobie kisses followed. That’s now a regular game which they both enjoy. I did try to get some sneaky photographs of them playing but Louis is far too clever to fall for that one!

After more than two hours in their company, I had to reluctantly tear myself away from Lyndsey, Louis and the rest of the four-legged family. There’s no doubt at all that Lord Louis is an extremely happy and contented Dobermann who is thoroughly enjoying every moment of his new life. Lyndsey too is absolutely delighted with the latest Dobe in her life so I think this could be summed up as a classic win-win situation!! My grateful thanks to Lyndsey for giving me so much of her time and the opportunity to meet her wonderful dogs (and horses too!)

AG July 2014


Sitting pretty

Fleur is as delightful as her name. She is cheeky, inquisitive and very pretty with comical ears that make her face exceptionally expressive. Alas she was originally brought to FOND’s attention after a tragic accident, needing to have a leg amputated after which she went into foster care. None of this trauma has affected her happy-go-lucky nature, Fleur meets and greets people, especially adores small people and other dogs with equal enthusiasm. Fleur has two friends Ollie rehomed three years ago through FOND and Sheba a rather stately lady who also went through a Dobermann rescue. Sheba is happy to let Ollie and Fleur pass the days with wild games whilst she watches on knowingly. The three are often to be seen on Catterick or the old Richmond racecourses running off some energy. It was good to catch up with them and Lucy took a fancy to Ollie but Fleur said ‘no that’s my boy’. Sheba just let them all get on with it and stuck close to her mum. Three Dobies who are a credit to their owner, relaxed, happy and in good condition. Oh yes and I should say Fleur has fitted in so well with the Hird household that she is now a permanent member and was officially adopted on Ollie’s birthday. What more could he want? PH and Lucy.

Lulu Returns


Lulu bounced back again to see us earlier in July, it is now over eighteen months since she found her forever home and from the wild and dizzy girl she was, Lulu is now very self assured and so well behaved! Lulu came to see us last year when Brian and Jacqui were up on holiday and absolutely delighted to see them back again this year and staying at the favourite place around here, especially when you have a dog and that is Nethermill cottages near Pennan, worth checking out HERE

Lulu somehow landed up being tethered to a traveller’s van in the Surrey area, she was microchipped but it was not registered to anyone except a vet practice that had lost the records so establishing her age was difficult and she is either an import, illegally docked or very young for her age. As far as Lulu is concerned she is a mature two year old, as crazy about playing ball as she ever was, as quick as lightening and a comic who is always one step ahead of you. A self contained happy girl, she is adored by her owners and revels in the adulation. Lulu has rewarded their kindness by maturing into a very sensible dog who is trustworthy off lead, completely relaxed in all situations and just continues to enjoy life and make everyone she meets smile.


I arrived at Lee’s flat to be greeted by a very happy looking Lee and Snoop. I sat down for a cuppa and Snoop immediately came and did the usual Dobermann trick of leaning against and almost on top of me! It was lovely to see him looking so healthy and happy. Lee had a couple of funny stories about Snoop to tell.

Snoop at his new home

Returning home from shopping one day Lee placed all his bags on the dining table before putting the shopping away. Snoop was fascinated with the scent coming from these bags realising further investigation was necessary. Lee repeatedly told Snoop to leave them, however, Snoop took this opportunity to test his luck and Lee’s resolve, continuing to rummage, again he was sent away only to return as soon as Lee’s back was turned. At this point Lee raised his voice and reprimanded Snoop for his disobedience, but this was not the end of the matter. Snoop decided on this occasion he was having the last word; he walked over to Lee’s neatly arranged chess board sitting on the coffee table in the middle of the room and with one swipe of his massive paw, sent the majority of the chess pieces flying on to the floor. Snoop then proceeded to just sit there and stare at Lee. Have you ever tried to stare down a dog with a disapproving glare whilst at the same time stifle hysterical laughter?! It really is not easy, and a task Lee epically failed at!

Another time Lee had decided to treat himself to a steak for dinner, removing two tasty looking fillet steaks from the fridge. Being no stranger to cooking a mean steak, Lee knows to allow the steaks to reach room temperature before cooking and left them on the kitchen counter to acclimatise, ensuring they were out of Snoop’s reach. This proved to be mistakes, the first of which was leaving any sort of food out and unguarded. The second –and most important- was assuming that ANYTHING could be out of Snoop’s reach. Minutes after placing the steaks on the work top Lee remembered he had left his ‘phone in the car, so he dashed to the car to retrieve it. All of two minutes had passed when Lee returned to find Snoop hiding in the living room looking both mischievous and satisfied. He instantly knew why! Lee walked into the kitchen to find that Snoop –somehow- managed to access the steaks and open the packaging with surgical precision, and that he had only eaten one of the steaks. Now the probability is that he was disturbed mid pilfer and only managed one of the steaks, however, Lee has made up his own, much more appealing story that Snoop was simply sharing his catch. Regardless of why, the real reason is HOW?! Lee still cannot see any possible way Snoop could reach to the far side of a high counter, coming to the conclusion that Snoop is, in actual fact a cross breed between a Dobermann Pincher and a Ninja! K.U.



Ashleigh tells Debbie all about her Dobie Roscoe.

’Roscoe is a bundle of fun, love, and ditziness! He makes us laugh every day with his funny faces and ‘flying nun’ ears, and completes our family with his warmth and tenderness. We were lucky that he already knew and got on with our Ridgeback, Cora, as he was being fostered by our Dobie-tastic dog walkers Kelty-Doggy-Walks, but how well he settled with our cat Luci was a pleasant surprise.

After our morning walks, the three join together in a kitchen-chorus of ‘where’s breakfast?’ though I’m happy to say Roscoe and Cora’s manners are somewhat better than Luci’s, as they know not to touch their food until we give the word. We still have some way to go with his training, as he can be a little leash-reactive, but he is very intelligent, loves learning new tricks, and has great recall off lead.

Outdoors, he has come a long way from the city boy he once was, not wanting to even get his feet wet in puddles! Now he loves to rough-and-tumble down muddy embankments, roll around in the wet sandy beach, and has even jumped full speed into weedy ponds. Good thing he loves our walk-in shower, so cleaning him up after a hard day’s play is in itself enjoyable too!

Roscoe’s energy seems boundless, and he loves to run and play for hours, fetching balls and frisbees, hunting field mice, and playing tag with Cora, but when we come home, his favourite spots are on the couch, head cuddled into someone’s lap, or in front of the fire, cuddled up to Cora – he is true to Dobie form being an absolute cuddle monster!

With the sweetest smile and bright, happy eyes, he wins the hearts of all who meet him, our beautiful baby boy.’ Ash

On a personal note I don’t think Roscoe could have found a better match than Ash and Euan who quite clearly love this loveable rogue to bits. What a journey he has had from abandoned, starved walking the streets, to a life of luxury. …. Roscoe now how more clothes and designer collars than any doggy I know and definitely wants for nothing.


Sunny Pippa

Judith and John arrived one Friday afternoon in lovely sunshine to visit Pippa in her forever home in beautiful countryside near Preston, Lancashire. As we walked up the drive into the courtyard we were warmly greeted by Pippa a young brown and tan Dobe with her new best friend Ozzie, a very handsome black spaniel. Whilst the greeting was warm they both let their family know strangers had arrived. They live in a large house with spacious courtyard and lovely big garden ideal for running chasing and generally having fun. The other members of the garden are several good-looking black and white speckeld hens. This created some problems initially as Pippa chased the hens and a couple of times proudly brought one into the house as a trophy, fortunately undamaged but not impressed with its new manner of travelling! Everything settled down and the cheekycockerel now eats out of Pippa’s bowl , if he gets the chance.
Ozzie and Pippa play really well and seem to be best mates. Pippa was rather reserved for the first 3 months but as she settled in gradually came out of her shell and is now a very loving and loved girl. On days when the family will all be out she and Ozzie go to work with Dad where Pippa loves resting her head on his desk to check he is working well!!!
Beside having their garden to play in the dogs also have a paddock with horse friends. The garden is side on to a rather pleasant country lane popular with cyclists and Pippa has now converted part of the manicured lawn into a Dobe race track alongside the fence with a turning circle at the end as she races the cyclists on her side of the fence.

This young Dobe has got her paws well and truly under the table and is having a marvellous time, she is well loved by all the family and is thoroughly settled into her new home. (Picture to follow).


Mark catches up with Bella.


I recently went to see a very happy and contented ‘Bella’ who lives with her two, two legs, Harvey the 3 year old black and tan male, and Kat-the-cat.

She is doing brilliantly and is obviously enjoying life in her country cottage with very large grounds and a spacious walled garden- perfect for sunbathing. She has mile upon mile of country walks right at the end of her garden and also loves to go out for rambles with one of the two legs on his quad bike. Here she can show off with her superior stamina- much to Harvey’s disgust. They have a great relationship together though and Harvey has the better of Bella on the football field, but only just.

Bella has lost some weight too with all this good livin’ and is looking really good over all. Lovely coat, bright eyes, pink gums and just a smashing nature too, she is testament to all who have looked after her.

To start with Bella was not too sure about Kat and was getting a bit excited every time she heard Kats collar bell. So……….. the two legs had a fantastic idea and put a cat bell on Bella’s collar too. This worked a treat in desensitizing Bella to the issue and now Bella and Kat live together in harmony. Great work by the two legs and an example to all about working to fix possible issues.

Bella also enjoyed a busy family Christmas with people of all ages visiting and she behaved impeccably.