Dobie Trail 2013

Since FOND began re-homing early in 2011 we have always tried to keep in touch with our dogs and their new owners. Every year Pam tries to meet a few in their new homes and write a progress report for the website. Now FOND has Dobermanns adopted to homes throughout the UK making it physically and financially impossible for one person to follow up on each and every one of them. Consequently some of our ‘agents’ as they are affectionately known are now making a contribution towards our Dobie Trail.


Zee Portrait

Zee was something over nine years old when FOND was asked to rescue her about two and a half years ago. Because of the incapacity of her original owner, she was living with several other dogs in squalid conditions where she was not receiving exercise or veterinary attention.

Helen and Nick Baker initially agreed to foster her and having generously accepted responsibility for providing and paying for veterinary care, Zee had four teeth removed, a nasty mouth abcess attended to, received routine vaccinations, was microchipped and had necessary treatment for her incontinence. The bad news is the fostering arrangement quickly failed. The good news is the family adopted her instead!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Zee and her family before. Late in 2012 Nick, Helen and their children Beth, Ben and Tom hoped to adopt another Dobe to keep Zee company. I took Kinti, our foster Dobe at that time to meet with the family and although Zee and Kinti got on wonderfully well outside of the home, unfortunately Zee decided she didn’t want to share the comfort of her sofa with any other dog, she wanted to continue hogging all the love and attention herself!

It was good to meet with Zee and Helen again yesterday and I was delighted to see Zee looking exceptionally fit and well in spite of her being more than eleven and a half years old. Of course she’s slowing down just a little bit now, her muzzle’s very grey and she’s recently been prescribed medication for arthritis. None of this however has reduced her enthusiasm for the daily morning and evening walk or the weekend trips to the beach where she can still show the younger dogs a thing or three!

Search and destroy mode

Although she’s very happy to snuggle up with the family whenever she can, Zee takes her responsibility to protect them from intruding wildlife very seriously too and has in the past proudly presented dead frogs and even a bird that she caught to a less-than-impressed Helen. Thankfully today I had my camera with me to record her in action, fearlessly guarding her humans from invading frogs or other vicious nasties which might attack from under the fence. She’ll stand watching, sit watching or lie watching for as long as it takes for a beastie to put in an appearance – or a treat is offered, whichever comes first!

As she’s quite a character, I couldn’t resist a couple of portrait shots too, so I present to you Zee, the distinguished elderly lady of the Baker family.

After a thoroughly enjoyable visit, I left safe in the knowledge that Zee is a much-loved friend, companion, playmate and of course guardian for the whole Baker family. For Zee’s part, I believe her face says it all – “I’m happy and contented, enjoying the later years of my life in a way I never thought possible.”

Thank you, Helen, Nick, Beth, Ben and Tom for giving this lovely older Dobe a wonderful home and for all the help and support you give FOND too.

AG 6 September 2013


Kai and Vinny

Chorley, Lancashire; home to Chorley Football Club and Kai Bullen, the football-loving Dobermann.

Given his love of footballs (yes, footballs, not the game…) it was probably a match made in heaven when Kai was adopted by Peter and Vinney Bullen and the family in December 2012, living as they do in the shadow of a football club.

Although I’d never previously met Kai or his adopted family I’d heard lots of positive things about them both from Pam, so I was really looking forward to this encounter and I wasn’t disappointed! Kai greeted me very enthusiastically and I was immediately treated to a good face-wash. Stopping only to take a breath, he decided I needed another. And another. And another. And …well, you get the idea! This is one seriously happy and affectionate Dobermann who didn’t stop playing and fussing the whole time I was there. Once I’d been given the ok by Kai, Vinney too gave me a warm welcome. She explained that Kai is an excellent judge of character so she waits for his assessment of people first and thankfully I passed.

Unfortunately Kai has suffered for some time with ruptured Achilles tendons which rules out vigorous exercise and restricts his activity to fairly short on-lead walks. Although this may have prevented him joining the ranks of famous footballers, it hasn’t stopped him enjoying footballs themselves which are in abundance thanks to the practice balls which regularly land in the garden. Rumour had it that the club were facing financial difficulties because of the enormous cost of replacement balls, so Kai eventually agreed he would keep just one a week and return the others. It was quite a sacrifice on his part though, it takes him only a matter of hours to turn a full-sized football into little pieces of sad-looking leather. Although not in the same league (pun intended!) small squeaky toys are also a welcome distraction although they last for such a short time they’re hardly worth mentioning…!

Kai takes his responsibility as guardian of the family very seriously and displays tremendous determination to protect them from highly dangerous marauding wild animals. Any mention of “C A T S” soon has him on full alert and ready to swing into action. He does have a soft, compassionate side too and is happy to be the ears for Cassie, the family’s deaf elderly bitch who is never far from her protector’s side. Mostly though, he excels at being a happy, friendly dog who is content to provide companionship for Peter and Vinney – and soak up the love they have for him

Although I could have spent hours in the company of Kai and Vinney, I had to force myself to say goodbye, although not before I grabbed a few photos for the FOND family album.

What will I remember most about this meeting? Love and dedication. The dedication of the Bullen family who ensure that whatever their busy work schedules, there’s always someone around to take care of Kai and Cassie. The dedication which means they’ve chosen not to take holidays so they can be at home with their pets. The mutual love between Kai, Vinney and the family which is evident for all to see. What a wonderful family – and what a wonderful Dobermann.

AG 4 September 2013

Tragically the day after Alan’s visit Kai suffered a heart attack and so is no longer with us and is now on our FONDLY REMEMBERED page,


Sweet Ruby

When catching up with young Ruby now 18 months old, we arrived to a warm welcome from Jo and Ruby. Ruby is gorgeous and has matured into such a pretty girl. Even more important she has a beautiful temperament and thinks life is for playing and having fun.

Up for rehoming aged just 14 weeks she was one of litter brought in from Ireland and sold through a middle man on a farm with no parent to view. IKC registered with no affix, no health checks, no endorsements, no advice she was sold with a litter sister, thankfully to a responsible person who quickly realised that owning siblings was not a viable option. Ruby puppy was one of the lucky ones, so many people in similar circumstances would have advertised her on an internet site so as not to be out of pocket not thinking where the dog might finish up.


When first adopted Ruby caused some problems as she did not like being left albeit with other dogs and caused devastation chewing and tearing furniture and soft furnishings. Her family were upset thinking she was not happy and decided to try another tack. She now goes out with her mum who works with horses, Ruby was nervous of them at first but no problem now. She has a kennel and run at the stables but spends the majority of her time running in the fields and ménage and errh helping? When the jumps are out she clears them better than the horses. She enjoys life but doesn’t like to be too far from mum Jo. A very happy dog which shows that perseverance does pay off and although most rehomes come with some baggage, with time, understanding love and patience this can be worked through. Ruby is adored by her family and loves her busy out door life.(J & J.J)

Mattie (now Mojo)

They call me Mojo

How lovely to catch up with Pam’s old friend Mattie (now called Mojo) in the Angus countryside where he lives with his Dobie friend Madea and various horses. Madea and Mojo are both brown and tan and make a lovely Dobie double act.

Happy boy Mojo, re-homed in the summer of 2012 is looking fantastic. My goodness he has matured into a handsome fellow, filling out in all the right places and with his gleaming nut brown coat he looks the picture of health.

I had no sooner stepped into the house than Mojo wanted to show me his tricks. Clever Mojo can take a bow, give a “double high five” with both paws at once and can even “play dead”. All for a biscuit of course! The trouble is that the biscuit- loving Mojo will insist on doing his tricks without being asked so that his mum will go and fetch a treat for him. This means that there is a rather large brown and tan Dobermann falling at her feet every five minutes in the kitchen!

Fun-loving Mojo has an outstanding temperament and loves visitors to the house, chumming up with anyone who fancies a bit of his charming and gregarious company.

When not out helping mum with the horses or playing with Madea, Mojo is having fun sliding down the long hallway which he thinks a marvellous way to pass the time

Mum, Tracey’s, animals are her life and the care she gives to her horses and to Madea and Mojo is impeccable. “High Five” to you Mojo! Great to see you!



My life is good

Calendar star Mr June, that’s Sebastion now known affectionately as Zeb he was rehomed in July 2012 and now lives with Zee a black and tan Dobie bitch. I met up with Zeb’s owners and himself a handsome, dark chestnut coloured Dobe with the shiniest brown coat I have seen one dark February evening. He is especially devoted to Jason and both Dobes gave me a very friendly greeting as I drank tea with Jacqui and Jason and listened to tales of their dobes and horses.

Unfortunately prior to seeing Zeb he had undergone an operation on one of his ears for a haematoma and since my visit had a lucky escape after the symptoms of bloat were recognised and he was successfully operated on. Not content with these two scares he then hurt his hip when making an awkward leap into the chicken run but thankfully anti-inflammatories and rest put him right.

Zeb has a great country life style with walks in the Berkshire countryside and lots of free running when he is at the stables and fields where Jacqui keeps her horses. He used to be a terrible howler but thankfully that is now a past habit and he has apparently learnt to talk making his needs known and attended to! Not sure what he says, forgot to ask!

For goodness sake boy now stay out of trouble if you were a cat you’d be 4 lives down as in your previous home you were also under the knife.!



Adored by my owners

Jazz’s owners generously offered me a bed for my stop over in Cheshire so I had lots of time to catch up with one of the sweetest natured bitches you could ever wish to meet. Rehomed when her owners were posted to China on a long-term contract she has fallen well and truly on all four paws. Living in a beautiful 4 storey home with garden down to the river where they have a boat moored this Dobie wants for nothing.

Jazz has a bed on every floor and took to riding in the boat along the River Dee without a care. Quite the little madam when her owners are working when she cannot go for a morning jog with Patrick then the dog walker steps in and she goes out with various canine companions and has a ball. Her other carer is their housekeeper who also sees to Jazz’s needs plus the adult children in the family. Jasmine has all her retinue twisted around one of her delicate paws and is a confident and very happy dog.

In the evening we enjoyed a drink by a blazing log fire and Jazz along with their very superior and self assured Siamese cat curled up happily on the sofa with Karen and Patrick sharing affection from them both. I receive regular calls and photographs about life with Jasmine. One of the homes where you wouldn’t mind putting yourself up for adoption!



Who said I was vocal?

Moving on from Cheshire to Ashley in Lancashire with more astonishing hospitality from adopters, supporters and friends the Jacques.

J and J originally collected Ash on behalf of FOND from a pound in Yorkshire where he was 48 hours away from being pts. We were able to track his history right back to his first owner and breeder in Somerset. Ashley had gone through a number of homes but was always being passed on and finally he was abandoned and the owner declined to collect him from the pound.

There is no other way to put it, Ash is a very handsome dog, great with people but terrible on the lead, very vocal when seeing other dogs and a total nightmare in the car. Now most people would have handed this boy thankfully over into our care but not Mr and Mrs J ‘Oh no” they wanted to keep Ash and give him a chance with 40 years experience of the breed they quickly realised he was not going to have many takers! Not long before Ashley’s arrival they had lost their magnificent, most serene Dobe called Harry, he was just a super star. After a saint of a dog J & J elected to put themselves through hell with Ash an accomplished barker and hellion on the lead.

I’ve got ya ball!
Regular reports led me to believe he would end up in FOND’s kennels but NO they persevered. Four trainers fell by the wayside but their many years of experience, patience and good common sense prevailed, maybe helped by the example of the already resident Princess Tara their very smart little lurcher cross bitch. A fun and feisty lass who knows how to put a boy in his place and was not up for joining in bad behaviour.

Thirteen months later Ash has plenty of admirers is now reasonable in the car, controllable on the lead, generally calming down and is not so reactionary to every duck or sea bird that floats by his boat. Yes he lives on a boat with miles of coastal walking. Ash you are one lucky boy, your owners in my book deserve a medal for 2012’s most trying Dobermann!


Queen Bailey

I’m so clever

Another youngster who came in from Ireland, hence she is docked and sadly her family could not keep her because of unexpected extenuating circumstances. Bailey or Bea will be two years old in December this year, she was originally rehomed at just eight months of age and has developed into a little stunner.

Confident with people and very social with other dogs she came to visit showing us she has learnt to do all sorts of tricks with the aid of clicker training and ‘Do it yourself training’ via You tube. Bea lives with a young child and two cats and is well known to all in her area she is so friendly. The cats still undergo a degree of tormenting and despite her illustrious name the young lady is not adverse to a spot of thieving.

Watch our for Bea in one of our winter months for the 2014 calendar, from all the photographs and videos we have received you can see she enjoys superb walking with first time Dobe owners the Turners who are real converts to all things Dobermann. Kenny bought Bea a set of bells called Purse Handbag security Bell Attachment which is sold on Amazon in case you are interested as some of you might find them useful if walking dogs in wild, over grown and remote spots. At least if they go out of sight you know which direction to look or call in. With forests, dunes and long grass it is not difficult to lose sight of these one hundred mile an hour charges! Not that Bea takes off but always better to be safe than sorry.


Tilly May

Oh you're a FOND person!     

I was looking forward to seeing this elderly lady who was left in kennels after her owner died whilst on holiday. Quite a daunting task to find a home for one so elderly, in poor condition
and covered in fatty lumps, but hey guess what – a couple with hearts as big as the universe came forward and offered this girl a home. It restores your faith in mankind to find such a generous
couple. If every dog could have a home like this, they would be in dog heaven!


I was met by Jill and introduced to Tilly May who graciously gave me an audience from her sofa! This is her ‘spot’ apparently from where she can keep a beady eye on the comings and goings of
Harry the lurcher aged 14, Mossop the male Dobe aged 11+ and little minx Mia the 8 month old Dobe. All for one and one for all would be this lady’s quote, however, she is queen of all she
surveys. It says a lot for mum Jill and dad David that her coat is in beautiful condition, and sparkling eyes (not missing anything), pay tribute to their loving care of this girl, although her fatty
lumps cannot now be treated due to her age, and makes her mum furious that nothing was done earlier to get rid of them. She does have quite a few of them and some are very big, hindering her walking,
but doesn’t stop her wanting to chase the resident cat! She was eventually persuaded to get down from her sofa and participate in some treats and then a little walk to the green, right outside
their door.

She was keen to go, and let off the lead spent some time having a good old sniff and look around to see what was going on, but all was quiet and no cats to be seen.

The food and company is good

  She has her own routine at night, when she likes the living room to herself, (by 9.30.p.m. please,) music on and a soft light. Young Mia likes to tease her, and the pair of them indulge in
mock growls and baring of teeth, all the while Tilly not moving from her ‘throne’, which was fun to see as my own Dobes do exactly the same thing except they are both on the floor. 


Going on 14 this lovely  girl has found a wonderful home to spend her twilight years in, with plenty going on to keep her motivated. Good food, lots of TLC and walks have turned this girl’s
life around, and shows how rewarding it is to give a home to an elderly Dobe. Well done Jill and David, I can’t imagine her with anyone else, may you all have lots more time together.




Enzo at Home

Crikey! what a huge fellow this is and absolutely full of energy. Well behaved and became very excited when Stephen showed me his harness that he wears on their CanniX, he then settled down with a
large ring of cow hide to chew. Has one or two problems, but again an experienced Dobe owner who is prepared to work on them. Stephen discovered that if you get hold of his collar to try and
take him somewhere against his wishes he gets upset as he thinks he is going in a cage, which I understood was where he spent a lot of time before they adopted him, and also he would chase sheep if
allowed so a very careful eye is kept on him when out. Has his own sofa and a bed in front of the fire, for when the weather gets cold. He has been camping with Stephen in the Peak District and loved
it, never wandering very far. Considering he is so big he has lovely cute ears, not quite in keeping with his size, but hey, what does size matter! Follows Stephen everywhere and if he thinks he is
not getting enough attention, steals his clothes out of the laundry basket. which has necessitated laundry baskets with zips on! He can see any arrivals through the full glass windows, and I knew
which house to go to as I recognised that Dobie bark. He is in lovely condition, shining coat and sparkling eyes and just one big boy, with a huge capacity for life. I can’t think of a fitter couple,
happy running you two. Sue H.



A sweet bitch who greeted me with her comforter and a wiggly bottom, pushing her way through the ‘moggies’. She is the apple of Kathryn and Chris eyes and has got used to all the cats, as they
also ‘foster’ cats of various shape and size, as well as some of their own. Jess has now got used to them and because the cats are used to her they stand a better chance of a re-home with a
family with a dog, so works well both ways. She has some lovely walks in the Peak District, and in various parks nearby which seem to stretch almost into the Peak District itself. Looked in lovely
condition and very friendly, very attached to her comforter which she takes around the house, I suspect it has to be pushed in the washing machine when her back is turned! Experienced Dobe owners
delighted with their new addition, she will be spoiled to death! A lovely couple, happy days with Jess, she has filled a huge hole in your lives. Sue H.




Hello folks, Molly Dobe here. Yes, I know, this guy called Allan is supposed to be writing this article about my progress since coming into FOND’s care but guess what? Yup, he’s sat
here in the sun drinking coffee and talking his head off so I’ve taken the opportunity to nick his notebook and pen and tell you what I think. You know what Pam? You just can’t get
reliable workers these days! Well, I really have fallen on all four paws here. I came in an emergency a few months ago now and was only supposed to be here until my FOND friends found a permanent
home for me but it seems I’m so popular that these lovely people decided this is now going to be my home forever. Isn’t that superb!

Tania and me

I’m living with a really wonderful lady who loves me to bits – and I love her too, here’s a photo of us looking lovingly at each other. There are other nice humans here too but
the best bit is that there are loads of other dogs for me to play with. Now I’ll bet you’re thinking there won’t be much space for us all to run around in and have fun but
you’re wrong. This is a farm you see, so we have acres and acres of space and there’s always people around and things going on so I’m never bored or fed up.


I had a really difficult time in the past but that’s all behind me now and I’m loving my new life here in Cheshire. Do you think it shows in my face? I’ve just heard Allan say
that, so perhaps it’s true, my happiness does show. I’m having a great time with my four-legged friends too. Apart from running around and getting nice and dirty – well, this is a
farm remember – I do like a good game of football to keep me mentally and physically active. That’s certainly best of all for us Dobes, plenty of physical exercise and lots of mental
stimulation. You do know we’re a very intelligent breed, don’t you? (Now I don’t want to be called “doggist”, but can you honestly see, for example, a Boxer dog writing
something like this? No, I didn’t think so..!)

happy molly

Right now we have another Dobe staying with us for a while. He’s a nice enough lad but he does take his football way too seriously. Just look at this for evidence. My Collie friend had
possession of the ball and was going well up the field. I’d positioned myself perfectly on the wing (that’s me in the rather nice pink strip) and was just getting ready to receive a good
pass when what happens? In barges Marley and commits the biggest foul in the history of the world. Talk about “if you can’t get the ball, get the man …erm, dog!”  Of
course I did complain to the ref – who you can just about see in the background on my right in this photo. I though Marley would get sent off but he just gave one big “woof” and the
ref changed their mind for some reason….Well I suppose if the quality of the refereeing is all I’ve got to worry about, life’s pretty darned good I think, so a big “thank
you” to Pam and all my FOND friends for helping me so much.

I'm the best

I’ll have to go now, Allan’s decided it’s time to take some pictures so I’d better go and help him out again. I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit about my new
life and do come back to next year’s Dobie Trail and see how I’m doing a year on. And Pam, please send someone who’ll actually do a bit of work next year instead of just lounging
around in the sun, drinking coffee and nattering!

Love from Molly.



Diesel one content boy

Finally a nice day to drive to the seaside to see Diesel and his lovely senior owner Mr P. A very happy pair these  two and a lovely welcome from Diesel whom I had not met before, but he was
very friendly and brought me his Kong. Very well behaved inside and out, with gentle manners who received my doggy offering very kindly and sitting patiently whilst I fished his treat out of my
pocket! In beautiful condition, and with the beach just five minutes away and the most beautiful garden he enjoys life to the full. His owner has had no problems with him at all, although just
recently he has started chasing cars with dogs inside (if he gets a chance). Mr P thought this might be due to next door’s two small furry dogs who spend a lot of the time at the fence barking at
Diesel, but give credit where due, Diesel did not wait at the fence, but apparently he does give a quick bark now and again and the cheeky furries run away.

Diesel has found the perfect home
His owner has had Dobes for over 50 years, and I have to say I thought they were a very well suited pair, both quiet and calm and obviously thoroughly
enjoying each others company. Lovely to see one happy Dobe and an equally happy owner, I suspect they are never far from one another. I have to say Diesel did not look his age, nearly 8 years old, as
you can see from his photos. Many happy days to you both, it was lovely to meet you. A man and a dog who I felt were exactly right for one another. S.H.




After Cody was rehomed we received lots of up-dates from his new owners which is always appreciated. Like so many of our dogs Cody was up for rehoming due to unforeseen domestic circumstances and
he was just 11 months old when he had to be rehomed. A loving, well socialised dog who enjoys playing with other dogs he quickly settled in with Molly but had to learn the ‘leave’ command as he
thought he could help himself to anything on kitchen and work top surfaces.

Molly a Dobie bitch and Cody soon became best friends and he follows her everywhere. Molly enjoys having a pal to play with again but is definitely the boss and keeps Cody in his place. Their
favourite pass time is wrestling in the garden and then flaking out in front of the fire. Cody also enjoys playing hide and seek around the dining room table which can be quite comical as he pops his
head up over the table then down under the chairs to try and see where his owners are coming from! P.T.

Molly with Cody

Our representative Paula visited him recently and said, ‘Cody is the most gentle, quiet, well mannered Dobie you could wish to meet. He has settled very well with his new Mum and Dad and older
step-sister Molly – who reminds him of his manners should it be needed!

He enjoys watching the horses and sheep next door and looks after the chickens in his garden. When not playing chase around the kitchen table he loves to play Frisbee on the lawn. He also enjoys
long walks in the countryside and on one occasion down at the beach he found a perch to sit and watched a huge flock of geese flying by as he was totally fascinated.

Cody is a real pleasure to walk as he is so friendly with other dogs and his recall is coming on in leaps and bounds, especially when there is a piece of cheese on offer which seems to be his
favourite reward’. P.T.



‘Lady” Pippin has definitely landed on all four paws in her new home, where she enjoys regular walks with her new mum/lady-in-waiting! Trips out in the car are also a favourite. At the time of
Paula’s visit Pipppin was waiting to supervise the workmen change the heating system so she could have her very own radiator in her sleeping area -don’t tell her Mum but that’s the sofa when Jenny
goes out without her!

Pippin deserved that special home as she was very ill when taken into our care and needed an emergency spaying as she was suffering from endometrial hyperplasia and would have gone into a full
pyometra, she also had a mammary tumour that needed removing which was fortunately benign.


Pippin travelled some 1600 miles first to our kennels and then back down to England where she has found a new life in Lincolnshire with her every whim being catered for. We receive regular
up-dates on how friendly she is with visitors and Jenny’s young grand children. A small Dobe with a huge personality we were delighted to have been able help to turn her life around and appreciate
all that has been done for her by her new owner. P.T.



Jacko did not have the best start in life he was abandoned by his owner who left him with his ex-girlfriend and he had not bothered to socialise or train the young dog who was then responsibly
surrendered by his ex. At two years of age he had spent far too much time crated and was quite unpredictable when meeting new people, a nightmare on the lead and not good with other dogs. Jacko’s
breeder had sold him at just 4 weeks old. Jacko spent some time in kennels and with Andy’s guidance his behaviour was turned around.

Fortunately for Jacko his new mum, Diane is not a lady to be daunted and they have becomes best friends. Jacko helps her out with looking after the horse and guarding his garden. If all is quiet
he loves to race around the garden with his kong and there are lots of ice walks out in the countryside where they go exploring together.


Jacko still goes for training classes where he sees Andy back at the kennels in Lincolnshire and Diane says he will continue to attend these until ‘he gets well bored with other dogs’. Hats off to
Diane because this lad was not an easy boy to take on. Shows what commitment can do for a Dobe. P.T.



My Sat Nav took me through some very pretty countryside “arriving at destination” outside Jake’s door in the most idyllic spot at the foot of the Campsie Hills in Scotland. The
doorbell triggered a bit of Dobie woofing after which I was greeted by a happy, bouncy and very friendly Jake who was delighted to welcome me into his home. I was immediately struck by how well Jake
looked with his new trimmed down figure and gleaming coat. Positively bursting with health and vitality he now has muscle tone, bright eyes and his teeth are sparkling. For all those fans of
Jake’s uniquely comical ears you will be pleased to hear that they haven’t changed a bit! I had no sooner sat down than Jake plonked his kong in my lap and then sat beside me leaning in
for a fuss. He is a very affectionate and loving boy and is clearly very close to his lovely owner Karen. I should think so too because I don’t think there is anything Karen would not do for

Jake loves Karen’s mum who visits regularly and she adores him. But don’t leave your glass of wine on the floor or the vino loving Jake will finish it off!

Jake's comical

Although Jake is a good natured, fun loving boy his previously isolated life has resulted in him having a few obsessive compulsive habits which are a challenge at times for Karen but she is
nothing but absolutely resolute about resolving them. His recall which is currently unpredictable (especially when he sees other dogs to bark at and play with) is a work in progress but with
Karen’s determination and commitment to his training we hope to report some real improvement in time.

Jake is one lucky fellow to live surrounded by such beautiful countryside with someone whose life clearly revolves around him.

As I left I whispered two words into those comical ears of his ‘BE GOOD’. (L.G.)


What a delight to catch up with sweet Tags (Tagliatelle) and to meet her big Dobermann friend Marley. The pair of them greeted me like a long lost friend with lots of wiggling bottoms and smiley
faces. Marley is a sensational Dobermann, so gentle and patient and the perfect role model for the bossy little Tags. She has even got him opening doors for her – Marley jumps up on the door
handles pulling open the doors whilst Tags shoots through!

It is hard to believe that Martin and Loretta have not owned Dobes all their lives such is their affinity and empathy with the breed and with their own two Dobies.

Tags and Marley
Little Tags is devoted to them both spending most of my visit draped over them. Martin recalled how Tags had been described as a dog who would literally crawl under your skin if she could and
agreed it could not be more accurate! They could wear her such is her need for physical contact.

Tags is a deeply affectionate little Dobie, still quite dinky in size but maturing nicely. When she came in for rehoming with her mum Poppy we thought she was rather a lost little soul….not
so now! Tags has found her own Dobie paradise with her new family and is set to become a seasoned traveller with trips planned in the family motor home. She already has a holiday to Dornoch under her
belt and declared it great fun!

Miss Taggie
There are one or two issues to be worked on as is sometimes the case with a rehomed Dobie. Tags is not great with other dogs whose names are not Marley (!) and she can
occasionally be fearful of strangers. Martin and Loretta, however, are approaching these problems calmly and are doing everything right in encouraging positive interactions with Tags.

At only two years old she still has some maturing to do but with Martin and Loretta to look after her and Marley by her side she has a wonderful future to look forward to. As I drove off the whole
family were at the window to wave me off including Tags and Marley – what a lovely family. Good luck Tags! (LG )


Magnificent Madison

Madison can come across as rather a serious girl having been through several homes through no fault of her own before being adopted by a couple last November. She now lives on the Fife coast
moments from the beach. We caught up with her on a rare sunny, warm day where we received an initial woof as we walked up the drive after which out she bounced from the conservatory where she had
been toasting herself after her first beach walk of the day. Madison gave us a warm, smiley, wiggley welcome. How she loves her new life, especially her Dad who she thinks is the bees knees and what
a varied life she now enjoys. Mind you it’s Ellie who receives all the attention when her meals are being prepared!

Madison at Home

We heard that Madison had been a little vocal towards strange dogs when she was initially rehomed so David had taken her to meet a local dog trainer/behaviourist. As he handed her over to the
trainer Madison turned around and leapt with such vehemence after Dad wrapping her paws tightly around his chest and clinging on as if to implore him not to give her away! The lead was duly passed
back with the words ‘I cannot do anything for this dog, she’s yours’. It was a moving moment for David and a clear indication of Maddie’s strong bond with him. Madison is now
totally relaxed on her walks and is a devoted companion. She has discovered the delights of a squidgy ball which accompanies them on all walks and one of her party pieces is to walk backwards down
the steps to the beach, eyes fixated on David’s jacket pocket which she knows contains her ball! She now completely ignores all other canine visitors on walks and a more serene and content
individual you could not wish to meet. Like that cheeky Chica, Maddie is now a traveller having just enjoyed her first visit to the family’s Portugese home where she managed to fall into the
swimming pool twice before the cover was taken off and she learned you cannot walk on it! Maddie now has a healthy respect for the pool and tip toes carefully around the edge. On the journey down she
was a little anxious and possibly concerned that another change was impending, however, on the return car ferry crossing she completed the 3 day journey like an old hand. No kennel on board for
Maddie it’s in the cabin with D and E as they would not travel her any other way.

Madison does have her ‘bulldozer’ moments if she thinks there is a wee beastie in a hedge or bush! She will charge full steam ahead into the middle sometimes causing mayhem and
devastation not quite in keeping with the lady who lay on her bed whilst we enjoyed a coffee with paws crossed serenely observing all around her.

We left a very content Dobe with owners who would not wish to imagine a life without Madison. May there be long happy days ahead with the next trip to Portugal planned for the Autumn in their
splendid home up in the hills. Hopefully Madison will not fall in the pool again – surely not one of her most dignified moments! P.H. & L.G.


Sweet Chelsea

They say dogs never forget well Chelsea certainly had no intention of remembering Pam and was quite aloof and suspicious to say the least. Did my visit with Louise make her think another change
was afoot? Whatever the reason, throughout the visit she remained firmly glued to Alan’s side. Those FOND people needn’t have bothered as far as she was concerned! Upon entering the
Sweeney household it soon becomes apparent that the darlin’ word is used profusely and if you think it is addressed to Marion who kindly provided refreshment in the form of a super platter of
sandwiches and rolls you would be wrong! Yes you’ve got it Chelsea is the darlin’ in this home!

Chelsea in Alan’s words thinks she is a ‘mountain goat’. Unfortunately the goat slipped and sprained a toe so she had been on restricted exercise. Prior to this she had been
spayed after suffering a phantom pregnancy during which time she obsessed on a squeaky toy which was quickly removed because of the distress it was causing her. Chelsea Darling has become a little
portly like some bitches who are prone to rapid weight gain after being spayed but this is being addressed with regular trips to weigh in at the vets. A cerain person will not be spoiling the
darlin’ with treats! Chelsea is the first bitch this family has had after a succession of 5 beloved males and the bond she has with her new owners is tangible it is so strong. She is great with
the grandchildren, no problem with other dogs and has thoroughly enjoyed her first holiday in their touring caravan.


We hope to catch up again with Chelsea in the Autumn when she is having another caravanning holiday this time in Aberdeenshire and by then should be sporting the sleek and trim look that so
becomes her.

Another Dobe truly at home and absolutely adored. P.H. & L.G.



Young, gorgeous and fit in every sense of the word Crystal is one of the most confident and charismatic characters you could wish to meet. Her intrepid owners who set off to the Highlands in a
snowstorm to meet her aren’t bad either!

Crystal has two mentors and role models in the wonderful Boris and Darcy in addition to Debbie and Mark who are excellent at training and managing their dogs. Boris oozes calm and dignity whilst
Darcy is the matriarch who came good from dreadful beginnings, a wise owl who doesn’t suffer fools and an Isabella with a lovely coat. Crystal had some allergy problems and developed hives and
that together with Darcy’s coat colour being prone to problems meant that no expense was spared to seek out an appropriate feed. The dogs are thriving on an expensive Canadian product called
Orijen and yes it is expensive I have just looked at their website! This trio is well walked and Crystal has many playmates during the week when Debbie takes in day boarders providing a bespoke dog
care service catering for the individual needs of up to 3 different dogs a day. Crystal participates enthusiastically in their exercise routines helping to burn off her endless energy.

Crystal and Boris

Whilst we were passing time with these three lovely Dobermanns in their fascinating and diverse woodland garden young Bailey arrived for FOND’s collection. Bailey along with Ash is
FOND’s latest charge and Boris and Crystal quickly demonstrated their hospitality by gently introducing themselves making this petite stranger welcome. Cheeky minx Bailey soon relaxed in their
company despite a long journey and was ready for mischief and games!

Besides two whacking great muddy paw marks on my shirt, my most endearing memory of Crystal and family will be Dobes in PJ’s. We all know how our Dobes like to be cosy, especially blues and
isabellas with their thinner coats. At night Debbie would frequently be woken by a Dobermann who couldn’t wrap itself back up in its duvet so Debbie trawled the internet and found Togs for
Dogs. On a cold winter’s night (and it can be jolly chilly on the north east coast of Scotland) Crystal, Boris and Darcy slip into their jim jams and peacefully sleep the night away. If they
need out for a pee or a pooh no need to remove the garment as the design caters for this event!

Pyjama Dobes

Crystal cannot bear to be excluded from the action. Left in the kitchen whilst Debbie was attending to other matters, to Louise’s horror she sprang cat like over the half door and bounded
down the steps to find her owner. Agile and with good looks and an energetic fun loving family what more could a Dobie want? Watch out for this girl if she takes up agility!


Kai's life is good

What a stinking day to go checking up on my first three Dobes, pouring with rain and cccccccccold! I hadn’t met Kai before, but had met his new owner Paul who was very welcoming and delighted to
show off his “best buddy”. I was met by a smiling Paul, and greeted with a few woofs from Kai accompanied by a great wafting tail going from side to side. We soon became best of friends with a little
help from a doggy treat, which just happened to be in my pocket. What a fine dog he is with a glowing coat and sparkling eyes and absolutely full of fun. Still a “teenager” of course, and on the huge
side , but is very relaxed and happy, never still for long but when he does lie down he like to cross his paws and looks extremely elegant. Has got the rules just as he likes them, draping himself
across the sofa including whoever is sitting on it at the same time! and has a basket upstairs in the bedroom, and is not allowed on the bed (at least not yet!).

Kai at home
He loves going to work with Paul every day, and if he’s not actually helping can snooze on his blanket in the car.Paul has noticed that Kai does not like children or
adults wearing “hoodies” in any shape or form, and will bark at them. It was not a day for taking photos outside, so we did the best we could inside, even if most of his time was spent upside down!
He is good at recall, loves the car and Paul has finally got used to being “whipped” with his tail, and says he now can’t imagine a Dobe without one, One man and his dog sums up this home very well.
A very happy Kai and a very happy Paul, hope you have many years together. S.H.


Ollie Mr Cool

Still raining and still cold I continued on to see Bev with Ollie. Wow what a lovely boy this is, so relaxed, only a little woof as I let myself through the gate and delighted with my offering of
a doggy treat, though I did ask first if it was allowed. Bev looked well and was clearly doing a very good job with Ollie, though they had a few problems at first. A trip to the vet for his
castration has settled him down no end, and instead of the issues he had with some of the dogs he met on his walks, now all is peaceful and he is quite friendly with a Labradoodle up the road that he
used to dislike. He has settled down walking much better which is good as he has outgrown his harness, and can be let off the lead just walking down the road to the fields, and he gets plenty of
exercise – about 4 hours a day – so he is one fit lad. He has grown into a fine looking dog with a large chest and good muscles, what a change from when Bev first got him.

Ollie Bev's Boy
He loves physical contact, and was delighted to see his “dad” when he walked in, wagging that great tail and generally playing “I’m a fierce Dobermann” or pretending to be, as he also spent a considerable amount of time upside down on the floor! He was very calm, obviously he is over his teenage stage, and knows Bev and Neil’s timetable down to the last second. As it had finally stopped raining we got some good photos of this very happy boy. Lovely to see him and ‘mum and dad’. S.H.


Dante loved by his family

Damp but not daunted back in the car for a journey to see Dante who I had not met before, nor his new Mum and Dad Louise and Andrew. A lovely welcome from the whole family and a very quiet,
respectful Dobe who soon got the message there was something nice in my pocket! Adored by one and all, this boy with the cutest ears ever has definitely fallen on his feet. Everyone adores him and he
is fabulous with children, and was sticking to Grandad like mad as he had just come back from a warm holiday in Turkey and hadn’t seen him for a while. I was positively envious someone had seen some
sunshine! Dante can check up on any encroaching furries from the front window and has a large park one way and woods the other.

Dante settled and content
Another big boy with a tail, (Andrew said they had finally got used to being thrashed by it) and cute tiny ears for such a big lad, so he has this lovely comical look on his face when you talk to him. From what Louise said he was quite nervous and shy when they first got him, including chewing up his bedding, but a lot of time and love has worked wonders. As the rain had finally stopped we tried for some photos outside but with such a live wire I got lots of photos of half a dog, usually the back half, but the treats came in handy again and hopefully some good ones were taken. It was lovely to meet everyone and Dante who has got himself a really lovely family. Happy days for all of you. S.H.

Ollie Blue

(otherwise known as Mr.January)

Blue Ollie

What a star, and sooooooooooooooo handsome this blue Dobie gets lots of attention wherever he goes. Ollie came along just at the right time for Sue and her family and Dobe Sheba, as all were
depressed at losing their first rescue dog Barney to Pancreatitis. What a difference a Dobe makes! He has filled that awful gap left behind when you lose a special dog, and filled it to perfection. A
calm, gentle, well-behaved boy who had had to be rehomed due to family circulstances, and all credit to his first mum for taking a very hard decision to part with her boy. He is absolutely adored in
his new home and has Sheba to play with. She likes to tease him into pretend fights (in the sitting room of course) and he obliges, in fact they both get told off for making too much noise whilst mum
is trying to listen to the early morning news! They have the choice of two racecourses to run around every day, one now disused except as a gallops for training racehorses, but the other fully
functional with a lovely walk around a small lake in the middle. He is learning to “talk” as he now greets his mum when she comes in from shopping with lots of mumbles and a teddy in his mouth, so
much so he is now his mum’s ‘teddy-boy’. He has quite a selection too, a robin, a penguin, a proper teddy which he got for Christmas and a reindeer which only just has its squeak left! Sheba doeasn’t
like the squeak paricularly so will be pleased when it finally stops !

Ollie and Robin
He has lots of muscle and has not been bothered by his Arthritis so the cod liver oil and joint pills seem to be doing him good. He doesn’t have a shiny coat like the black and tan Dobes, but looks in fine form with his ruff and beautiful grey face and sparkling eyes. He has a ‘Gran’ too who would spoil him too much if she got her way, and too many treats would find their way to him if mum didn’t keep a close eye. A delight to all who come to see them and greeted always with a toy of some sort, Sheba being a little more reserved. Loves the car, laying in the sunshine and just occasionally will try to chase the neighbouring cats who poach his garden. Will bark when a hedgehog enters the garden so mum can take it back to fields next door, hoping it will not return for fortnight! This is a very happy household. S.H.


Tara and Magnus

Caught up with this happy, smiling Dobie on a lovely sunny day. A great affection was formed for this lass as she spent many weeks at the FOND kennels becoming something of a favourite. Her new
owners asked to adopt her just before going off on a 2 week holiday in France so Tara had to await their return. Tara was always a happy individual, full of fun and energy with a superb shiny coat.
She still is!

Last June Tara went to live in Invernesshire with a kindly Dobe called Magnus except to begin with she was terrified of him and in her anxiety bit the poor chap and an assertive Patterdale Terrier
called Scruffy. It took a while for them all to settle down but with the energetic regime of hill walking and daily forest walks her veterinarian owners soon had them all sorted.

Boomer Girl

Tara has not slowed down one jot, she used to be a top Boomer ball player but now plays with her new friends and they particularly enjoy playing tug with a length of rope. Alas she is still in hot
pursuit of the swallows but her chances of catching one are slim. A fixation she developed whilst in kennels it’s a wonder she did not brain herself by dashing into one of the granite walls. Crazy

Happy Tara

The dogs are rarely alone as after a morning walk its off to work at the office where they have their own individual dog beds. Afternoons are usually spent at home and every week day the 3 dogs
walk at least 6 miles and more at weekends as there is usually a serious hill to climb somewhere or a forest to explore! No wonder they look so sleek, fit and content. Tara will not be missing the
holiday in France this year she is all sorted with passport and injections. A busy life for an active Dobe.