Dobie Trail 2012

Since FOND began re-homing early in 2011 we have always tried to keep in touch with our dogs and their new owners. Every year Pam tries to meet a few in their new homes and write a progress report for the website. Now FOND has Dobermanns adopted to homes throughout the UK making it physically and financially impossible for one person to follow up on each and every one of them. Consequently some of our ‘agents’ as they are affectionately known are now making a contribution towards our Dobie Trail.

Setting off a month later than intended from Aberdeenshire, my first stop was in Cumbria near Appleby. From there I travelled to Catterick and afterwards east to Driffield, then on down to Hull,
Lincoln, Market Rasen, and eventually Kings Lynn where I based myself with a friend for 3 days whilst carrying out further follow-ups and home checks. The purpose of my Dobie Trail being to catch up
with re-homed Dobermanns and importantly to contact some of FOND’s volunteers personally, and visit some Dobes about to go to their new owners. P.H.

Re-homed Dobermanns that I caught up with were Chica, Holly, Jerry, Bow, Sheba (now Tess), and Oskie. Some of the volunteers I met along the way were Kerrie B in Hull, Ashley and Paula T in
Lincolnshire, Sue H in Yorkshire, David S in Norfolk, Allan G in both Lincolnshire and Merseyside (he gets about too!) and 4 delightful Dobermanns waiting for new homes who luckily were in great
demand Ollie, Stan, Alex and JJ. I will not forget a most hospitable stay in the House of Aritaur where I met a houseful of happy Dobermanns and came away fascinated by Dora the German Pinscher, now
there’s a handful!

Alas I ran out of time and was unable to meet up with some of our other volunteers so my next trip will be dedicated to catching up with FOND supporters in the Midlands and on the west side of the

My final stop was in Hamilton were I met big Zack, a Dobe urgently needing a new home, and we returned to Aberdeenshire together before setting off 24 hours later for the north coast of Scotland.
Zack is now happily ensconced in his home enjoying the undivided attention of smitten owners who are enjoying fabulous beach walks together. So my trip was an interesting and rewarding journey that
took from the 18 May until the 1 June. I certainly covered many miles.

A big thank you to everyone who provided such wonderful hospitality whether it be a bed, a meal (or both!)every cup of tea or coffee was much appreciated. It was so rewarding seeing FOND
Dobermanns happily settled in their new homes, but there is always a downside. Meeting owners who truly did not want to surrender their dogs having lavished a great deal of love and time on them but
where personal circumstances had changed so drastically they unselfishly knew the kindest outcome for their Dobes was a home where they would not be left for long, lonely hours and would receive the
exercise and company a dog requires. I saw a couple of hearts break and this left my trip tinged with sadness.


Chica enjoys comfort

Louise and I met Chica in March, she was extremely shy and barked nervously retreating behind her owner. We took Nelson to keep her company on her long drive back to the kennels and this dainty,
pretty little bitch actually travelled better than we expected but did try to squeeze between the dog guard and the back seat to get through to Nelson. Strangely except for a fear of being shut in
her kennel Chica settled extremely quickly, adapted to her temporary environment, going to bed at night wearing a thick coat bedded down with an extra cosy duvet and heat lamp, with her kennel door
being fixed slightly ajar so she could access her run. Chica ate like a little horse and quickly put on weight. Her lithesome looks soon attracted attention however one lady was particularly smitten
and completed her adoption application in record time together with references and photographs of her home, garden and sweet Jessie a bull terrier cross who would become Chica’s constant companion.
Jane soon hitched up the caravan, loaded up and with Jessie set off north to spend a long weekend with us becoming acquainted with Chica and seeing how she would behave with Jessie. All in all it
proved an excellent match. The timid Chica had gained confidence having formed a real attachment with Christina at the kennels. The two bitches behaved like old friends when introduced and Jane was
smitten by Chica’s beauty.

Some weeks later Chica was my first stop on the Dobie Trail to be greeted by Jane, Jessie and Chica all totally relaxed no barking, no raised hackles. A more content, relaxed and happy young Dobie
you could not wish to meet. Both dogs joined us in front of a blazing log fire whilst we sipped a gin and tonic. Jessie may be past the age for wild games however Jane has a next door neighbour with
a young fit lurcher by the name of Fynn. Chica and Fynn enjoy mad dashes through one another’s households, as weather permitting, back doors are left open, the two young dogs flying up and down
stairs, round and round the rooms and out again to go hell for leather around their respective, adjoining gardens. Besides having a fun friend Chica is a Dobe who is going to travel, starting with
the Edinburgh Festival she will be progressing to caravaning trips abroad spending the first three months of each year exploring countries like Portugal, Spain and France and enjoying warmer climes.
Chica looks so well, is relaxed and happy , extremely cheeky and extraordinarily confident in her new life. It was hard to believe that she had not lived with Jane all her life, may it be a long and
happy one.

From Cumbria I drove across country to North Yorkshire catching up with FOND Friend and Volunteer Sue H, her mum Joan and lovely Dobermann Sheba. Alas her dear mate Barney was with the vet. Poor
Barney was diagnosed with Diabetes last year and suffering a pancreatic attack. Tragically for Sue and Joan, Barney’s condition deteriorated the next day and there was no alternative other than
to do the kind thing and say good bye to this gentle boy.

Our heart felt sympathy for their loss.


Happy Holly

Holly had had several owners before finding her final home through FOND. Her last was with a young lady who was extremely attached to her, adopting Holly after her Uncle had become ill. In a
panic, following a broken relationship ‘H’ contacted us saying that she could no longer keep Holly as the owners of the property were she was living would not allow her to have a dog and
would be returning in 48 hours! Fortunately Tania, an amazing lady and FOND supporter, came to the rescue with virtually no notice she collected Holly. Holly went into temporary foster care with
Allan G, where she joined George a rather serious senior Great Dane. With a little help from Allan, Holly wrote a charming blog about her life and soon found a new home in East Yorkshire. Holly went
to a huge house with a lovely family, however, with her hormones all over the place resulting from a phantom pregnancy it took her a little while to settle down. Holly is now relaxed in her palatial
new home, a busy Dobermann either surveying her domain of several acres from the back of Anne’s 4 X 4 or snuggled up in the office whilst Anne works away. She is also enjoying trips out in the
car or taking long walks through beautiful country side so life is generally pretty good. Holly is part of a kind and caring family and now has her home for life, where she is loved and lives like a
grand lady.

After leaving Anne and Holly I next met up with Kerrie B over a cup of coffee in Hull. Unfortunately I did not get to meet her lovely Dobes Maddie and Gus. Poor Gus has been very ill, needing
endless and expensive veterinary treatment emphasizing how important it is to have your dogs insured to guarantee they get the help they need, Gus’s fees have run into thousands. Kerrie’s two
Dobes live with a Staffie called Little Betty, a feisty little character, whose pictures always make me smile, looking every bit a starlet!


Handsome Jerry

A few miles further along, just before the Humber Bridge I went to see how Jerry was getting along. One handsome, large chilled male Dobermann whose owners relinquished him due to extenuating work
and domestic circumstances. Jerry had lived with a sweet Dobermann bitch called Bow. Unfortunately FOND was unable to find this pair a home together. He is a great family dog and now has a new loving
family and a Dobie girlfriend called Ellie. They live close to lovely walks with the opportunity of lots of free running and rabbit hunting along the banks of the Humber River. Jerry is a bit of a
fiend with the family’s resident Guinea Pig which has to be kept safely locked away from his unwanted and evil intentions! Likewise the local cats have to watch out when Jerry is about!! Jerry is
extremely strong on the lead and to begin with his pulling was a huge shock for his new owners, in contrast to Ellie who is such a lady and walks quietly to heel without a lead. However, Gail and
Dean are not a couple to give up easily and Jerry is attending classes and wearing a head collar giving them more control. Off lead Jerry has excellent recall and other wise has settled well. He has
a committed and caring family who absolutely love their Dobies so all being well he and Ellie will enjoy some happy years together.

At the end of a long day driving from Cumbria I finished up in Lincoln and the third day began with a short trip t near Market Rasen meeting up with two FOND supporters with many years experience
of dog training behind them. Ashley and Paula have been extremely supportive assessing and home checking on behalf of FOND and own a wonderful, giant of a Dobermann called Nelson and a
“I’ll bite your hand off if you touch me” elderly rescue Bassett Hound. In addition to giving support they have also identified a kennel in Lincolnshire which is willing take FOND
Dobes where they can be assessed and cared for in the event of an emergency.

Next stop was for 3 nights with a friend near Kings Lynn so that I could follow up with some of our Dobies carry out home checks and meet up with Logan and Allan and Bow, Jerry’s former


Logan and Intruders

Logan found himself like so many dogs now needing a home through no fault of his own. Sensibly his owner did not come looking for help 24 hours before the event but gave us several months notice
to find this Dobe a special, forever home. A lovely family near Peterborough offered to adopt Logan and Allan G who had carried out his assessment and been out and about with Logan on several
occasions generously drove him all the way from Merseyside down to Cambridgeshire where we introduced him to his new family. It was a happy occasion and Logan an extremely well adjusted and laid back
character thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone especially young Nathan. He behaved impeccably when we visited their friends with young children, rabbits and a young, wild Visla that vied for his
attention. Nothing phased this Dobe. Logan could not settle in straight away as his new owners were shortly going on holiday to France. It was agreed that Logan would go to his new home on the 7 June
where he has now settled in well.

Next a short trip to meet a family who had recently lost Paddy a Dobermann they had rescued with all sorts of issues and now wanted to give a home to a Dobe in need. They were prepared to take on
any dog but they would also travel to collect their dog. A close family who had really thought through the commitment needed when taking on a re-homed Dobe offering a nice home and good local walks.
We agreed we should meet up a week later in Widnes when I was going to meet Alex and JJ owner and review their situation.


Beautiful Bow

Once again in Fen Country I headed off on my last visit of the day to meet up with Bow and her totally besotted new owners Jemma and Stephen. Again on the edge of superb walking country with
little livestock to worry about. Bow was in exceptional condition however she is still a little wary of strangers in her home and prefers introductions are made with a walk around the block when she
instantly becomes more relaxed. Having to learn to stand on her own four paws since she parted from Jerry she could not have a more caring young couple to give her confidence. Unfortunately time was
running on but we did have a walk to the nearest park where Bow demonstrated her ball retrieving skills and good recall. One cheeky puppy came bounding up to Bow who was a bit feisty, preferring her
own and human company to the young interloper Bow used to spend for long days without human company, but now this has all changed and she is receiving lots of exercise, company and varied outings
helping her to become generally more confident as an independent girl.

Stan & Ollie

Stan the Man

Stan and Ollie attracted huge attention and rightly so, a more charming pair of dogs you could not wish to meet. On my visit Stan was meeting up with John his new owner. Stan immediately took to
John and I think it was ‘love at first sight’ for John and his daughter who was also there. We all had great fun out on a walk where Janine demonstrated the good training and manners she had
instilled into her Dobes. What a joy to meet two dogs that are so well behaved on the lead; Stan loves playing with a ball on a rope and proudly carrying it around, whilst Ollie does his
‘dancing dog’ stuff with a lead. For a big dog he is extraordinarily agile dodging between his owners legs in pursuit of the lead. A possible contender for Crufts! It was a bittersweet
moment seeing Stan off to his new home knowing that his lovely owner would not have given them up unless it was absolutely in the dogs best interests. Ollie went to his new home a few days later and
now has a girlfriend called Sheba for company.


Happily we can report that both Dobes are now settled in their new homes and being such laid back and easy characters have adapted well to their new surroundings and are much loved and appreciated
for the fine individuals they are.

Leaving Norfolk for Suffolk and Essex en-route to Wiltshire for a few days with family first had me catching up with Sheba (now Tess) and young Oskie.


Tess cheeky monkey

Just before starting the Dobie Trail, Tess then known as Sheba came up for rehoming. She had been passed around after her owner was unable to care for her anymore. Tania once more to the rescue
she kindly took her home and looked after her. Tess a cross breed with an appealing face soon attracted attention. A family waiting in the wings with an owner home all day and a daughter living next
door with two dogs and lots of ground agreed to adopt Tess. Undaunted by the drive from Suffolk to Cheshire Tess was quickly ensconced in her new home where she has settled well despite her youth and
all the changes. A cheeky little madam days won’t be dull in her company. Anyone meeting Tess will be charmed by her sweet and affectionate nature. I spent a couple of hours with this
delightful little monkey watching her play with her pointer and labrador friend and showing off the content of her toy box.


Oskie having a nap

Oskie came up for rehoming after his owner unexpectedly died and his widow felt she could not cope with a 6 month old puppy. This is going to be one large Dobermann when he is mature still only a
pup being around 9 months old he is a giant with great bone and huge paws. Oskie lives on a farm with his best pal and ‘the boss’ Dottie a lurcher. Unfortunately I could not meet both his
owners as Sam had been bitten by a Weimeraner (not a family dog) an injury which had involved many stitches in her arm and resulted in other health problems. Young Charlotte was at school and she and
Oskie are especially good pals. Oskie is a character and frequently wound up by Dottie who will deliberately sit on top of his toys. He is quite clumsy and has fallen off the bridge into the stream,
not that it bothered him. He has superb country walks right on the doorstep to enjoy for as far as the eye can see. Other livestock are geese on a large pond and several horses. Oskie seems very at
home with them all.

Nearly four in a bed!

After a 3 day break in Wiltshire and collecting a K9 Transit box it was off to Leighton Buzzard area to carry out a home check and then a night with the Dobermanns of Arituar. Great hospitality
with lovely dogs a good bed and lovely meal.

Alex & JJ

JJ and Alex

Two litter brothers in need of homes. Not in the least similar in temperament or physic but a relaxed and friendly pair of dogs. We went with new owners for a walk together followed by another sad
farewell for their caring owner whose circumstances having changed had only one option but to rehome this pair. More news Alex and JJ at a future date.

A pit stop with Allan G and his wife Wynn in Merseyside. A cup of tea, a snooze and a cuddle with the great Avane.When you look at her picture you realised whether she wanted your roll, your tea
or a cuddle you obliged!




Zak had been waiting for a home for a couple of months. One handsome, well built Dobe who had lived happily with a young family and being rehomed through no fault of his own. I met and collected
Zak in Lanarkshire and he travelled like the true gentleman he is but doubtless somewhat perplexed by the sudden change in his life. Happily for Zack FOND knew a couple who could offer him that
special home therefore after just one night in kennels Zack was in the car and heading further north to meet his new owners. He is now living in a lovely home with large garden , overlooking the sea
and close to fabulous sandy beaches and already enrolled with a local dog trainer, for the benefit of all parties.