Stop Puppy Farming in Scotland

Stop Puppy Farming in Scotland

An application has been made to East Ayrshire Council for a Puppy Farm to house up to 40 bitches and their pups. The application has been made by Hazel Hamilton whose husband is married to the brother of David and Jonathan Hamilton who run the UK Dog Breeding Academy,in Fivemiletown, which recently featured in a revealing BBC documentary on puppy farming. The conditions at Fivemiletown shown in the film were described by Scotlands chief veterinary surgeon as “barbaric, it was a production line. It was using animals as a commodity”.

If the Scottish Government cares about animal welfare it will not allow this puppy farm to go ahead under any circumstances.

Below is the text of a letter of objection that you can e-mail to:

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing regarding the upcoming decision by East Ayrshire Licensing Panel on an application to operate a dog breeding facility in New Intax Farm, Newmilns.

While I accept that planning permission was granted last year I feel that now the matter has reached a licensing stage the Council can now legitimately block this proposed venture. I believe that authorities are aware of concerns surrounding this application and would appeal to you to base your decision on these.

It would be a sad reflection on not only the area but of the Council itself to allow what could potentially be viewed as the industrial farming of dogs. Please do not allow a precedent to be set.

Yours faithfully,

Can you be sure a rescue organisation is Bone Fide

With the ever increasing numbers of unwanted and abandoned dogs finding their way to rescue organisations how can you be sure that these organisations are taking into account both the welfare of the dogs they are re-homing and the suitability of their new potential owners. There has been an increase of dogs being offered for re-homing using social media websites and though no doubt most of these are being operated by those with their best intentions they may not have the experience, time or resources of well established organisations. Even worse are those who are running rescue centres or sanctuaries to generate income without any regard to the welfare of the dogs they have taken in. One such is this so called Ayrshire Animal Sanctuary as this horrific report illustrates. So make sure that before you consider any dog for re-homing that those offering it are a responsible organisation.

2017 Festive Draw


These are this years winners

First Prize Krug-Baumen Ladies Watch- Ivy Shaw

Second Prize A Danish Design Dog Bed and goodies- Vanessa McHugh

Consolation Prizes Anne Passmore and Thai Nicholson

Many thanks to all who took part and helped us raise over £700.00

2017 Festive Draw

Walking 500 miles for FOND

Chris Baber and Bonnie

Chris Baber set himself a challenge to see how many miles he could walk in a year and be sponsored for £1 per mile. He has just managed 500 miles helped by his dobe Bonnie. Many thanks from FOND who have befitted from her £500 of sponsorship.

Next year he hope to complete 1,000 miles, if you would like to take up the challenge you can find out more HERE

Another generous donation from Doberdayz

Another generous donation from Doberdayz

Sharon Chamberlin and all at Doberdayz are regular and generous supporters. Following their terrific donation of £655 raised at their summer show we have received a further £100 donation from their charity boxes. Sharon is a long time supporter of FOND and her company Doberdayz covers many aspects of caring for your dog including Dog Training, Walking and Boarding. For any Dobermann owners in the Rickmansworth – Beconsfield area she is well worth contacting if you need advice in any of the above. Here is a LINK to her website.

Sharon owns Coco originally a FOND Dobie that excels at obedience and agility thanks to her wonderful training.

Many thanks to Dany and Laura Roberts

Dany (in orange)

Dany Roberts and his wife Laura re-homed Elvis in 2013. Recently Dany raised a fantastic £230 from his sponsors for the Pedal for Scotland charity ride. See the handsome chap on the right sporting an orange top.

Thanks very much not only to Dany but to Laura who in addition arranged for Henry Schein Animal Health, the company she works for, to send FOND a box of goodies which will make a fantastic prize for our Christmas Raffle. As you can see from the picture this generous selection is a prize well worth having.

2016 Christmas Raffle

Give a Dog a Gift

We have just received a generous donation from the charity Give a Dog a Gift a charitable trust set up to provide grants to small dog rescue organisations.
The charity paid our veterinary bill for the month of August and with vets bills being one of our items of major expenditure this was very welcome.
So many thanks to Give a Dog a Gift if you would like to help them please look at their website.
Give a dog a gift

You might be surprised how hot it can be in your car.

With the approach of Summer even with moderate temperatures your dog can be at risk of overheating. Recently six dogs had to be rescued from vehicles at the Badminton Horse Trials as temperatures rose.

Last month the RSPCA conducted an experiment leaving a thermometer inside a van. With the ambient temperature at 15ºC within an hour the temperature inside the van had risen to 45ºC

Even if you don’t think its a warm day always remember to leave plenty of ventilation and try to find some shade when you leave your dog in the car and continually check on them

Changes to Tesco and More Than Insurance Policies

Could this be the thin end of the wedge. Tesco and More Than are changing the terms of their insurance policies. Are we seeing the introduction of insurers trying to control veterinary services as they do with the motor trade by insisting on nominating whose services they will reimburse you for.

Read more HERE