Facts About Dobermann Dogs

Please see also About The Dobermann and a detailed description of the Dobermann Breed Standard on the Kennel Club Website.

Group Working
Country of Origin Germany
Original Function of Breed Guarding
Size Medium Sized Dog
Average Life Span 10-12 Years
[but may go on to 14+ years]
Approximate Height
[at withers/shoulders]
Dog:  27 inches
Bitch:  25 inches
Coat Type Short and smooth, no undercoat
Coat Colour Black & Tan;
Liver & Tan;
Blue & Tan;
Isabella [Fawn & Tan]
Coat Care Although short coated, Dobermanns do moult – regular grooming with a rubber grooming mitt keeps coat shiny and soft, and removes loose hair
Town or Country? Is happy with either provided exercised enough and has enough human company
Would the Dog Live Happily in a Flat or Apartment? Would depend on the dog and the owner’s circumstances, and the flat/apartment in question. Not ideal.
Does the Breed Suffer from Cold /Wet /Heat? Dobermanns love their comforts and do not like the cold. They often don’t like to get wet and many refuse to go out when it’s raining! Beware of
heat stroke with those black coats as some Dobes are sun worshippers.
Would the Dog Live happily outside? No. Dobermanns like to be part of the family and love human company. They like their home comforts too much to enjoy living outdoors
Special Considerations Dobermanns enjoy being part of the family. They should be trained with patience and kindness and it is never too late to train a dog. Dobermanns are
‘in your face’ dogs, and want to spend as much time with their owners as possible. If you want a dog that will go off and lie down quietly so you don’t know it is there, then a Dobermann is
definitely not for you
Character Sketch Alert, courageous, proud, loyal, affectionate, highly intelligent and manipulative. Dobermanns need to be treated with great respect and not
mishandled. Kindness and patience will be greatly rewarded and you will have a dog that is extremely loyal, trustworthy and affectionate
Hereditary Defects /Health Issues Cervical Spondylitis [Canine Wobbler Syndrome]; Dilated Cardiomyopathy [Heart Failure]; Von Willibrands Disease; Hip Dysplasia;
Other Conditions Dobermanns Are Prone To Hypothyroidism; Arthritis [mostly in older dogs]; Fatty Lumps; Lick Granulomas