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7 April 2012

Angelic Anqi - Do you think I'm an Angel?

Hi World! I can’t believe this, the nice people at FOND have said they’re going to let me speak to the whole world through this thing you humans call ‘the Web’. Thought that was something to do with spiders meself, but there you go!

I suppose I should tell you who I am, right?

My name’s Anqi. Before you ask, it’s pronounced ‘AnnChee’ and in Chinese it means ‘Angel’ so I think it suits me perfectly! I’m a black and tan Dobermann girl and was one year old on the 5th April. Why am I appearing on FOND? Good question but there’s a story behind it, so make yourself comfortable with a drink and a bone to chew …

I went to live with my family when I was almost four months old and have been very happy with them since, and they have been very happy with me too. But a little while ago I realised there were some problems. My owner kept going to the vet (I think you humans call them ‘doctors’) because he wasn’t feeling well. A few weeks ago he had to go to hospital. I thought they were going to castrate him or something because that’s what usually happens to us dogs when we go to the vet’s hospital. But no, it’s more serious that that and unfortunately he’s pretty ill.

When he came home again I heard him and his wife talking about how difficult things would be. They have two young pups – sorry, children they call them – to look after as well as me. Now I think I am an angel – like my name says – but they say I need an awful lot of attention from them and things like good long walks every day. Anyway, I heard them say that it would all be too much and they would have to find me a new home.

Now that really worried me ‘cos I’ve heard all sorts of terrible stories from my mates about fellow dogs that have ended up in a right mess when their owners couldn’t look after them any more. I should have trusted my wonderful owners though, because they got on to these FOND people.

Apparently that stands for ‘Friends Of Northern Dobermanns’ so I think ‘I’m a Dobe, right? I’m in the North and I need a friend, so surely they’re the people for me?’

Turns out I was right. Earlier today they sent round this guy called Allan. He arrives at the house and said he wanted to meet me and see what I’m like. Well, he’s here for ages and I try to be on my best behaviour. In fact I stayed out of his way for a bit and just played with one of my toys. Couldn’t contain myself for long though and ended up going to see if he’d play with me. Now I thought I was being fairly quiet, but Allan says he’s no idea where I get so much energy from! I did wonder if I’d blown it but no, he eventually says he’s sure his ‘FOND friends’ (bet he hurt his brain thinking that one up!) will be able to find me a new permanent home. Ooookay, a bit of time to get my toys and bones together and I’m up for that, I say to myself. But oh no, Allan has different ideas. He says he can take me now to live with him and his family for a while before I go to a permanent home. Apparently he thinks it’ll be a good idea to get to know me so he can tell his friends who will then know exactly the sort of people I need to look after me in future.

So the next thing I know my family are getting my belongings together, packing them into Allan’s car and saying goodbye to me. It was a very tearful time I can tell you. The whole family were crying and I wanted to bark and growl. But I didn’t. I’m never aggressive in any way, I just go quietly with Allan and settle down for the journey. I’m used to travelling and really enjoy it so I surprised him by behaving perfectly for the whole journey.

So here I am with Allan and his family, been here for about 6 hours now. I’m pretty nervous I guess, so I’ve been running around the house quite a lot and haven’t really settled down much. Allan still can’t figure out where I get all my energy from but hey, what can I say – I’m a young, fit, healthy Dobergirl!!

Apart from zooming around the house, I’ve been keeping my ears up to hear what’s going on. I heard Allan and the family say that they think I’m just young, full of energy and in need of some time spent training me. They say there’s not a nasty bone in my body and they doubt I could be aggressive even if I wanted to be. So I think they must like me – kind of, anyway!

Well it’s been a long and scary day for me so I think I’ll switch off and go to bed. That should please Allan!

I’ll be back in a few days to let you know how I’m doing.

Anqi the Angel

10 April 2012

Anqi the dobermann is a Smart Lass and will Watch over You

Anqi the trainee angel …

Hi world, Anqi blogging again.

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that Allan and the family haven’t kicked me out and made me homeless. The bad news is that they expect me to behave differently than I’m used to. What a cheek!

Apparently the reason they haven’t kicked me out is because I’m ‘really loveable at times’, trustworthy, absolutely never aggressive or bad-tempered and get along with humans and other dogs alike.

But they say I must learn some manners. Seems they don’t like me jumping up at them and trying to climb up on the chair with them when I’m not invited. Seems they don’t like me trying to join in when they’re eating their meals either. Allan got really worked up about this earlier – listen to this, it’s a real laugh!!

He’d finished his meal and had a lovely looking cake sitting there just asking to be eaten. He wasn’t bothering, so I thought I’d help him out and grabbed it off the plate. Well, you should have seen him. His face went all red and he started spluttering and shouting and waving his arms about and behaving really badly. I mean, I thought he was supposed to set an example! I thought it was ace, I’d really wound him up – what a result!

Well, he roars at me to lie down. He’s obviously serious, so I do. He comes over and takes what’s left of the cake out of my mouth. I don’t object or fight back of course, I’d never think of doing that, so I just let him. Once he’s done that he makes me go out of the room, which is really mean because I can see them all through the glass door and here’s me stuck in the hall by meself. Bummer! I could hear them all talking and saying that what I’d done was exactly the sort of bad manners that must stop.

I’ve been able to get away with tricks like this in the past and it was soooo funny seeing Allan all worked up that, I’ll admit I was really thinking of doing the cake trick again. But on the other paw, I really do need a permanent home and I’ve heard Allan say that won’t happen until I learn better manners. So maybe it’s time for me to start. It’ll be a real challenge but I’ll have to see what I can do.

Time for bed and some thinking about my future. Anqi the not-quite-an-angel is now out of here until the next time …

13 April 2012

Anqi’s back! Hope you’re all ok out there?

'My well bred look' - Anqi thinks she's a Celebrity Dog!

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about having to learn better manners. Don’t have an awful lot of choice really though. I desperately need a lovely new family to live with, so I guess it’s worth doing. Allan and the family have been showing me what I need to do and I’ve been trying hard over the last couple of days. Seems I’m beginning to make progress. Allan’s pleased that I’m sitting nicely by the door and waiting to be told before I go through. I’m trying to stop charging past people on the stairs or in the hall and generally becoming a bit calmer around the house. I’m now getting used to having a proper bed to sleep on and I’m perfectly behaved during the night. Sometimes I even take myself off to bed for a bit of a doze during the day which has amazed Allan!

I’ve always been fairly good on the lead, but I’ve now got a thing called a ‘Canny Collar’ which reminds me if I begin to pull a bit so I’m now near perfect on the lead – and it’s not just me bragging, Allan says that too!

I’ve still got work to do; although I’m trying to leave the family alone while they’re eating, I need to do better still. I also need to be a bit calmer when we meet other dogs out and about. I’m not aggressive, just very, very excited and too playful. I’m trying to be better, honest, but it’s going to take a bit of time because it’s so hard to learn all these new things at the same time.

Allan’s really happy there’s a weekend coming up. Says he doesn’t have to go to work which is apparently a good thing. He’s promised to take some photos of me. If he does I’ll get my paws on them somehow and put them up here so you can all see what a real babe I am. Well, my name means ‘Angel’ not ‘Modest’!! See you all soon.

16 April 2012

Allan's Angel, Anqi seeks fit young human

Hello again world, adorable Anqi, the absolute angel back to tell you more about my time as part of the FOND family! (I put the ‘absolute angel’ bit in just to wind Allan up. He still has a problem believing I am an angel. What’s wrong with that guy? He really should get over the loss of his chocolate cake, end of!)

Anyway, you should forget about him – I do – and go on to the big news. Yesterday, Sunday 15th, was a really huge day for me although I didn’t know it was coming. Even Allan said he was surprised how quickly things happen sometimes. Apparently he heard from his FOND friend Pam on Friday that a family were interested in adopting me. So, Allan rings this lovely man on Saturday and whoosh, we’re off to visit the following day!

Seems these people have been owned by us Dobes for quite a long time now. They usually have two, but sadly one has recently died and left the other one on his own trying to manage his humans. Obviously that’s such a huge job for any single Dobe that he’s become quite depressed and in urgent need of canine company. So that’s where I come in. Sunday morning then, bright and early, Allan packs the car and off we go.

It was quite a long journey, just over two hours. Allan found it a little tiring, you should have heard his joints creaking when he got out of the car. He’s getting seriously past it. Of course I was perfectly behaved on the journey. I’m well used to travelling and love it. I just lie down in the back, watch the world go by and leave this ‘driving’ business to some poor human.

So we arrive at this lovely place in the countryside. I can’t remember the Dobe’s name but it sounded a bit like ‘Bill’ so let’s go with that. The humans come out into the lane to meet us and they seem really lovely. I’m pretty good at assessing humans and I figure I can get these eating out of my front paw in no time. Ace!!

They and Allan decide Bill should come out into the lane to meet me. Of course being a bitch I’m going to make sure he knows who’s boss from the very beginning, so I start with the ‘woof woof woof’ business. Full-on, no half hearted stuff from me. Timing’s perfect and I’m really giving it some when Bill appears. He’s a seriously lovely, really big lad who is a few years older than me. That’s fine because I go for the older, more mature dog. He’s got to be impressed, right?

Well his reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. Rather than fall down at my feet and wait for me to start playing, he’s woofing himself. Very loudly and very seriously. Hmmmm, time for plan B, so I ease up a little bit on the vocals and make it clear that I want to play now. This is bound to do the trick.

Nope, doesn’t work and Bill actually bares his teeth at me if I get too close. Wow, I think I might have messed up on this one. Perhaps if I hadn’t been so full-on when we first saw each other he’d be a bit kinder to me?

So there we are, Bill with his humans and me with mine walking around this huge field for ages and Bill still doesn’t forgive me. We go back to their garden and try there but still he isn’t having it. Eventually the humans agree that sadly it isn’t going to work between Bill and me, so Bill’s humans who are really lovely people say a sad goodbye to me and we set off back to Allan’s place. Poor Bill, all on his own to try and cope with his humans. I’ll give him this, though, he does seem to have them pretty well trained.

The journey home takes a bit longer ‘cos there’s a lot of traffic on these motorway things and Allan’s moaning and groaning about delays, holdups and all kind of things. Me, I just close my ears, lie back as usual and enjoy the ride.

We arrive back and there’s the noise of creaking joints again as Allan gets out of the car. Just to rub it in a bit just how old and past it he is and how young and fit I am, I jump out of the car very athletically and do a nice bouncy type of dance on the driveway. Allan gets the message but isn’t impressed. Actually there was another reason for the dance. I need the loo. Allan gets the message again, thankfully, and puts me in the garden. Ahhh, that’s better …

This guy is impossible sometimes. We’ve barely arrived home, I’m ready for me tea and what happens? I get a lecture on how I must behave better when I meet other dogs and so he’s going to teach me how. I’m sure Allan’s a frustrated teacher or something. Always going on about needing to learn things.

There is, though, the small matter of the fact that I do need a permanent home of my own. Living with Bill and his family would have been absolutely brilliant but isn’t going to happen now. Allan says he doesn’t think it’s totally my fault, just that Bill and I weren’t right for each other but my behaviour didn’t help. There’s sooooo much to learn and I’m trying, really I am but it’s such hard work. Somehow I can feel ‘lessons’ about to happen. Ah well, I suppose I should just think of my wonderful new forever home. All this learning will have been worth it when I’m there …

Must go now, time to take Allan for a walk. Any dog know of good ways to get an old, unfit human going faster and further on our walks without making worrying noises ..?

See you soon, A.

19 April 2012

Welcome back to my Blog, World!

Anqi has a friendly nature and wonders if you would like her

Not a huge amount to tell you right now to be honest – but I think there just might be some interesting times ahead, more of that later.

Anyway, since we arrived home last Sunday from my trip to meet big Bill, Allan’s been trying to figure out what I’m really like with other dogs. Can’t understand why he doesn’t just ask me and I’d tell him! Seems he likes to make things difficult for himself, but when he eventually works it out he’s so proud of himself. Ah well, who am I to get in the way of his little pleasures?!!

It’s really quite simple though. When I’m on the lead and see another dog, I like to give it loads of vocals – some fairly loud and excited woofing. I also try and jump around a bit although Allan’s been trying to stop me doing that, the spoil-sport!

Why do I behave like this? Well I’m a young, very fit, excitable Dobermann. (Allan says I should add ‘untrained’ to that list but I need to keep some secrets..) I just want the doggy world to know I’m here and I want to PLAY!!

So if I’m off the lead, which doesn’t happen often, or once I’ve actually met another dog I strong>really do just want to play. What’s so bad about that? Well apparently I’m ‘bad mannered’ when I ask another dog to play. Seems that some other dogs may think I’m a threat to them and so they’ll be a bit aggressive to me if I’m noisy and bad-mannered. I wonder if that’s what happened with Bill last Sunday?

So, guess what Allan’s idea is? Apparently I ‘need to learn good manners’ and of course he’s going to teach me. Well I’m not too keen on the idea but if I’ve got to do it to fit into a nice new forever home, I’m going to do it!

Over the last few days when we’re out walking, Allan’s been making me pay complete attention to him if we see another dog coming. He does sneaky things like suddenly change the direction we’re walking so I have to watch him all the time and not the other dog, or sometimes he’ll just call my name and when I look at him he’ll give me a nice treat. Hmmm, maybe this learning manners thing isn’t so bad after all. And it seems to be working. We’ve seen one or two dogs that I’ve been allowed to meet so I’ve been very good and not made too much fuss of them. A little old lady who was out walking with her Shih-Tzu actually said what a good dog I am. Must be careful. If word like that gets out, my street cred’s done for.

Anyway, walkies time so I’d better go and take the old guy out for his daily exercise. Must remember to put something in my ears, the noise from those creaking joints of his is loud and annoying. Think I’ll ask my Scottish Dobe pal Jenna if I can borrow some of the WD40 she uses on Pam. Oh yes, I know everything

Before I go though, a little bit of exciting news just happening. Allan’s been on the phone talking to somebody who has asked FOND if they can adopt a Dobermann. Seems Allan’s going to go and visit him to talk about it. I wonder if he’ll take me along too? Come back soon and I’ll let you know!! See you soon.

Anqi the Adorable.

21 April 2012

Hi again Anqi fans. Loads to tell you this time so make sure you have a full drinking bowl and a good bone to chew on and listen to this …

Anqi wonders if can give her a new home?

Well, you remember Allan was going to visit someone who had asked FOND if they could adopt a Dobe? Seems FOND always visit people who want to adopt to make sure they really will be able to look after us properly, so last Saturday I’m told we’re going on another trip. Excellent, I love my car rides!!

So we head off up the motorway again, only it’s not so far this time and only takes us about 45 minutes. I can’t remember the names of the people were going to see so I’ll call them Rick and June. Seems Allan just wanted me to go along so they could meet a Dobermann and he could see how they got on with me. (Apparently Rick and June had already told Pam they thought I sounded a nice dog. Good judges, I like them already.)

Rick and June are used to breeds like Dobermanns but they’ve never had a dog like me before – how could they, I’m unique! Anyway, they would really like a young, active dog that likes plenty of exercise. Now does that sound like me, or does that sound like me?!! They’ve also said that training a dog won’t be a problem because they have lots of experience. I groan when I hear that, Allan’s got to them hasn’t he? More talk about training!

We arrive at their house and of course I don’t wait to be invited, I just run straight in. I make myself at home fairly quickly by visiting their lovely loo. (They call it their garden.) Must be something about Allan’s driving. I always need the loo after a trip with him. I can’t resist a challenge and the sheepskin rug in front of the fire was just too good to resist so I grab it in my mouth and pull it around a little bit. Oooops, have I overdone it? No, Rick and June just tell me to leave it, which I do, and then put it back. I’ll admit I was a bit lively too, but it’s so exciting I just have to run around and jump up and down a bit.

Rick and June are marvellous. They simply say that I am very lively but I’m young and need some time spent training. They were doing ok and should have stopped after ‘young’ …

Then Rick asks if we can go for a walk. So on goes this ‘Canny Collar’ thing, which means I don’t get to jump around on the lead and pull as much as I would like to, and we set off for the local park. Well, talk about heaven, it’s only a couple of minutes walk away and there’s loads of space. There’s even a fenced off area of the park specially made for us dogs. Ace!!

Then it happened. Allan has this bright idea. I suppose there was a risk he’d have one eventually. ‘I know’ he says to Rick, ‘It’s totally secure and there’s nobody else here, so we can let her off the lead and see what her recall’s like’. So he unclips the lead and lets me go. I wonder to myself what ‘recall’ is.

Freedom at last! Of course, I make the most of it and off I go, charging around this park and really enjoying myself. I thought I could hear something occasionally and I did wonder why Rick and Allan were doing strange things like squatting down and trying to attract my attention. I was having a real blast though and just ignored them for a while. But then I had an idea. Unlike Allan, I have them all the time.

I think to myself ‘if they want me to come back to them, they’re going to chase me around the place if I ignore them or run away’ because that’s what’s happened in the past and is just the most fun in the world. Us dogs love the look on you humans’ faces when you’re chasing us. So I tempt Rick and Allan. I get close, but not so close they could get hold of me and when they say ‘Here, Anqi, good dog’ I shoot off again. But nothing happens, they stay still. Wot’s going on here? So I try again. And again and again, but still no chasing. This is seriously not funny.

But then something really good happens. I spot this black Labrador in the park on the other side of the fence, so I run over to say hello. I’m a bit better behaved than I was last week with Bill and don’t make too much noise. Black Lab really knows this place and manages to find the gate and lets himself into my bit of the park. Excellent!! So I play a game of chase with him which was brilliant and we had so much fun. Of course I totally ignore Rick and Allan shouting ‘come here’ at me – do they think I’m completely stupid, I’m having a ball! Unfortunately black Lab’s owner comes over shouting him, so he goes off back to his owner. What a wimp!!

Apparently I’ve proved to Rick and Allan my recall (still don’t know what it means) is totally non-existent and has to be worked on. They were happy, though, that I’ve proved I can play properly with other dogs and said that I should be more like the black Lab and do as I’m told. I think the black Lab should be more like me and just have fun. I’ve a funny feeling, though, that I’m going to end up like the black Lab. I did hear Rick say he thinks I’ve got loads of potential if I’m trained properly. And he says he can do it!

Eventually I do go back to Rick and Allan and return to their house. I heard Rick and June say that they really like me and would like to adopt me if they could. I’m nudging Allan to say yes, but he tells them he’ll have to consult with his FOND friends first, but he does think they might be right for me and I’m right for them. Yay, that’s good because I think I might have a really good time with these people. Yes, I’ll have to ‘learn good manners’ and lots of other things too, but they seem the sort of people that will teach me all this stuff in a kind way, so that would be ok with me.

So that’s where I’m up to. I might actually have a permanent home. Please keep your paws – sorry fingers in your case – crossed for me, I really need a special family and quite quickly.

Just before I go, there’s one more very important thing I have to talk about. I was reading some emails over Allan’s shoulder a while ago and apparently there are people out there who think I don’t write my own Blog. Personally, I would ask them ‘well who does then?’ Surely they don’t think it’s Allan. Listen, I have to live with this guy and I can tell you he’s not trusted to write a shopping list, let alone something as important as MY blog!

Anqi the Blogger at Work

I was going to ‘name and shame’ but Allan says that wouldn’t be very kind, so I’m not allowed to mention LOUISE at all. To be certain, I’ve just double-checked and all mention of Louise is totally prohibited apparently, so I’ll not name and shame her.

So, enough of this rubbish. Of course it’s me, adorable, (almost) angelic Anqi. And if you’re in any doubt, here’s a photo of me getting down to it – literally. I wish they’d put the ‘on’ button in a better place, getting the old nose in to push it is very difficult sometimes.

I’ll be back again in a day or two with more news for you. I sure hope it’ll be good news …

24 April 2012

World, have I got some big news for you!! Just wait a minute, I need to get this right first. Let me see now, press a few keys on the old keyboard and this should do it … I HAVE A LOVELY NEW FOREVER HOME!! Yes I think that’s big and bold enough. You’ve no idea how difficult all this typing is when you’ve only got four paws and a nose. And Allan really objects to me using my nose for some reason, you should hear the moans from him when he comes to use the keyboard after me. I keep telling him my nose is perfectly clean, it’s not like I go sniffing around my bum or anything. Ummmmm, come to think of it I suppose I do, actually. But he shouldn’t be such a wimp.

Anqi's garden

Anyway, isn’t that brilliant news? I hope you’re as pleased and excited for me as I am for myself! What happened? Well you remember from last time that I’d met these lovely people, Rick and June, who said they would really like to give me a home in spite of me showing them my bad manners. And also showing them I have absolutely no recall. (At least that’s what Allan said. I still haven’t a clue what this ‘recall’ stuff is and by the sounds of it I don’t think I want any, but will somebody please tell me what it is!)

Allan said his FOND friends always take a bit of time to discuss with everybody involved whether a particular home is the right one, so I had to wait a day or two while that happened. Thankfully though everybody quickly agreed that Rick and June are pretty well the ideal people to give me a permanent home and also think I’ve got everything Rick and June need from their new dog.

It seems one of the really clever things that FOND try to do is to match up the right dog with the right owner, so to do that they need to find out a lot about the dog and also find out all they can about people who want to adopt one of us Dobes too.

So I say to Allan ‘it’s easy, you should just try asking us dogs whether we think somewhere is the right place for us.’ So then old smartypants thinks he’s got me. ‘Ahhh’, he says, ‘but we do ask you dogs’. I tell him I don’t remember him asking me about Rick and June for example. He then has this I’m-so-clever look in his eye. He says he did, but it wasn’t words or even woofs he was looking for, it was my behaviour that told him. And it was. I was very relaxed and happy with them and remember giving Allan a nudge with my nose – I told you about that last time. So apparently they look to see how we behave with people before they decide if they’re the right ones.

Ok, so Allan’s got a point I suppose. Don’t like this though, he’s not going to prove he’s cleverer than me after all this time. ‘You asked Rick and June loads of questions, but how did you know they were right for me. I am a bit of a handful according to you’ I ask him. Gotcha this time, Allan, bet you can’t come up with something clever now.

‘Easy-peasy’ he says. ‘We work on the same principle with people too. It’s not always what they say that matters most, it’s what they do’. So now I’m puzzled and begin to worry Allan’s not quite as daft as he looks – which would be quite an achievement. He explains it for me. He tells me that when we first visited Rick and June and I was charging around having a blast, I kept knocking over their garden bench. He was impressed when they said it didn’t matter and moved the bench out of the way. In the house I knocked over a metal ornament. Allan said to them it was a good job it wasn’t a glass one and June replies, quite unconcerned, that she’d just move anything breakable well out of my way. So apparently it’s things like that which help these FOND people decide when the right Dobe is matched with the right people.

I’m now lost for words and I can’t even bring myself to go for a good zoom around the place either. It’s official, Allan really isn’t as stupid as he looks. Well not quite, anyway. I can’t believe it because there are times when he really is stupid. You remember the chocolate cake incident? Well I’ve avoided pinching any more of his food, mostly because I’m afraid he’ll have a heart attack if he reacts again like he did last time, but the day before yesterday the temptation was just too great. Suppertime and there he is with some toast. He puts the plate down on the arm of his chair for a moment, but it was right in front of my nose. Now he’s been very mean since the cake incident, making me stay away from them while its mealtime and actually squirting me with water if I come too close, so I do know it’s wrong. But this was a mistake on his part so I decide to teach him a lesson. Quick as a flash, a flick of the head snap of the jaws and yummy, toast. Better still, Allan’s toast! Surprisingly there’s no indignant rage this time – he too must be thinking of his impending heart attack – just a big sigh. ‘Oh Anqi’ he says, ‘you’ll never get your Angel’s halo like this’. Oooh that’s mean, making me feel guilty. But he’s right, I’ve been trying so hard to learn his ‘good manners’ and now let myself down a bit. So I promise no more food stealing. Ever.

I enjoy telling you all this stuff and when it comes to tales of me running rings around Allan I could go on forever, but I really have to get going now because I’ve got packing to do! I’m on my way in an hour or two to move in with Rick and June. I’ll bet when I get there there’ll be a couple of new toys waiting for me, a lovely bed in the kitchen and lots of fuss. They’re just such wonderful people and I can’t wait to get there.

Although leaving my original home was hard, I really should thank my owner for doing the right thing and contacting FOND to see if they could help find me a good home. I know there are lots of my fellow dogs of all breeds who end up in terrible trouble because their owners aren’t so careful.

I’ll kind of miss Allan and the family I guess too, because they’ve been good to me and took me in when I desperately needed somewhere to go. I’ve started my education with him as well which I’ll have to admit is something that should have happened a long time ago. Allan said if I work hard at it, I’ll be a really wonderful dog with a superb temperament and Rick agreed, so I guess it must be true.

My Red Ball

This is the hardest part, world, time to say goodbye to you all as I’ll now have to wind up my Blog. Thank you, FOND friends, for all you’ve done for me and I’m so glad people like you are there to help Dobes like me when we really need it. Thank you Blog watchers for reading about my exploits. PLEASE do help support FOND if you possibly can, by offering to transport us when we have to move around, fostering us when we desperately need somewhere to go or even by donating cash which helps pay vet fees when we need medical attention or perhaps need to go into kennels for training.

Incidentally, Allan’s asked me to say a special ‘hello and thank you’ to the lovely people and Dobe he met who are giving young Milo a superb new home. (Now that Milo’s one seriously fit young Dobie-lad. How come I never got to meet him?!!!)

I’m sure Robert and Jane (Allan has just put me straight AGAIN, says I need to know and remember my new owner’s names. He’s right of course….big sigh!) will keep Pam up to date on my progress, so please come back to the FOND website to see how I’m doing. But for now, bye-bye from Anqi, the adorable Angel in training … Anqi xxxxxx