Kaiser looks like I'm on the bike

Kaiser waiting for a train at Wolverton Station. Kaiser is FOND’s Mr October Calendar Dobe he now lives in Cambridgeshire enjoying a fantastic life with devoted owner Justine. He was a bit of a horror initially when meeting other dogs inclined to bowl them over in very rough play which neither dogs or their owners appreciated. With lots of hard work he is now well socialised mixing with dogs of all breeds and recently acquired a little whippet girl friend. He is extremely gentle with her.

Dedicated to the welfare of Dobermanns

FOND concentrates its rescue resources in various parts of the North of England but chiefly Scotland where there is scant provision for the breed at present.

Please see – Dogs Needing Homes – page.

We re-home wherever an appropriate home becomes available for the dog concerned. A small organisation, we make the best use of limited funding by restricting our geographical area – Friends of Northern Dobermanns Limited, or for ease ‘FOND’, is a non-profit making limited company run and supported entirely by volunteers.

The ability of Friends of Northern Dobermanns to help Dobermanns in need depends on fellow enthusiasts becoming FOND Friends, or making a donation. More Information about ways to support can be seen by clicking here we hope you will support FOND and be a regular visitor to this website. Newsletters are sent out to FOND Friends in June and December. Thank you, Pam Hall.

‘Dogs are not our WHOLE LIFE, but they make our LIVES WHOLE.’ Roger Caras.

Dobes that Found a Better Life


Most of these Dobermanns were either picked-up as strays and placed in a council pound, or had been passed about from one home to another via the internet. Some were in poor condition and required veterinary treatment.


Now they are enjoying happier days.


We also provide Veterinary Care and Kennelling